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Ride1UP Prodigy Review 2021

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Ride1UP Prodigy MTB Electric Mountain Bike

Finding a perfect bike for you is not an easy feat. Instead, it is a daunting task. You have to research deeper and note down the specs of every bike to narrow down the list to that one bike that certainly satisfies all of your demands. However, you don’t have to worry about that because Ride1Up Prodigy is the answer to all of your questions and will surely leave you baffled.


Ride1Up Prodigy is also known as the master of trails because it is the most lightweight bike that the company has made. It is robust, grippy, and a very quiet ride. Ride1Up Prodigy e-bike is a silent warrior, and it will fly past you without making any sound. It has some ultramodern features and has a brose control system. The electric bicycle will take you places, as it is unmatchable in price and components. The quality of the bike is unbeatable, and that’s why it is gaining popularity among the mountain bike community.


Like all of the previous models Ride1UP has released, it can go as high as 28 mph with pedal assist on. The Prodigy is a class 3 e-bike. No one can reach you while riding Ride1Up Prodigy, as the entire purpose of making this bike was to create a speedier cycle than the regular e-bikes.

You’ll be able to climb hills with amazing speed. For most mountain bikers, the fun part about is the downhill descents. So, having a motor to help you climb the hills is amazing. Then you won’t be as tired when you get to the top and you can enjoy the ride down.


Unlike its predecessors, which relied on Bafang motors, the company has taken a giant leap of faith and introduced a Brose TF Sprinter. The TF Sprinter is a German-made mid-drive motor with 90 nm torque. Even the sound of “German-made” is powerful. If you know cars, you’ll know german cars are powerful and amazing; these cars include BMW, Porsche, Bugatti, and much more. So, having a german built motor on your electric bike is an amazing perk.

The motor is placed in between the bike’s pedals, and due to its placement near the bottom bracket, it can provide power to the rear wheel. This setup is beneficial for e-bikes as the whole process becomes more clean and efficient.


The bike is the insanely fast because of its frame size, overall motor speed, and sleek design. It can go as far as 50 miles, minding the ideal conditions. However, the bike’s range can decrease if the terrain is different from a straight surface or if the rider is riding on an ascent.

Apart from this, the assist level also plays a significant role in determining the actual range of the e-bike. However, you can still get a good range on this bike as it is made for mountain biking. The manufacturers have definitely taken that into account when designing this bike.


No one knew what designers had in their minds while making Ride1Up Prodigy. They have added so many elite components to the bike. Still, they have not increased the overall price of the bike. It’s hard to imagine how they are making profits off this bike.

The Ride1Up Prodigy proudly includes a 36 V 14 ah Phylion BN 21 battery. What’s classic about this battery is that it contains Samsung cells. Now, you do not have to worry about battery depletion because your bike is in safe hands. Samsung cells power many e-bikes and they are some of the best battery cells on the market, they are durable and have amazing longevity.


Ride1Up makers have confirmed that they are adding the most powerful brakes to this electric bike. First of all, the brand they chose is Tektro, which speaks a lot about how much care is being put into this bike. They also decided to go with hydraulic brakes.

With these amazing brakes, stopping won’t be an issue for the riders, whether on flat ground or descents. The brakes that are being introduced on the bike are The Tektro Orion HD-M745 180mm Hydraulic brakes, they are one of a kind.


The company is offering many high-quality components in its Prodigy model. Not only have the introduced high-maintenance brakes, supreme quality battery, and a state-of-art motor, but the real prizewinner is the e-bike’s tires.

The bike will come with Schwalbe G-ONE 27.5”x2.0” tires, which means that no matter the surface, the e-bike will sing its tune without any worries. These fat tires will not only absorb all the vibrations from an uneven surface, but because of the inner safety of these tires, they will be puncture-resistant too. So ride with passion and forget about the punctures with the newly designed Ride1Up Prodigy.


Even after all the upgrades that we’ve already mentioned, we aren’t done. The designers went above and beyond when looking at displays. They added a premium display to the bike. Ride1Up Prodigy proudly displays a Brose All-round LCD Display, displaying all the necessary metrics in one place.

It does not matter if it is raining or you are under the scorching sun. The All-round color LCD will display everything just fine and it will be visible in all conditions.

Step Thru vs Step Over Model

Ride1UP Prodigy ST eBike Step Thru E-Bikes
Ride1UP Prodigy MTB Electric Mountain Bike

Ride1UP will be releasing a step through model and a step over model of the Ride1UP Prodigy. These frame differences won’t change much of the bike performance, although different frame shapes can change your aero dynamics. With a mountain bike, aero dynamics aren’t as important as with a road bike but this is still something to consider.

The main differences between a step over and step thru model of the Prodigy is the ease of mounting the bike. With the step over model, you have to swing your leg over the height of the bike in order to get on the bike. However, with the step thru model, you can just step through the frame area without swing your leg over. The 2 versions of the Prodigy are pictured above.

Additional Accessories

Apart from these valuable components, the bike makers have added some additional elements to the bike. One of these components is a super bright-integrated 80-lux headlight, which will help you in dark places. Now you can ride your bike when it is dark outside, without worrying about anything.

Another thing that is amazing about Ride1Up Prodigy is that it comes with a smart charger and a cable. The smart charger is quite basic, but it automatically shuts itself off when the battery of the bike is fully charged. This smart charger will save your battery in the long run. Many of us remember the days where your battery life on your cell phone would get worse from overcharging. Well, this won’t be a problem on your e-bike due their one of a kind smart charger.

The Ride1Up Prodigy also has a removeable battery that is locked in place by a key. Without these keys, you can’t remove the battery and you wouldn’t be able to take the battery off to charge it inside. As long as you keep up with your keys, you can charge batteries freely anywhere and anytime. This is especially helpful if your bike storage area doesn’t have a power outlet.

Another major eye-catcher about this bike is its heavy-duty adjustable arm, which comes with a chain-stay-mounted kick stand. Therefore, you can park your bike anywhere instead of lying it down on the ground like young riders. The bike is water-resistant, but this does not mean that it is waterproof; that is why it is advised not to keep the bikes under direct rain or other hazardous conditions.


The demands of bikes are constantly changing, and because of this, the e-bike making industry is always advancing. Due to this advancement, more and more user-friendly and comfortable bikes are being launched day by day. Ride1Up Prodigy is one of those futuristic bikes that will make the wait worthwhile.

The expectations for this bike are higher than any other bike because it is the most advanced bike that the Ride1Up has ever produced. According to the news, it is the kind of bike that will set the bar higher for its competitors and leave you baffled.

This bike is scheduled to be available for preorder in Quarter 3 of 2021 and begin shipping in 2022. So, it’s not quite here yet, but this is definitely a bike you should be looking out for.

If you are interested in a robust set of wheels and want to do something more than just commuting, then this is the bike for you. So, cash in some extra fun now and go for it. Ride1Up Prodigy is one of a kind, and no other company in the market is offering a bike with these specifications at this price. So, why wait when you can gain more by spending less. Happy Riding!

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