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Aramith Glow in the Dark Pool Balls Review (2024)

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Aramith Glow in The Dark Pool Balls

Aramith Glow in the Dark Pool Balls

Among indoor games, pool is definitely one that is extremely fun to play. For casual play, it does not require a specific skill set or serious physical or mental effort. And for the most part, the rules are straightforward and simple, which makes the game desirable to most.

However, one of the best parts about pool is that it is not limited to one type, there is straight 8 pool, cutthroat, and a few other options to choose from. With this wide range of options on hand, people tend to really enjoy the game.

Aramith Glow in the Dark Pool Set

If the game itself had not been enough, Aramith, an amazing billiard manufacturing company in Belgium, came around with an astounding creation to kick things up a notch, glow in the dark pool balls or black light pool balls. While it may not affect the game or how you play, it definitely creates a unique experience for the players.

Ambience is a primary element for almost any game and the more exotic it is, the merrier the game will be. Which is why glow in the dark pool balls have become so popular recently.

Included in the set are the following:

  • Aramith fluo phenolic ball set
  • Cue rings along with break spots
  • Reflective cushion tube equipped with metallic springs
  • Rail sign stickers

Aramith is known for making the best pool balls on the market and their glow in the dark pool ball set is no different. They are definitely the best glow in the dark pool balls out there. These would make a great addition to your pool room or a cool club/bar event. If you are looking for a special experience, this set is an excellent option, especially if it is for blacklight parties.

With its growing popularity, many clubs too have already included this in their services. The growth of customers and the general intrigue of a new experience in pool has definitely worked in their favor. It is definitely recommended for others in the billiard business to give these glowing pool table balls a chance.

More about This Glow in the Dark Pool Set

First things first, let us go down the list once more and learn a bit more about its constituents.

1. Aramith Fluo Phenolic Ball Set

In this set, you get 16 glowing pool balls in total that are either solid in color or striped as is the standard for pool balls. The cue ball is also included in this set of 16 balls. As you can already guess, they are all made from high-quality phenolic resin and are fluorescent. The size of each ball is 57.2mm for American and English pool.

Now, an important fact you should note is that these balls are blacklight responsive. This simply means that under black light, also known as UV-A light, the fluorescent quality of these balls come into life and make them visible and glow brightly. The striking colors, the bold glow are incredible to look at and bring a fun atmosphere to the game. Also, the set is of high, commendable quality, perfect for any pool game.

2. Reflective cushion tube with metallic springs

A bright side we missed out on earlier – you need not get a new pool table for installing this unusual pool set! Your normal pool table, if you already have one, can be fixed with the settings very easily. However, using blacklight responsive tables would be the ideal choice.

The black light tubing that comes with the set is suited to be fixed to the table cushions and the pockets of your pool table. The metallic springs are what you use to attach the fluorescent tube to the table. Enough tubing is supplied to fit pool tables of any size. Obviously, it glows vibrantly in the dark and we must admit that it probably plays the biggest part in how it all turns out to look and creating an exciting atmosphere.

3. Cue rings plus break spots

Now that we have got the fluorescent pool balls and the cushion tube down, it is time to move on to the next product in line – cue rings. It goes without saying that these too are fluorescent and blacklight responsive. They are to be placed on the cue ferrule or cue tip so that not only is the tip visible but you can also gauge its position and shoot with ease. And of course, the glowing tip gives the cue a fun look.

4. Rail sign stickers

The last element of this kit is the rail sign stickers. You will get a sheet full of them that are to be placed near the break spots, rail sights, and triangle. The round stickers glow a bright neon green and help to really highlight those break spots, rail sights, and the triangle, for your ease. They are meant to increase the precision of each of your shots, and they do a great job, even though you would be in a pretty dark room, to begin with.

Wrapping Up

All throughout this article, you must have noticed the number of times we have mentioned black light. However, sadly, an electrical black light does not come with the kit. If you plan to go for this eccentric set, you will have to spend separately on the light. That being said, if you really desire to experience something different, then spending on this purpose will not disappoint you.

All in all, it is a really good deal considering how easy, fast the process of installation is. Also, you can uninstall these and revert to your original pool table settings anytime you want. However, they will always be at your disposal should you want to use them again. Above all, every part of this kit can be used with pool tables of any size and design, which is a point in your favor.

With that, we can say that you now are well-acquainted with the ins-and-outs of this glow in the dark pool balls set. Hopefully, our insight on the Aramith Glow in the Dark Pool Balls set will help you in your decision-making process!

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