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Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent Review (June 2024)

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The Juiced Bikes Crosscurrent bike is gaining popularity across the whole country because of its athletic frame and flat handlebars. Juiced Crosscurrent bike has two slightly different models; the Juiced Crosscurrent X and Juiced Crosscurrent S2. Both of these bikes are medium-priced bikes and have some of the most fantastic specifications that you can find in an e-bike.

Juiced Crosscurrent X and Juiced Crosscurrent S2

Juiced Crosscurrent bikes are2 top-performing electric bikes, but the Crosscurrent X has a separate target market. Both bikes have their own specifications and usage, but crosscurrent X is overall the better bike between the 2. Let us compare both models and let you decide which better suits your interests.

Juiced Crosscurrent bikes actually give out a sports vibe, and that is why their specifications and accessories are top-notch, which makes them a beast of a pedaling machine, you won’t be disappointed with either of these bikes.

Juiced Crosscurrent Frame

Juiced Crosscurrent bikes look like sports bikes and have a somewhat athletic touch to them. The handlebars of both bikes are flat and have an amazing design that you will absolutely love. Apart from this, the assembly of the bike is quite clear, making the whole bike more comfortable.

Juiced Crosscurrent Gear Shifter

Both of the models have minute differences when it comes to gear shifters. Juiced Crosscurrent S2 comes with a Shimano 9 transmission along with eight speeds, whereas Juiced Crosscurrent X takes the top spot because it comes with nine speeds. The crosscurrent X is faster and more efficient than the S2 model.

Juice Crosscurrent Engine

Both of the models of Juiced Crosscurrent have 750 Watt Bafang motors installed, which allows the bike to go as high as 28 MPH while making use of assisted power. If the motor is used separately and alone, the bike can move at the top speed of 20 MPH.

Juiced Crosscurrent X has a back rack, which makes it the better option to acquire, as you can carry a bag along with you while going somewhere. Both of the models have a thumb-activated throttle to allow you to reach top speed in a matter of seconds.

Juiced Crosscurrent Battery

When it comes to the battery, the Juiced Crosscurrent X flexes its superiority. On a single charge, Juiced Crosscurrent X can go as far as 80 miles until the charging depletes. While the Juiced Crosscurrent S2 model is rather short in comparison to the Juiced Crosscurrent X. It can merely go as far as 65 miles on a single charge. While this is short in comparison to the CrossCurrent X, this is still a great range for a bike in this price range.

Juiced Crosscurrent Brakes

The price of both bikes is worth the specifications that the company is offering. Both of the bikes are equal in terms of brakes. For your safety and security, the company has installed 180 mm hydraulic brakes. Now you can move on-road and on terrain with extra grip and safety. These brakes are considered the industry best, and that is why it is worth investing your money in this bike.

Juiced Crosscurrent – An Overview of Both Models

The specs mentioned above were just the trailer of the specifications that the company is offering. Juiced Crosscurrent has some of the most premium accessories and items installed. One of the most magnificent things about this bike is that it includes a user-friendly LCD. Now you can check the outside weather, speed, juice left in the battery, and motor assistance all on the same screen.

The price of the bike is reasonable given the specs. For commuters, six levels are available on the bike from Eco to Race mode. Because of the presence of these modes, you can move around the corners at a much faster pace and can get fast reactions on super busy roads.

Juiced Crosscurrent X and S2 are the epitomai of comfort and safety. Because of the presence of the gel seat and the hydraulic breaks, one stops worrying about the speed of the bike, you just get to ride and enjoy. These bikes also have 700C wheels, which provide a tighter grip on the road and are a blessing when you are riding on an uneven pavement. Because of the presence of a suspension fork in the X model, one might feel additional comfort while riding the CrossCurrent X.

Juiced Crosscurrent – Premium Specs

The bike boasts about its eco mode, which is the highlight of these specific models. It is a notable feature that allows you to save the battery while going an additional 15 miles. This means that you don’t have to worry about the depletion of the battery as much.

Both models have a premium sporty look. When it comes to the color, the S2 version of the bike only comes in black color, while the superior X version comes in white, red, and black color.

The battery is placed in the down tube of the bike, and upon placing it, you will feel that it will get locked inside the frame, giving you a feeling of security. The battery button needs to be pushed before using it. It takes about 7 hours for the battery to get fully charged. However, if you get a premium-customized charger, the same battery will take 2 hours to fully charge.

Pro’s and Con’s

The bike has the best geometry among its competitors, and apart from the already installed battery, the company also provides additional batteries so that you don’t have to worry about battery depletion while you are on long tours. Due to the maximum range of the bike, with an additional backup battery you could go on some crazy long rides.

The bike’s overall design speaks for itself, and the user-friendly controller will tell you tales about comfort and minimalism. Apart from these features, one of the bike’s other premium features is its puncture-resistant tires, so you can freely move anywhere without worrying about the tires.


If you are looking forward to purchasing an e-bike with a classic sports look and is full of useful accessories, the Juiced Crosscurrent bike comes with two great models.

According to a review done by a private bicycle association, the Juiced Crosscurrent S2 was given four stars while the Juiced Crosscurrent X got five stars. These bikes flex about their super medium-sized tires and have the best specs that you can find in a bike.

Apart from the specifications, the bike is super fun to ride and will leave you baffled. One major flaw in these bikes is that these bikes take almost 7 hours to charge. However, if you want to upgrade your charger you can cut that time dramatically. With the premium charger, you should be able to charge your bike in around 2 hours. Keeping things short and to the point, this bike is worth your money.

If you are a cyclist who likes to go on early morning rides, Juiced Crosscurrent S2 is the perfect choice for you and if you are an office worker and want to use it to commute, the Juiced Crosscurrent X might be able to fulfill your wish as it includes a space for placing your briefcase or bag.

Juiced Crosscurrent has set the bar high by launching two models under the crosscurrent theme. Overall, Juiced Bikes is a great company and the Crosscurrent bike line is a great option for most riders.

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  1. I’m so impressed with the Juiced cross current X. Customer support was great as well getting the bike shipped. It is extremely well packed and very easy to assemble. The most time consuming project was the front fender due to my inexperience. It’s actually very simple. I’ve only got a couple miles on it, so can’t speak to great experience, though I have been riding a ride one up Core 5 for 2,000 miles, so I do have experience on e-bikes. The core 5 also was a great deal, but I will probably sell it now because I don’t need two bikes.

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