3 Best Outdoor Pool Tables of 2024 (Reviews)

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Having a pool table at home is great but sometimes you don’t have room for it in your house. When this is the case, 1 great option is an outdoor pool table. Outdoor pool tables are made to withstand the elements and mother nature. They are very durable and made with materials that are weatherproof & sun resistant. Many indoor tables are made of wood, these tables would warp when exposed to temperature changes and water.

If you’re going to be putting your pool table outside or on a patio, it is important to buy a pool table that is specifically made for outdoors. By buying an outdoor pool table, you have the best chance of the table surviving the elements.

In my research, I only found a few good pool tables that are made for the outdoors.

However, when I search google for best outdoor pool tables, I noticed multiple lists of top 10 outdoor pool tables. I found this very interesting and examined their lists. These lists are made up of cheap tables that aren’t actually outdoor tables. These tables are indoor tables that they are advertising as outdoor tables just to make a top 10 list. Which kind of upsets me.

So, my list is only 3 tables long because these are the only outdoor tables that I feel are worth mentioning. Don’t be fooled by the other lists out there that have tons of outdoor tables. Look at the product yourself and you’ll realize most of those tables aren’t made for outdoors.

The 3 Best Outdoor Pool Tables

  1. Imperial Outdoor Pool Table
  2. Playcraft Extera Outdoor Pool Table
  3. 8 Foot Orlando Outdoor Pool Table by Berner Billiards

1. Imperial Pool Table Review – 8 ft Outdoor Pool Table

imperial outdoor pool table

The Imperial Outdoor Pool Table is an 8-foot pool table made of anodized aluminum. The aluminum allows this table to survive the elements and provide a consistent feel even whilst outside.

This table does not come with installation but it is very easy to assemble although as with most pool tables the table weighs a lot. So, you will want a few helpers when it is time to lift the table or flip it over after being assembled. The assembled table weighs approx. 350 lbs.

You don’t want to injure yourself trying to flip this table over yourself because then you won’t be able to enjoy your accomplishment. Many of the reviews state that 4 able adults are ideal for flipping the table.

The table is covered in a stunning tan/camel colored felt. However, many people say it is more like a rose gold, similar to an iPhone. The table takes on a very neutral color so it fits most decor. The felt is made up of a waterproof taclom cloth so it can survive rain and sprinklers.

The table also comes with standard pool cues and balls but you should consider investing in better pool cues. The standard cues that come with this table are nothing to brag about. If you’re at all serious about pool, you should get your own personal pool sticks.

The customer service with this seller is also amazing. Almost every review mentioned how pleasant an experience they had working with this seller. They deliver on time and even reach out just to see if you have any questions on how the process works.

This outdoor billiards table is 1 of the best one’s on the market and it comes with world-class customer service. You won’t be disappointed with this pool table.

Click the button below to look at the reviews on Amazon and check the current price:

2. Playcraft Extera Outdoor Pool Table Review

playcraft extera outdoor pool table

The Playcraft Outdoor Pool Table is a great outdoor pool table. It is a very close second behind the Imperial Outdoor Pool Table. The main reason I chose the Imperial table as number 1 is the looks and the customer service.

This table is also one of the best outdoor billiard tables. This table is made of aluminum and has an anti-rust coating added on it to ensure that it can last a long time even in rainy or wet environments.

This table is also very easy to put together but is pretty heavy, so, ideally you want 4 adults to be able to help with assembly and moving the table.

The playfield is made of a 1 inch thick composite weatherproof material. So you don’t have to worry about warping over time. The thick beams provide great durability and stability.

The cushions are K66 rubber cushions. This means that they will last a while and has a very consistent rebound. K66 are premium cushions and are on high-end home tables too.

The table is covered in a electric blue felt. The felt is UV resistant and weatherproof. It’s perfect for an outdoor table and should last you a long time without having to recover the table.

This Playcraft table comes with:

  • a set of 2 1/4 inch phenolic billiard balls
  • a plastic triangle rack
  • a billiard cloth brush
  • 2 chalk cubes
  • a PVC table cover

There is a review on amazon that you can view by clicking the button below that states that their table warped from being outside after a few months. While there is a review that says this, the majority of people who bought this table state that it is a great table and they haven’t had problems with it.

If you want to see the current price or more reviews click the button below:

3. 8 Foot Orlando Outdoor Pool Table Review – Berner Billiards

Orlando Outdoor Pool Table

The Orlando Outdoor Pool Table is another great outdoor pool table. Just like other outdoor pool tables, this pool table is made of aluminum so it can survive the elements such as water and sunlight.

The table is fully weatherproof and consists of a nice blue cloth.

The playfield is made of fiberglass which can withstand temperature changes and water. This makes it so you will have fairly consistent play even after a being stored outdoors. A regular slate pool table wouldn’t be able to survive outside.

The pockets on this table are drop pockets and are coated with a black zinc alloy which gives the table a little bit more style.

The frame is made of a sturdy aluminum and coated with an anti-rust finish so that it has the most protection from water. The aluminum frame provides adequate support and stability. The table also has levelers at the bottom of the legs to allow easy leveling.

This table also comes with a set of billiards accessories. These include:

This table is a great outdoor table, if you would like to check the price or reviews, click the button below.

Indoor vs Outdoor Pool Tables

Most pool tables that you see for sale are going to be indoor pool tables, there are very few good outdoor pool tables. When designing an indoor pool table, they don’t have to take into account the weather, so, it can be easier to design. However, because they don’t have to use materials such as aluminum, they’re able to use higher end materials. So, while indoor tables have a wider range of options, they can end up costing more than an outdoor table.

If you put an indoor pool table outside, the sun, rain, temperature changes, animals, etc. can all damage the table. The sun can cause the table to fade and/or peel. The water can destroy the felt and if the table is wood can be absorbed causing the table to warp. The hot to cold and cold to hot temperature changes can cause pieces to expand and contract causing lasting damage.

So, if you want to put a pool table outside, make sure you get an outdoor billiard table. A table specifically made for outdoors will be able to withstand the elements and survive for as long as possible outside. While these tables are made for outdoors, there’s still only so much you can do to protect an outdoor table from a design perspective. So, you should invest in a good pool table cover to protect the table as much as possible when it is not in use.

Pool table covers come in all different colors and materials but make sure the covers that you get are waterproof and also made for the outdoors. This will allow your pool table to last as long as possible.


Outdoor pool tables are great if you get a pool table that is specifically designed for outdoor use. Don’t be misled by some of the reviews out there that say a table that isn’t specifically advertised as outdoor is an outdoor table. If you buy an indoor table and use it outdoors, you will be very disappointed when the table begins to warp and break.

I hope that this list has helped you find your ideal outdoor billiards table! Please let us know in the comments below if you have any other tips for choosing an outdoor pool table or if there are any good outdoor pool tables that I missed.

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