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Alchemy Atlas Road Bike Review 2024

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Atlas Carbon Blue Red Etap m

It is a good time to be a biking enthusiast in this day and age. When it comes to high-end bicycle brands, there are endless options to choose from. Even in this competitive environment, there is one name that stands in a league of its own, Alchemy Bicycles co. They have been manufacturing and selling bikes since 2008 and with each new line and model, they have only improved their standards.

If you are unfamiliar with the name, Alchemy Bicycles Co. is an American brand that specializes in manufacturing high-end bicycles. The unique thing about Alchemy is that they don’t outsource any process that involves the production of their bicycles. All of their bikes are produced inside the U.S from start to finish. Having unparalleled control over the production process allows them to ensure that every bicycle they make is of the highest quality and performs without any problem.

It should not come as a surprise that these bikes cost a little more than what you would generally find on the market but what is even more surprising is that despite investing so many resources into localizing the manufacturing process Alchemy has been able to keep their prices low when we look at the luxury bicycle sector. In this article, we are going to review their much-adored road bike, the Alchemy Atlas. Keep on reading to find out more.

If you need help knowing what to look for on a road bike, we have a buyers’ guide at the bottom of this article.

Alchemy Atlas Road Bikes

The Alchemy Atlas is a carbon road bike that takes the best features from a race bike and uses them in a way that is comfortable and suitable for everyday use. Alchemy Atlas Road Bike gives you the premium quality and riding experience of a race bike but is modified for your daily use. This carbon road bike was first introduced in 2018.

The Alchemy Atlas road bike has 5 models:

  • Alchemy Atlas Ultegra Di2 Disc 1.0
  • Alchemy Atlas Ultegra Di2 Disc
  • Alchemy Atlas Dura Ace Di2 Disc
  • Alchemy Atlas Force Etap AXS Road
  • Alchemy Atlas Red Etap AXS Road

The Atlas Road bike line is perfect for people who are looking for high-quality bikes that they can ride on paved roads and mountain roads. The 5 variants in the Atlas line from Alchemy offer different features to suit the needs of different riders but one thing is common among all of them, the premium build quality and the unrivaled riding experience. Let’s take a look at each of the different variants and see how they compare to each other.

Alchemy and ENVE Composites Components

ENVE Composites is a high end carbon fiber bike component manufacturer. They specialize in carbon fiber wheels, stems, seat posts, bars, etc. They are one of the industry leaders in carbon fiber bike components.

Up until recently Alchemy Bikes was using ENVE wheels and other carbon fiber components on many of their bike options. However, Alchemy recently released their own line of carbon fiber parts, which they are now adding on those bikes that used to come with the ENVE equivalents. So, if you previously saw that your desired bike came with an ENVE Component, they did change this.

Alchemy is known for wonderfully engineered bikes and they wouldn’t replace ENVE components without utilizing a product of similar quality as a replacement. So, although these are new parts, we have high confidence in the fact that these carbon fiber components by Alchemy will be an amazing substitute for the previously used ENVE Components.

Alchemy Atlas Ultegra Di2 Disc Review 2021

Atlas Carbon Blue Ultegra Di2 Carbon


  • Alchemy Carbon Bar
  • Alchemy Tacky Black Tape
  • Alchemy Carbon Road Stem
  • Alchemy Carbon Road Seatpost
  • Cane Creek 40-S Headset
  • Fizik Antares R7 Saddle
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 Shifters
  • Shimano Ultegra Di2 Front Derailleur
  • Shimano Ultegra GS Di2 Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano Ultegra Cassette
  • Shimano Ultegra Cranks
  • Shimano BBR60 PF86 Bottom Bracket
  • Shimano HG-701 Chain
  • Shimano Ultegra Brakes
  • Shimano RT800 Rotor
  • Alchemy Carbon Wheels
  • Continental GP5000 Tires

The Alchemy Atlas Ultegra Di2 is the base model in the Atlas Road Bike lineup.

It has everything that bike enthusiasts can ask for. It is a tried and tested bike that is a no-brainer for anyone who wants a bike that delivers on the performance promise that comes with a higher price tag.

The bar on this bike is the new Alchemy Carbon Compact Bar which comes taped in Alchemy Tacky Black. It provides excellent grip and is very durable. The stem and seat post on this bike are also alchemy carbon road products. The Alchemy Carbon Road products were recently released to replace the ENVE Composites carbon fiber components that they used to use.

The saddle is Fizik Antares R7 which performs very well and provides comfort to the rider even on long rides. Fizik has great brand recognition and is known to be some of the best saddles on the market.

The chain on this bike is Shimano HG-701 which is a great choice as it is low maintenance and gives great efficiency to the rider. The wheels are Alchemy’s Carbon Wheels and they come with Continental GP5000 TL- 700×28 tires.

All in all, as expected for Alchemy all of the components used in this bike are top of the line and that shows when you are riding the bike. It goes up and down steep hills easily. The Alchemy Atlas is an amazing carbon road bike, but if you want an even lighter bike, with faster shifting and more features, check out the further models of this bike. They just get better and better.

Alchemy Atlas Force Etap AXS Review 2021

Atlas Carbon Silver Force Etap AXS


  • Alchemy Carbon Bar
  • Alchemy Tacky Black Tape
  • Alchemy Carbon Road Stem
  • Alchemy Carbon Road Seatpost
  • Cane Creek 40-S Headset
  • Fizik Antares R7 Saddle
  • SRAM Force Etap AXS Shifters
  • SRAM Force Etap AXS Front Derailleur
  • SRAM Force Red Etap AXS Rear Derailleur
  • SRAM Force AXS Cassette
  • SRAM Force AXS Cranks
  • SRAM DUB PF86 Bottom Bracket
  • SRAM Force AXS Chain
  • SRAM Force AXS Brakes
  • SRAM CenterLine Rotor
  • Alchemy Carbon Wheels
  • Continental GP5000 Tires

This is the next model in the line-up and in some respects, it is a step up from the base model.

The most notable differences are that the Alchemy Atlas Force Etap AXS Road bike uses a different shifter. It swaps out the Shimano Ultegra Di2 for a more advanced and higher-end SRAM Force Etap AXS.

If you are someone who wants to squeeze out every bit of performance from your road bike, then you might want to go with this one. If you are a competitive rider then you would know the importance of those extra milliseconds and this just might prove to be the difference that you are looking for to step up your game.

As with any premium road bike, you get to choose between a range of frame sizes according to your needs. The minimum frame size is 52 and the maximum frame size you can go is 61.

The stock colors that you can choose from are carbon and blue or carbon and silver however, there is an option to get a custom color if you are willing to pay the extra cost. This is a bike that you should consider if you are planning to use it in a competition or if you are looking for extra performance.

Alchemy Atlas Dura-Ace Di2 Disc Review 2021

Alchemy Atlas Carbon Blue Dura Ace


  • Alchemy Carbon Bar
  • Alchemy Tacky Black Tape
  • Alchemy Carbon Road Stem
  • Alchemy Carbon Road Seatpost
  • Cane Creek 40-S Headset
  • Fizik Antares R7 Saddle
  • Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Shifters
  • Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Front Derailleur
  • Shimano Dura Ace Di2 Rear Derailleur
  • Shimano Dura Ace Cassette
  • Shimano Dura-Ace Cranks
  • Shimano BBR910 PF86 Bottom Bracket
  • Shimano HG-901 Chain
  • Shimano Dura Ace Brakes
  • Shimano RT900 Rotor
  • Alchemy Carbon Wheels
  • Continental GP5000 Tires

Now we are venturing into the higher-end bikes that are in the Atlas lineup. This means that you will be getting an upgrade in some significant performance-related components on the bike. This is without a question an out-and-out race bike.

If you are looking to have some fun on the racetrack then this bike is going to be an excellent choice. It comes with the amazing Shimano Dura Ace electronic drivetrain and many other Shimano Dura Ace components. The Alchemy Atlas Dura Ace Di2 also comes with hydraulic disc brakes. This means that you can go as fast as you want without ever having to fear your stopping ability. Hydraulic brakes have stronger braking power, are more consistent, and has is more reliable in inclimate weather conditions.

The wheels on this bike are Alchemy’s new Carbon Fiber Wheels. These wheels are the typical 700c road bike size but you can choose the wheel width. You have options for 38mm/44mm or 33mm Disc Wheels. If you are looking for something truly special that will give you a competitive edge over others, then this is the bike that you should seriously consider.

Alchemy Atlas Red Etap AXS Review 2021

Alchemy Atlas Carbon Blue Red Etap


  • Alchemy Carbon Bar
  • Alchemy Tacky Black Tape
  • Alchemy Carbon Road Stem
  • Alchemy Carbon Road Seatpost
  • Cane Creek 40-S Headset
  • Fizik Antares R7 Saddle
  • SRAM Red Etap AXS Shifters
  • SRAM Red Etap AXS Front Derailleur
  • SRAM Red Etap AXS Rear Derailleur
  • SRAM Red AXS Cassette
  • SRAM Red AXS Cranks
  • SRAM DUB PF86 Bottom Bracket
  • SRAM Red AXS Chain
  • SRAM Red AXS Brakes
  • SRAM CenterLine Rotor
  • Alchemy Carbon Wheels
  • Continental GP5000 Tires

This is the most expensive model in the Atlas lineup. It gives you a boost in every aspect from performance to build quality to the riding experience.

Since everything that Alchemy makes is under their total control from raw material to the finished product. You can rest assured that you will get a quality bike that will perform just as advertised.

It uses the special SRAM Red Etap AXS shifting system that maximizes performance. This bike can compete with the best of the best and hold its own on the racetrack, on the road, or it can just be overkill for your fun group rides.

Whether you want to take it on group rides or take it to competitions, this road bike will outperform your expectations. If you won’t settle for anything other than the best, then this is a bike that you want to get.

Summary of The Atlas Road Bike

So, there you have it, The Alchemy Atlas Road Bike. It is a bike that will give you effortless performance with the true experience of riding. It is durable, fast, and comfortable. It might be the best carbon road bike on the market right now. The care and effort that goes into designing and manufacturing each of these bikes is nothing short of commendable.

The only con to these beautiful bikes is their price but they are not your average road bikes and the price reflects that. If you’re reading this review, it’s probably because you’re ready to move to a better bike than your entry-level bike or you’re just looking for a new bike. Either way, as you look around you’ll realize quality road bikes can cost upwards of $15,000. The Alchemy Atlas Road bike is a great choice and priced well for the value you receive. When comparing the Alchemy Atlas Road Bike to other road bikes, you’ll realize for the price Alchemy bikes are some of the best bikes on the market. We hope that you find this article helpful. Best of luck!

Buyers’ Guide: What Makes A Good Road Bike?

Before we take a deeper dive into the Alchemy Atlas Road bike, we must first take a quick look at what makes a good road bike. There are certain features and specifications that are important to in a road bike to make it perfect for everyday road use. If you are looking for a road bike like the Alchemy Atlas then chances are that you might be a competitive rider, a fitness enthusiast, or an event rider. What separates a carbon road bike from other types of bike is that road bikes are designed for use on paved surfaces such as bike paths and roads. They are not meant to be used for off-roading. Because of this, they are designed to give the rider maximum speed for the amount of effort that they exert. Here are the features that you want to look out for when it comes to a good carbon road bike:

  1. Weight – Since your emphasis is on speed and efficiency when it comes to carbon road bikes weight matters a lot. A good road bike will have a lightweight frame and all other components of the road bike will follow suit and add as little weight to the bike as possible. A lightweight road bike is a good road bike. The Alchemy Atlas Road bike weighs nearly 17 lbs which makes it a very light road bike.

  2. Drop bars – There are some carbon road bikes on the market that have flat handlebars like mountain bikes. It is a matter of personal preference but ideally, you want curved drop bars on your road bike. Since they feel more natural for the posture of a bicycle racer. When you are looking for optimum speed, you want your posture to be as aerodynamic as possible and curved drop bars help a lot in achieving that. The Alchemy Atlas road bike has a very comfortable curved handlebar that makes for an aerodynamic posture while riding.

  3. Carbon fiber – This is one thing that you just can not skip over. Your road bike needs to have a front fork that is made of carbon fiber. It has some significant advantages over conventional materials like aluminum etc. Carbon fiber is lighter, it reduces road buzz enhancing your riding experience and it puts minimal strain on your wrists making your ride more comfortable. Alchemy Atlas Road bikes are all made from carbon fiber.

  4. Narrow wheels – Friction is the enemy of speed. Narrow tires and wheels mean that less surface area comes in contact with the surface you are riding your carbon road bike on and that results in less friction. A good road bike will have narrow tires and wheels. It is important that you pay attention to the size of the wheels of the road bike that you want to get.

  5. Suspension – When you are riding on smooth surfaces you are not going to need suspension. A road bike has no suspension for the rear or front wheels this helps keep the bike lighter. The purpose of a road bike is to go far and go fast on smooth surfaces, there is really no need for having a suspension since you won’t be riding on bumpy or uneven surfaces anyway. Alchemy Atlas Road bikes don’t have any added weight of having a heavy suspension system.

So, these are the 5 must-have features on a good carbon road bike. Now that you know what to look out for, feel free to go back over the Alchemy Atlas Road Bike listed above, it’s an amazing bike.

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