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ZOOZ 750 Review 2024 | Electric BMX Bike

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Zooz uu 750 electric bmx bike

The Zooz UU 750 also goes by the name of Zooz Urban Ultralight 750 because of its minimalistic design and electric cruising. The bike was designed with a particular emphasis on minimalism, so the designers have not added extra accessories to it. The most popular model of the Zooz UU is the 750 but it actually comes in three different models; Zooz 250, Zooz 750, and Zooz 1100. The differences between each of these models are minute, and we will discuss each of these later in the review.

The main design focus of these bikes is to provide comfort to the rider. It comes with a BMX-inspired frame and gives the rider a nice reminder that it is one of the most potent electric-powered BMX bikes that has been made.


BMX Bikes, whether traditional or electric, have always been popular with the riders. Zooz Bikes has taken advantage of this popularity and made a beast that will take you down memory lane and will allow you to remember your younger biking days. If you’re anything like me and my group of friends, you grew up riding a BMX bike not some fancy road bike. While having a nice road bike is amazing, there’s something about the nostalgia of hopping on a BMX bike.

The new BMX-inspired design of the Zooz Urban Ultralight is a breeze of fresh air for those people who have gotten tired of riding the typical city e-bikes. Let us take a closer look and find out the specs of this bad boy in detail.


Some of the riders have referred to the Zooz Urban Ultralight as the Lotus of the Electric bikes because of its minimalistic looks and zero accessories feature. The frame of the bike is entirely made of chrome-plated steel and gives a fresh look to the bike. The bicycle is made up of premium quality 4130 Chromoly steel, which is a supreme quality alloy that is flexible and lightweight. Zooz Urban Ultralight does not come with piles of accessories, and that is why many of the top riders have indeed acclaimed it.


The most eye-catching feature of the Zooz Urban Ultralight is its seat, which has a bench-like design. This design is new, and that is why it has given plenty of space to the riders. Due to this bench-like design, the rider has the option to ride the bike away from the handlebar or near it. In addition, the seat of the bike has made it suitable for more than one rider to sit on the bike.


Zooz Urban Ultralight 750 flexes about its mighty 575-Watt geared hub motor. Now you can move this bike at the top speed of 20 MPH, and with the throttle, you can gain an extra 26 MPH while pedaling your way on the streets. The bicycle comes with a pre-installed throttle, which is a blessing when you do not want to pedal and want to enjoy a laid-back ride.


The Zooz Urban Ultralight is all about power, and that is why it comes with a 17.5Ah 840Wh Samsung 35E battery pack that is tucked under the seat of the e-bike. Since the battery is tucked under the seat and hidden away, it will be difficult for people to tell whether it’s an electric BMX bike or a normal BMX bike.

Zooz Bikes did an amazing job of hiding the battery and due to this, the overall design of the bike looks enhanced and simple. Not only did they do a great job of hiding the battery but they also included an amazing battery that will meet most riders’ needs. The battery can last from 25 to 40 miles on a single charge, but all of this depends on how you are using the pedal-assist option, terrain, cargo & rider weight, and a few other factors.

Long story short, the battery ranges from 25 miles to 40 miles but it all depends on how hard the battery has to work. With a light load and no wind resistance on asphalt, you may be able to get the full 40 miles or even more. While riding on rough terrain with high wind resistance, and a heavy load you may get closer to 25 miles. However, this is the case with any e-bike you buy, there are variables that play a factor in the riding range.


As mentioned earlier, Zooz Urban Ultralight is all about power and propelling, and that is why you need amazing brakes to avoid any catastrophes. Zooz Bikes has done its best to ensure the safety and security of the rider by adding Tektro hydraulic brakes. The brakes on these models are of exceptional quality. Tektro Hydraulic brakes on these e-bikes come with pairs of 180 mm and 160 mm rotors.


Zooz Urban Ultralight flexes on a pair of 24-inch wheels that come with 2.5-inch-wide Maxxis Hookworm tires when it comes to tires. The bike makers often overlook these tires, but most people do not know that these tires provide one hell of a grip on the road. Maxxis tires are incomparable in offering grip at lean angles and on terrains. In addition, these tires are pressure-resistant and offer some of the best off-road experiences that you can imagine.

Pros and Cons

Zooz Urban Ultralight 750 and both of its counterparts are some of the most popular bikes among BMX bikers looking for an electric version. The bike is pretty advantageous when it comes to its construction. Its design is entirely based on minimalism and efficiency.

The frame of the bike is of top-notch quality. When it comes to speed, the bicycle has an amazing top speed and goes as far as any conventional bike can go without pedal assist. Due to the ergonomic design of the seat, the rider can adjust his position according to his desire.

The main defect in this bike is that it comes with no accessories. This does not entirely mean that the bike is not fit for anyone, but this means that it has certain limitations as one might miss some practical accessories while riding through the city. Apart from this, the bike does not have fenders, which means that you will be prone to mud and dirt splashes while riding the bike on a rainy day.

Zooz Bikes UU Models

As mentioned above, there are multiple versions of the Zooz Urban Ultralight bikes. Overall the bikes are the same in terms of looks, frame design, and other aesthetic features. The main differences are the motor and the batteries. This means that different versions will have different top speeds and different riding ranges although from a visual perspective they’re the same bikes.

Zooz UU 250

Zooz Urban Ultralight 250 is the lightest model that the company is offering. Because of being lightweight, the bike is pretty light on the throttle and speed. The bike is fun to use for a lightweight person or for a younger rider. The bike in its entirety is designed to maximize a smooth riding experience for the rider. Apart from this, it also satisfies every law in every state.

  • Set/Max Speed: 16mph / 20mph
  • Rated/Peak Power: 250w / 500w
  • Expected Range: 25 – 40 miles
  • Total Weight: 44.4 lbs

Zooz UU 750

This model is designed to provide an ultimate ZOOZ riding experience to the rider. It is a power-packed electric bicycle and is one of the most lightweight e-bikes on the market. The bike is popular for its state-of-art design and its super fat tires. So soak up road bumps now and feel the thrill by investing in a Zooz Ultralight 750.

  • Set/Max Speed: 20mph / 26mph
  • Rated/Peak Power: 575w / 960w
  • Expected Range: 25-40 miles
  • Total Weight: 55.7 lbs

Zooz UU 1100

The Zooz UU 1100 comes with a stronger motor so it works well for larger riders as well as smaller riders. It is designed for those riders who are hungry for speed and cannot get enough of it. The bike is relatively heavier if we compare it to the other models, but with the weight comes additional power, increased range, and higher top speed. Apart from this, the bike also flexes its 4-piston brakes. Therefore, feel the thrill now and pedal without worrying about speed.

  • Set/Max Speed: 27mph / 33mph
  • Rated/Peak Power: 728w / 1092w
  • Expected Range: 33 – 40 miles
  • Total Weight: 62.6 lbs


Zooz Urban Ultralight is a bike that has a sense of style and minimalism packed in one place. Zooz Urban Ultralight is the fastest-selling bike, and because of this, they are constantly working on making more of them. Click the button above to head over to Zooz bikes and claim your bike today. The Zooz Urban Ultralight sells out all the time because it’s such a good bike. So, you may have to wait for a little to receive your bike but it’s well worth the wait.

It is a perfect choice for anyone who wants to feel the thrill of speed. On the other hand, if you are not a tech-savvy person and love simpler things in your life, this is the bike for you. Zooz Urban Ultralight puts a particular emphasis on comfort and riding quality because that is what you deserve.

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