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15 + 9 Wood Pool Table Rack Review (2024)

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15 & 9 Ball Wood Pool Table Rack

15 + 9 Ball Wood Pool Table Rack


  • Multi-Use
  • Easy To Use
  • 9 ball & 8 ball


  • Quality
  • Durability
  • Over Priced

This wood pool table rack is a standard pool rack made of wood. It fits all the balls in with a loose fit and you have to tighten the rack with your fingers. A pool rack is necessary to rack when playing Billiards. This rack overall, I would not recommend. It is poor quality and breaks very easily.

Ease of Use – 10/10

I gave this rack a perfect score on ease of use because it works like any standard pool rack. You place the balls in the rack and rearrange the balls into the desired layout. Then, you slide the rack into the correct position and use your fingers to tighten the rack.

This is the standard use for a pool rack. If you have played pool before, you should know how to use a rack and this rack is very easy to use as with most pool racks.

Performance – 6.5/10

This rack works like a typical rack. It’s a very loose fit around the balls so it isn’t the best fit I’ve seen from a rack. Some racks are relatively tight around the balls.

This rack is very loose so you have to use your fingers to tighten the rack.

This rack also comes with metal felt protectors on it to help reduce friction between the rack and the felt. The area around the metal felt protectors isn’t perfectly smooth and this makes me wonder if it will snag on the felt causing it to rip. Replacing ripped pool table felt can be very expensive. The felt protectors are only on one side, so you could flip the rack over.

Durability – 3/10

Many of the people that have bought this item have reported that it broke after a couple days of use. A rack is very simple and shouldn’t break from a couple days of use.

The reviews which you can check out here on Amazon all state that the rack broke along the seems. I don’t recommend this rack as it seems to be of poor quality.

Check out this review for one of the best racks you can use. It gives a perfect frozen rack every time.

Price – 7/10

This rack is overpriced for the quality. There are multiple higher quality racks that are cheaper than this rack. This rack is currently $21.95 while other racks are around $18 dollars for both a 9-ball rack and an 8-ball rack. If you just want an 8-ball rack you can get a good quality wood one for $7.99.

Rack Alternatives

Magic Ball Rack – The magic rack that gives you a perfect rack every time. This rack is my favorite rack. There are many racks out there but the magic ball rack is unique.

Viper Billiard/Pool Table Rack – 8 ball wooden pool rack

GSE Games & Sports Expert Rack – Good quality wooden 8 ball and 9 ball rack

CueStix Heavy Duty Plastic 8-Ball Rack – Heavy duty plastic rack that has great long term durability

Conclusion – 6.6/10

Overall, I would not recommend this rack! I put a couple of rack alternatives above, feel free to check those out if you’re looking for a good pool rack. My number 1 pool rack recommendation is the Magic Ball Rack. It gives you a perfect rack every time and allows for better breaks and breaking consistency. You can check out my review of the Magic Ball Rack here.

If you want me to review any specific products please let me know in the comments. Also, let me know which billiards rack is your favorite.

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