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What Is the Jeep Electric Hunting Bike All About?

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quietkat jeep main picture

If you keep an eye on the e-bike market, you’ll probably notice that some car companies are jumping to the game, from Skoda to Seat.

More recently, Jeep has also made its move with the Experience and Rubicon selection. Both of which come with a standard fat-bike frame, the Jeep logo, and a hefty price tag.

Yet, the Jeep electric hunting bike is still a relevant full-suspension option to consider, with all-terrain versatility and customization potential for trailing, fishing, and hunting.

So, aside from Jeep fans, who is this electric bike for, and what kind of performance can you expect from it? That’s what we set out to find!

The Jeep Electric Hunting Bike Overview

The electric bikes that we’re talking about here are created in a collaboration between Jeep and the bike manufacturer, QuietKat.

You might have actually seen the Super Bowl commercial starring Bill Murray and one adorable little groundhog.

That was the first time we got a glimpse of the idea of bringing Jeep’s 4X4 off-road hype to the fat bike business.

Since then, QuietKat has released yet another version, the Jeep Rubicon. The new release touches up on some problems that the consumers faced with the original Jeep Experience e-bike.

Original Jeep Experience

The bike in this specific commercial was a QuietKat Jeep Experience with an intense Bafang Ultra motor, 150mm of air full suspension, and the best brakes Tektro provides.

While it definitely isn’t cheap, it’s an all-around performer with all-terrain versatility. It’s the kind of bike you can take hunting, trailing, or even just for a fun ride around the neighborhood.

One downside that might keep cycling enthusiasts from trying this bike is that the fork isn’t a name brand. However, this doesn’t really take away from its performance off-road.

The battery life, on the other hand, seemed pale in comparison with the bike’s high-torque engine. After all, no one wants to risk running out of battery and having to pedal this chunky 70-lb ebike home!


  • Offered in Class 2 (street legal) 750-watt model and unrestricted one with 1000 watts
  • Four-piston Tektro Dorado with feedback to avoid locking the wheels and dissipate the heat
  • 150mm RockShox Monarch RL and QK inverted four-bar air-suspension


  • Shorter battery life when compared to the Rubicon (up to 58 miles per charge only)
  • Restricted unassisted speed on the street-legal 750-watt bike at 20 mph

All-New Jeep Rubicon 4×4

Things got a little more interesting when QuietKat announced the up-an-coming Rubicon. While it’s also Jeep-branded, it’s supposed to be a step up from the original bike. Just like the Rubicon version of Jeep cars.

It shares the Jeep Experience’s Tektro brake system, full-suspension fork, Ultra Bafang motor, and removable thumb throttle.

The frame construction is also more or less the same. If it weren’t for the color differences, it would be hard to tell both bike models apart just by looking!

However, it has an edge when it comes to speed and unrestricted engine power. All in all, the Rubicon’s main appeal is that it adds 45% more range and battery efficiency to the already-successful Jeep Experience.


  • Higher engine power than the original Jeep Experience at 1000 watts
  • Unrestricted access to the motor’s full-speed range
  • Long-lived battery with an estimated 32-63 miles per charge


  • Doesn’t comply with Class 2 regulations for US Federal road vehicles
  • Fewer color options

QuietKat’s Jeep Rubicon vs. Jeep Experience: What’s New?

We’ve skimmed through the main standout features in each of QuietKat’s Jeep bikes, but where does that 45% improvement come from?

The three main upgraded aspects in the Rubicon to consider here are engine power, speed, and estimated mile range per charge.

Let’s dive deeper and look at how the Rubicon compares to the original Experience:

Same Hefty Motor With a Twist

quietkat jeep motor

Both the Jeep Experience and Rubicon carry the same mid-drive Ultra Bafang motor with five modes between throttle and walk.

Don’t let the sleek frame fool you, though. It’s actually even more intense than you probably imagined. The Bafang has a whopping 1500 watts of peak power, which is considerably higher than a lot of motorbikes out there!

Because it’s this intense, QuietKat went for a restricted 750-watt for the Jeep Experience with a variation up to 1000 watts.

Meanwhile, the company took a more robust approach with the Rubicon 4×4 by giving it a 1000-watt unrestricted engine.

Either way, the high-torque motor will probably give you more power than you’ll need. In fact, it’s so hefty that in many areas you can’t legally ride the all-new Jeep Rubicon on bike paths or streets due to Class 2 regulations.

Unrestricted Speed and Unclassified E-Bike Rate

quietkat jeep gears

The Jeep bikes come with a 9-speed SRAM gear, but that’s not the most interesting part here. The Rubicon is not considered street legal in many states because its speed limits do not comply with local and federal regulations.

On the other hand, you can order the Jeep Experience with a restricted 750-watt motor to stay in compliance with Class 2 specifications. You’ll have to put up with a restricted speed at 20 mph, though.

So far, that’s not a possibility with the all-new Jeep Rubicon (or the 1000-watt Jeep Experience, for that matter.) To use this kind of unclassified bike, you’ll need to head to private lands or regions designed for Off-Highway Vehicles to stay on the good side of the law!

However, all of the QuietKat Jeeps come with a detachable thumb throttle. Removing this throttle allows you to use the bike as a pedal-assist vehicle only, leaving the engine untapped.

This might not be the best use of electric bikes, but it can help if you’re wading into regions where you need to comply with Class 1 regulations.

Extended Mileage for Every Charge

Perhaps the most anticipated upgrade of all is the extended battery life on the Rubicon model, especially when some hunters felt that the range on the original Jeep Experience was a bit limiting.

QuietKat took the battery from a 14.5AH/48V to a 21AH/48V. This takes you from 768 watt-hours to 1008 watt-hours. We get that translating this kind of specs to tangible effects can be challenging, but let’s think of it in terms of mileage.

On a single charge, the Jeep Experience could take you around 22-44 miles. On a good day, you might get to push this limit to 58, but we wouldn’t count on it.

Meanwhile, the Rubicon 4×4 is expected to cover anywhere from 32 to 63 miles.

Keep in mind that these are all estimated ranges. The actual performance is going to vary depending on several factors:

  • Netload on the engine
  • Selected mode
  • Inclination degree
  • Battery’s conditions
  • Amount of pedal-assist
  • Tire pressure and traction
  • Wind direction and speed

Why Is the Jeep E-Bike a Good Fit for Hunters?

While the bike was made with a do-anything-anywhere approach, you’re probably looking to customize it for your hunting trips.

If that’s the case, you’ll find that some aspects work perfectly just as-is. Take, for instance, the high-torque but stealthy engine or the durable frame construction.

Meanwhile, other features will require a bit of tweaking on your part. It’s usually simple touch-ups here and there with kits and accessories, but no major DIY projects to dread.

Here’s a rundown of the top features in a hunter’s Jeep QuietKat bike:

Stealthy Motor With Low Hum

For a hunter, stealth is a crucial aspect. Sure, you want a hefty engine, but you don’t want its hum to scare off every animal in the hunting radius around you.

Despite its immense power, the mid-drive Ultra Bafang motor is actually pretty stealthy. After all, it was made with hunting in mind as one of its possible applications to meet the all-terrain approach by Jeep.

Obviously, it’s still audible from a close distance, though. So, you might need to shift to pedaling when you’re closing in, but it’s a simple skill that you’ll master in no time.

Inconspicuous Frame Design

quietkat rubicon frame

Besides a low noise level on the engine, the Jeep electric fat bike collection comes with an inconspicuous sleek design that won’t stand out like a sore thumb when you’re hunting.

You can even get the Jeep Experience in charcoal and the Rubicon 4×4 in dark green. Either way, they’ll blend nicely in most hunting grounds.

On the other hand, if you do want something bold and flashy, the Jeep Experience in matte red is the way to go. We don’t see it fitting for a hunter, but the choice is all yours!

Easy Mounting and Transporting on Pickups

ok1up bike rack

For an off-road hunter, being able to haul the bike through urban streets and to the hunting grounds is an essential feature.

After all, you might not even be able to legally ride the 1000-watt e-bike on the street. Even if you could, you’d only be wasting valuable charge time from the actual hunting trip.

That’s why you’ll probably need to consider getting the Qk 1UP bike rack sold by Quietkat. This will allow you to mount the bike to the back of your car.

With the triple rack, you’ll be able to put up to three bikes on the same rack to save space. This is a great option to have if you hunt in groups, but it can be more expensive.

Hunter-Specific Gear and Accessories

quietkat jeep accessories

In an attempt to suit multiple needs and purposes, QuietKat offers the Jeep bikes in a few different kits. The most common options include the Overlander for explorers, the Angler for fishermen, and the Hunter.

Since you’re here, we’re going to assume that the Hunter kit is the way to go for you. It comes with the Quick Konnect Rack, detachable bag, Tannus Armor tire liner, QK 1 UP rack, and the two Game wheel trailer.

For us, the capacity boat you’ll get from the Konnect rack and back is impressive, but the two-wheeled trailer is just a game-changer!

It can haul up to 100 lbs behind you and shift to a kickstand when you need more stability than portability.

Rugged Construction and Tire Durability

quietkat jeep ebike snow

Yet another reason to go for electric bikes with hefty engines is to get true all-terrain compatibility. Either at 750 or 1000 watts, the Jeep’s power is more than enough for most off-road hunting on soft sand, uneven trails, and rocky grounds.

Plus, the 26” x 4.8” CST ply fat tires really help push the rugged narrative. You can always upgrade to a 29” tire set if you want more of a mountain-bike performance to your Jeep.

For an even better grip, you can opt for the Vee SnowShoe XL tire. The traction you’ll get from the 240 carbide-tip studs is a good fit for hunting on snow. Just make sure to double-check the compatibility first since it doesn’t come with any of the bike’s accessory kits.

If you opt for the Hunter kit, you’ll also get to use the extra grip and puncture resistance from the Tannus Armor fat tire insert. What’s even more impressive is that the liner lets you run flat longer in case of emergencies!

Is the Rubicon Available for Purchase Yet?

While the Jeep Experience is already on the market, the QuietKat’s Jeep Rubicon 4×4 is available for preorder with an estimating shipping date around Fall 2022.

If you manage to get your hands on the pre-order of the Rubicon, you’ll be in for a free Quick Konnect Rack and Bag Package.

However, if you’re already ordering the Hunter kit, this offer might seem a bit redundant. So, try to mix and match what you’ll need over the rack and bag instead of going for the full kit with your preorder.

Is QuietKat’s Jeep Electric Hunting Bike Overpriced?

The Jeep bikes can seem a bit on the expensive side for some hunters. However, it’s hard to say that it’s overpriced, especially when you consider that it’s a Jeep-official product.

You don’t get that kind of franchising, advertising, and marketing with a reputable automotive manufacturer without the price tag to match.

While having the brand name Jeep on the bike may increase the costs. Having the Jeep brand also tells you this is a solid bike, Jeep wouldn’t put their brand name on a subpar product.

Plus, you’re also paying for the slimmed-down design instead of a chunky bike that you might build from discarded frames.

Remember that even if 70 lbs seem like a lot, it’s considerably low when you factor in the motor, battery, and tires.

Are the Jeep E-Bikes Covered by a Warranty?

Aside from the regular maintenance and support for USA bikers, QuietKat provides a one-year warranty on all components and a lifetime coverage plan on the frame.

Additionally, you get to enjoy the 30-day test ride period and return the bike if you’re not satisfied. Of course, you’ll need to keep the mileage under 10 miles to be covered by the refund policy.

Even with durable construction and efficient performance, it’s always good to know that the manufacturer stands behind the product!

The Takeaway

From the very first announcement, it was clear that Jeep’s collaboration with QuietKat would be something to look forward to. Now, with two high-performing Jeep electric hunting bike options to choose from, this theory is only proven right.

While the original Jeep Experience came a little short in battery life, the Rubicon 4×4 lived up to the hype with 45% more range.

The all-terrain versatility might be limited by the compliance of street-legal vehicles. Yet, both bikes are considerably rugged and reliable.

After all, that’s what you’d expect when you merge Jeep’s reputation as an off-road performer with QuietKat experience in the world of electric fat bikes!

The Hobbies Guide is here to help with all your active hobby needs, check out our other articles for more information. I hope this article was insightful!

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