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Ride1UP LMTD Review (March 2024)

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Ride1UP LMTD Midnight Gray Electric Bike

Ride1UP LMTD is one of those bikes with a great design because it is suited for a variety of tasks. It has some of the best components installed. The electric bicycle comes with a robust motor and boasts a battery that is above average. Additionally, the bike flexes about front air suspension, has hydraulic disk brakes, and last but not least, a cadence sensor.

Power – 750 nominal watts, 1,000 peak watts

Ride1Up LMTD stands in the list of amazing entry level ebikes. The manufacturers of the bike have been very meticulous with the building process in order to maintain consistency among bikes. For added consistency they utilized a motor that can keep up with that standard. The excellent MXUS geared hub motor can help the rider pick the pace from 0 to 20 mph in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the motor is well-tuned, so the rider does not feel any difficulty while pedaling as the motor synchronizes well with it.

Speed – 28 mph

The Ride1Up LMTD has amazing speed that can put most cyclists to shame. It is a premium bike with a top speed of 28 mph when using pedal assist mode. If you just want to relax and ride, you can use throttle only mode. With throttle only mode, you’ll have a max speed of 20 mph. Many e-bikes have a lower speed on throttle only mode, first because the motor and battery are working harder but also many areas require a lower speed for throttle only mode due to safety concerns. Since the Ride1UP is a level 3 e-bike, in some places riding this e-bike may be restricted or you may have to adhere to more rules.

Battery and Range – 48 volt 14 ah, 45 miles

The electric bicycle has one of the most powerful and advanced batteries that you can get on an electric bike. It comes with a 48-volt system, with this amazing system, the bike can go as far as 45 miles. Keep in mind that the distance being calculated here is if the ride is taken under ideal conditions.

Moreover, the battery is placed on the down tube, which is why the bike’s design looks sleek and eye-catching. Ride1Up LMTD has a lockable and removable battery, which means that you can charge the battery after dismantling it from the bike.

Pedal-assist sensor — Cadence sensor

The bicycle encompasses a cadence sensor that measures the rotation of your pedaling. A cadence sensor is the standard for e-bike pedal assist sensors. Torque sensors are the more advanced option but they aren’t offered on this bike. A cadence sensor turns on the motor with the revolution of your pedaling, but this can cause it to have a jerky or clunky feel. The motor kicks on right when you start pedaling which can jerk you back. Overall, this isn’t a big deal and most e-bikes you get will have a cadence sensor.

Display — LCD

Ride1Up LMTD comes with a branded Ride1Up LCD. The LCD comes placed on the left side of the handlebar because it is easier for the rider to read the metrics when the LCD is attached on the left side. It displays all the metrics in color and can even be seen in direct sunlight.

The LCD is placed on the perfect spot on the bike, and one does not need to have a separate socket or piece installed for its placement. Apart from this, the LCD shows every single detail about the bike, such as battery level, pedal assistance level, time, the temperature outside, etc.

Frame— 6061 Aluminum alloy

Ride1UP LMTD Midnight Gray Electric Bike
Ride1UP LMTD Midnight Gray Step Thru Electric Bike

The frame of Ride1Up LMTD is similar to the other Ride1UP models. The main difference is that this bike is being offered in pretty unique colors. Ride1Up LMTD currently offers both the frame designs in Smokey black/blue and a light tan color.

In addition, the company is currently offering both step-over frames and step-thru frames. The 2 frame options are pictured above. The step thru frame makes it a bit easier for you to get on the bike while the step over frame looks more like your standard bike. The frame is made up of 6061 aluminum and is considerably lighter in weight than other frames; a lighter bike makes for a smoother more efficient riding experience.

Gearing — Shimano Alivio, eight-speed

Ride1Up LMTD is not your average electric bike, it has several unique features that one does not usually receive with a class 3 entry-level e-bike. One of those features is its gearing. It encompasses Shimano Alivio derailleur and comes in an eight gear cassette.

Shimano is a great brand that develops top of the line gear systems. With the Shimano Alivio system, you’ll be able to fly through gears smoothly so you can enjoy your rides more.

Brakes — Tektro Hydraulic disc, 180 mm rotor

We might need to dig deeper when it comes to describing the brakes of this speed machine. Not every bike has the capacity or the capability to do what Ride1Up LMTD does. That is why the company has focused more on adding premium components to this specific electric vehicle.

Tektro hydraulic discs are not some normal brakes that you can find in your average bike. These are made up of superior material and offer immense power even on wet paths and muddy roads. One can perfectly control the speed of the bike by using the brakes. Even when the rider is going on a descent, these brakes can handle the job. Overall, these hydraulic brakes will keep you safe; they know how to get the job done.

Warranty – 30-day return – 1 year comprehensive.

Upon using the e-bike, if you are unsatisfied with the performance of the vehicle, you can return it without any additional charge. The company offers a 30-day return policy on Ride1Up LMTD and an overall 1-year comprehensive warranty. For the price of the bike, the company’s policy is quite generous. This shows that the company is serious about its products, stands by their products, and they will always be there to compensate its customers if they are unsatisfied.

Why are Ride1Up bikes so popular?

Riders these days give preference to sleek bikes. Thankfully, the company has listened to the public and made a bike that answers their voices. Ride1UP always pays attention to the finer details while making its products. Due to their extreme emphasis on the details, their bikes have become the finest piece of machinery running on the roads.

Ride1Up has been in the bike-making industry for quite a while now, and that is why they have focused on quality rather than quantity. Any good business knows that having quality products brings repeat customers and repeat customers are the best type of customers to acquire.

Additionally, the company has the most competitive and responsive customer service in the industry, and they answer every little question. Because of all these reasons, Ride1Up is getting so popular among the riders. So, what are you waiting for? Book your order now and show off some riding skills down the street.


The e-bike is a great deal for anyone who wants to stay out of their homes and display some skills on paved roads and muddy paths. It is an ideal choice for everyone who wants to wander on the city’s streets and perfect for everyone who wants a quality bike at an affordable price.

The electric bicycle is designed so that it is ideal for riding on hard paths and muddy roads. It’s completely up to you to decide where you want to ride this. Speaking of the overall value of the bike, you will not get a better deal than this, not price-wise and certainly not components-wise.

Tl;dr: The Ride1UP LMTD is an amazing e-bike that comes with amazing components. It’s an entry level bike that doesn’t seem like an entry level bike. It has great components that increase the overall worth of the bike. These components include hydraulic disk brakes, a powerful motor, robust gearing, and an efficient battery. Due to these high-quality components, the bike can be called a road beast, as it will eat up every path that you can throw at it.

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