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Juiced Bikes Scorpion X Review 2024 | E-Bike Reviews

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Juiced Bikes Scorpion X

E-bikes and moped-style hybrid machines are taking the bike market by storm and are gaining extreme popularity among the cycling community. For some the price can be a bit hefty but the value that you receive is well worth the price. The Juiced Scorpion is on the more affordable side of a solid e-bike and it offers a class 3 e-bike performance.

While being fully assembled, the Juiced Scorpion weighs more than 103 pounds and can carry two people. On a single charge, you can travel as much as 55 miles.


The bike’s frame is made up of pure aluminum alloy, while the Juiced Scorpion flexes about its advanced LCD display. The battery of the bike is Lithium-Ion Battery, and it supports a 2 Amp charger.

The bike has other considerably unique features, such as it carries a Bafang Rear Geared Hub Motor, and its chain is KMC Z7 RB. Juiced Scorpion also boasts about its twist shifter shift levelers and aluminum alloy double-walled rims too.

Apart from this, the bike’s saddle is quite comfortable, and the handlebars of the bike are made up of ergonomic aluminum alloy. Additionally, the bike has a fully adjustable kickstand, the bike’s headlight is copied from a motorcycle, and the bike is fully modifiable with an LED and brake light.

Juiced Scorpion – Spec Review

It is an entry-level bike that can be called an ergonomic bike. It can go as far as 55 miles on a single charge and go as high as 28 MPH. Apart from this, the frame of the new Juiced Scorpion is quite sturdy and enduring. It can carry around 275 lbs of the rider’s weight along with an additional 50 lbs. of cargo weight.

The bike battery is quite durable compared to its other competitors and is easily removable too if damaged.

Apart from the battery, it comes with a 2 amp charger which is very common among e-bikes. As a premium upgrade, a 4 amp charger can be chosen instead of a 2 amp charger.

The Hub Motor of the bike is more than enough for most riders and will help you climb hills and other slopes. The chainring and freewheel cassette of the Juiced Scorpion makes it easier for the rider to pedal in forward and backward direction.

The LCD advanced matrix display makes things easier for you as it provides data related to riding metrics and is easily readable. The Juiced Scorpion, also flexes its tektro hydraulic brakes that give you all the braking power you need to safely manuever your e-bike.

These accessories are nothing in front of the bikes’ premium accessories, including an extremely capable headlight and an equally powerful LED brake light.

One pretty big downfall of this bike is that it is currently being offered in only one size and is comfortable for only short riders. Riders that are taller than six feet might feel uncomfortable while riding this bike. Having a one size fits all model can be annoying for riders of various sizes. I would love to see them release different size bikes in the future.

Juiced Scorpion – In-Depth Review

Juiced bikes never lets their clients down, and the Juiced Scorpion X is no different. The bike has many things that make it unique and user-friendly. Juiced Scorpion delivers what others don’t, and this means that it provides an upgraded ride experience to its riders.

Additionally, the bike is all about more power, extra fast speed, and can go to maximum distance. The bike is fully packed with a brand new electronics system which is the biggest flex of the bike. Along with the state of an art electronics system, the Juiced Scorpion also has a Retro Blade Geared Hub motor, making the bike unstoppable.

Now you can ride uphill, downhill, on straight and curvy paths, on terrain and plain ground with extra comfort and without any worries. The bike is extra loaded with premium features that include a Cadence pedal-assist technology which helps the person while riding the bike, and a fully upgraded 8-speed cassette. Apart from this, the Juiced Scorpion also offers premium upgrades too. If you are tired of paying for gas prices and want something that is eco-friendly and doesn’t cost you as much as the gas does, you should consider purchasing this bike.


Juiced Scorpion is an effective solution and wise choice for those searching for something unique and it is a high-powered e-Bike/moped hybrid. The frame of the bikes is quite heavy, but this is because it can support two adult riders while on the road. Additionally, the bike can also carry as much as 50lbs of the cargo weight too.

If you want to go deep into the city and explore all the places that you have never been to, the Juiced Scorpion will help you in doing so. It has an 80Nm Bafang motor that will support you in your quests and will let you explore anything and everything.

With the 676 Wh lithium battery, you can say goodbyes to all the worries of battery drainage as the bike can go as much as 55 miles on a single charge. Apart from this, the 7-speed freewheel drivetrain will provide you backup while riding on a hill at high speed, with the hydraulic brakes providing you safe support if you need to stop somewhere. The bike is quite comfortable and won’t cost you much. The price of the bike is nothing compared to its features.

If you are interested in buying something that is not only unique but provides you comfort while riding, The Juiced Scorpion is one of the best choices out there. If you are an enthusiastic cyclist who wants an E-bike for a great price, it might come as a shock to you, but this is a safe choice that you can put your money in. The bike is purely made for those riders who dare to ride at high speeds. Are you one of them or not? Share your views in the comment section.

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