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Best Jump Cues Of 2024 (Reviews)

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Jump Cues are an important element in the game of Billiards, especially at a competitive level. Jump Cues can save you when your opponent plays defense against you or leaves you blocked by other balls on accident. In this article, we’re going to cover what is a jump cue, how to choose a good pool jump cue, and the best jump cues on the market today.

Billiards is a game that requires strategy and practice to master. It is a game that keeps your mind, body, and brain engaged simultaneously. 

One aspect that many beginners don’t understand about Billiards is defense. Defense is what differentiates a good player from a great player. In the words of Alabama legendary football coach Bear Bryant: “Offense wins games… defense wins championships”.

Many people think that you have to make every shot on the table to win, but in reality you just have to make them before your opponent. If you play defense on every shot, you could miss 40 shots in a row and never lose the game. By combining defense with your offensive shots, you’re able to keep your opponent from making their shots.

This is where a pool jump cue comes in!

What Is A Pool Jump Cue?

A pool jump cue is a pool cue that is made for jumping the cue ball over other balls. A proper jump shot requires that you shoot down on the top of the cue ball. Since you have to shoot down on the ball, jump cues are shorter to give you better leverage on your pool cue. Many have ergonomic handles that give you the best grip.

Jumping the ball is not an easy task and it requires a lot of practice. Many beginners think they know how to jump the cue ball but what they typically do is called scooping.

What Is A Scoop In Pool?

A scoop shot is where you aim low on the cue ball and when you shoot, the stick slides under the cue ball lifting it off the table. Scooping damages the pool table because the tip of the stick digs into the table. Due to this, scooping is considered an illegal shot in pool.

Pool jump cues are an essential item to perform a proper pool jump shot and thus, choosing the right one is very important. While you can learn how to perform a jump shot with a regular cue having the right jump cue makes it way easier.

A regular pool cue typically has a soft tip while a jump cue has a hard tip. This hard tip allows you to transfer more power to the cue ball thus resulting in a good jump shot. This is one reason having one of the best rated jump cues can improve your jump shots.

While there are several available products that claim to be the best jump cues on the market, having so many options makes it difficult to choose. How do you know which jump cue is best for you?

It’s definitely a tough decision, and we understand the dilemma you may face with so many options out there. To help you out, we have curated a list of the best jump cues on the market. This is the ultimate guide to purchasing the best jump cue if you want to perform consistent pool jump shots.

Having weighed the pros and cons of hundreds of cues, no stone was left unturned. The listed billiards jump cues below will be the perfect companion for you to perform perfect jump shots. Our guide focuses on honest judgments based on real user experience without any bias. 

At the end of the list, we have compiled a short buyer’s guide to help you choose the best jump cue for you!

The Best Jump Cues of 2021

  1. Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Pool Cue Stick (Editor’s Choice)
  2. Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog Jump Cue – LHAH5
  3. Predator Cues – Predator Air 2 Jump Pool Cue (Most Popular)
  4. McDermott Lucky LJ2 Jump Pool Cue (Best Price)
  5. Cuetec Cynergy Propel Jump Cue
  6. Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue

1. Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Cue Review

Lucasi Air Hog 2 Jump Cue


  • Radically constructed shaft
  • High performance cue tip 
  • Non-slip grip


  • Price 

This is one of the best jump cues available on the market currently. This amazing jump cue is made by the well known and world-renown pool cue brand Lucasi. Lucasi Pool Cues has been making high-quality pool cues for the last 20 years and never ceases to amaze. They make high quality pool cues, break cues, jump cues, and masse cues.

This Lucasi Hybrid Jump Cue is well known for its powerful shaft construction that is also known as the Total Sweet Spot Construction (TSC), which is their patented design. This eight-piece radical construction is spread throughout the entire cue shaft that measures 13.75 mm, making it highly reliable to play with. 

Talking about the tip, it also features an intricate design and has the perfect size to provide you with accurate control over the cue ball while delivering enough force for your jump shots. Along with that, the tip is made of Bakelite that will help to minimize unwanted spin and give an explosive reaction when it hits the cue ball.  

The coating of this billiard cue stick is also worth mentioning. The entire structure is covered with a G5 grip wrap that will provide you with the best slip-free grip during your game. 

The outer layer features a special mechanism that is known as the X-Shox Dampening System that has the capability to absorb shock due to the memory foam that is integrated within the wrap. This reduces shock and lowers the vibration during jump shots. This will provide you with the utmost efficiency even while aiming tough jump shots. 

This is a highly functional design that adds greater control to this billiards jump stick. It also has an adjustable weight bolt setup and an interchangeable long jump extension.   

In order to attain a professional and smooth gaming experience with minimal effort, get your hands on these best jump cue sticks without worrying about paying any shipping charges.

To learn more about this product, click the button below.  

2. Lucasi Air Hog Jump Cue Review

Lucasi Air Hog Jump Cue


  • High performance
  • Ergonomically structured 
  • Warp resistant 
  • Comfortable grip


  • Does not look modish

Next in our list of the best jump cues is another jump cue by Lucasi, the Lucasi Hybrid Air Hog Jump Cue. It’s actually almost the same as the first choice in this list. The number 1 pick is just the next generation of this jump cue. This jump cue comes tied with all the benefits that Lucasi Hybrid provides in their best jump cue sticks. 

First of all, the super-sized sweet spot technology will ensure that you have superior control over the game while targeting and hitting your cue ball. This massive Bakelite tip measures 13.75 mm in length so that you can use this pool jump cue stick effortlessly. With a higher surface contact in between your cue stick and cue ball, you will be able to exert greater control with less miscues. 

This powerfully constructed billiards jump stick contains a high impact carbon fiber ferrule that is almost impossible to break. This will allow you to hit hard with all your force on the cue ball. Furthermore, this is the only pool jump cue in the range that offers this feature.

Along with all these super cool features, this billiards jump cue is exceptionally light in weight. This cue is also warp resistant, so you don’t have to worry much about it warping. It’s warp resistant due to a grey moisture barrier that coats the shaft. However, it isn’t warp proof like many of the carbon fiber shafts, so you don’t want to leave it in extreme heat or moisture very long.   

This pool jump cue is also packed with a wrap that consists of shock-absorbent memory foam.            

Lucasi Pool Cues is a brand that you can rely on completely. In order to prove this, the brand provides a lifetime warranty that also covers warranty against warpage. To know more information related to this product, click on the button below.  

3. Predator Cues – Predator Air 2 Jump Cue Review

Predator Air 2 Jump CuePredator Air 2 Jump Cue


  • Sleek design 
  • Portable 
  • Ergonomically designed 


  • Price

This is a 3-piece carbon fiber reinforced jump cue that is charged with high energy to provide you with the ultimate billiard gaming experience. It features a special carbon fiber collar combined with the groundbreaking technology of BK3. Combined with the goodness of smart technologies, this Predator air jump cue will ensure you easy jump shots. 

When the parts are taken apart, the larger part measures 12 inches long whereas the shorter half is 8 inches in length. It is very easy to detach and attach the pieces so that you don’t have to worry about breaking anything! This feature makes the billiard cue stick highly portable so that you can easily carry it to your friends’ house or a pool hall.  

This stylish Predator Air jump cue features a matte black colour that makes it look sleek and elegant. It also has a non-slippery grip so that you can enjoy a slip-free shooting experience. Other than that, the slender jump pool cue stick is ergonomically designed and light in weight eliminating even the slightest inconvenience.

With the Predator Jump Cue you can jump over close balls and far balls with ease. There’s no defense that will keep them safe.

The tip of this Predator Air 2 jump cue also assists in aiming precise shots. You can always trust on this high energy jump pool cue stick to ensure all of your jump shots are accurate. 

This Predator Air 2 jump cue comes with a predator sleeve and joint protectors and, upon ordering you will also get the facility of free shipping.

To learn more about this sleek pool jump cue, click the button below. 

4. McDermott Lucky Jump Cue Review – LJ2

McDermott Lucky Jump Cue


  • 3-year limited warranty 
  • Classic wooden outlook
  • Portable and warp-free
  • Price


  • Effeminate design

This peachy and vogue billiards jump stick by McDermott is the pristine combination of athletic and trendy. The Lucky Jump Cue features a pastel peach colour and has an elegant wooden pattern near the bottom to give it a trendy and effeminate look. 

The graphic overlays stamped on top give it the final elegant look. This wooden billiard jump stick is made with fine grade premium maple wood. If you pull out this jump cue at any billiards hall, it will surely make heads turn. 

Moreover, it’s not only designed for its fancy outlooks, but also to deliver heavy-duty performance. It will give you the most solid hitting and precise jumping experience. This pool cue stick from McDermott measures 41 inches in length, which is a suitable size for jump shots.        

Despite being made of hard rock maple, this pool cue stick is very light that weighs only 8.5 oz. the shaft of this pool jump cue measures 14mm with a strong jump taper for a nice smooth stroke. This combined with a nice phenolic tip will give a great jump shot. 

The handle is not vulnerable to warping either. So, you can use this billiards jump stick for years to come without tarnishing its appearance.

This amazing pool cue stick is portable and can be detached into two smaller pieces. 

Now you’ll be able to get out of the tightest spaces! Playing billiard with your favorite jump pool cue stick just got easier.    

This product also comes with free shipping.

It will surely help improve your jump shots. Don’t believe me? Check out the reviews on Amazon left by other satisfied customers.  

5. Cuetec Cynergy Propel Jump Cue Review

Cuetec Cynergy Propel Carbon Jump CueCuetec Cynergy Propel Carbon Jump Cue


  • Lightweight and airy 
  • Easy to handle 
  • Ergonomically designed 
  • Sleek outlook 


  • Energy Transfer
  • Price

The Cuetec Cynergy Propel is another excellent piece from the well-renowned company Cuetec that will seamlessly fulfill all your pool jump cue needs. This is an ultralight billiards jump cue that weighs only 11 oz when the weighted extension is attached. The lightweight will ensure that you can perform jump shots without strain in your shoulders and arms.  

The tip of this Cuetec jump cue measures 14mm, which is a great size for a seamless jump shot, no matter your experience level. This tip is warranted to provide you with the utmost accuracy while hitting the cue ball and eliminate any unnecessary side spins. 

Even if you are an amateur player, this pool jump cue will be a great tool to have in your arsenal. It will assure you are delivering your best performance. 

As for the appearance of this billiard jump stick, it is sleek and elegant at the same time. Showing off a shiny and lustrous black, it has details marked with a combination of red and white colors. Not to mention, the Cuetec jump cue is made with the latest carbon fiber technology in the shaft and main handle. 

All these amazing features combined together will provide you with a dynamic jumping experience. The all-composite construction of this Cuetec jump cue will help you excel at aiming both full-table and close proximity jumps.  

Maintaining the Cuetec standard, you can avail this Cuetec jump cue without paying any delivery fees.

To know more about this product, such as product details, user comments, and reviews, click on the button below. 

6. Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue Review

Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue


  • Adjustable length 
  • Lightweight and handy 
  • Easy to manage 


  • Available in only one colour 

Last but not least is the Cuetec Bullet Jump Cue. This cue stick is definitely a masterpiece with it’s elegant silver design! 

One of the main functions of a jump cue stick is to maintain a stable grip on the cue ball while aiming down on the cue ball and this cue does exactly that. This features a 13.5mm phenolic tip that provides optimal gripping power so that you do not have to worry about miscuing on your jumps. 

This robust and sturdy, yet elegant pool jump cue is the perfect example of a fine product within an affordable price. The Cuetec bullet jump cue is made with the finest quality raw materials that will last for ages to come. Also, you do not need to worry about any warping or dents.    

Furthermore, this Cuetec bullet jump cue is lightweight so it won’t cause strain on your arms and shoulders when jumping. With just a simple stroke, you can hit your target precisely.

The length of this Cuetec bullet jump cue is also set to maintain a standard that is great for short billiards jump shots. 

Although it is designed to accommodate short billiards jump shots, it comes with an extension that will allow better control and power for long jump shots. This will allow you to perform jump shots of varying length and sharpness, just by adjusting the length when needed. 

With the tag of a renowned company such as Cuetec, you can rely on its assurance of quality. 

This Cuetec bullet jump cue will be delivered right to your door, free of charge.

Click the button below to check out the price and reviews on Amazon for this Cuetec jump cue.   

How To Choose The Best Jump Cue?

After reading the elaborate descriptions and reviews of the best jump cues, you probably have a clear idea by now regarding what to look for when selecting the best jump cue sticks for your billiard game. But, for your ease, let’s break it down!

There are several things that you must consider before purchasing a billiards jump stick. These features include the length of the pool jump cue, the material of the cue tip, the inside structure and mechanism, the shaft and so many other things. 

The following is an extensive guide that you can check out before purchasing a billiards jump cue. You should check all these factors and ensure that these standards are met by your selected billiards jump stick.      


The length of the billiards jump stick is one of the primary things to take into account as this also dictates how versatile your jump cue will be.

For example, longer pool jump cues are more suitable for long jump shots where there is a long distance between the cue ball and the object ball. Short jump cues are best for short or steep jump shots where the ball you’re jumping over is close to the cue ball.

Many jump cues have 3 pieces that allow for an extension for long jump shots. These are the most versatile jump cue in pool. Being able to jump the length of the table and over short jumps is very important when utilizing a jump cue to overcome defense.

Cue Tip

The pool cue tip is also very important on a jump cue. Jump cue sticks are made to be hit the cue ball hard in order to jump over another ball. This means that you want a hard tip on most jump cues so that the most energy is transferred to the cue ball.

The features of the cue tip also decide how much control you have over the ball while jumping. Experienced players may want a smaller tip on their jump cue so they can put english on the cue ball while jumping.

The ferrule and tip play a huge part in how much vibration is transferred to your hand. Plastic ferrules tend to break easily and are commonly being replaced by metal and carbon fiber for a stronger and more shock absorbing material. 


The next crucial thing to keep in check is the structure of the billiards jump cue. The structure is directly tied with the robustness, durability, and reliability of the pool cue stick. 

Nowadays, there are several advanced features and mechanisms integrated within jump pool cues. This means your single pool cue comprises of several layers of materials and coating within its body. Whether your preferred pool cue is made of wood or carbon fiber, it must be durable. 

To double-check this, opt for something that comes with at least one year warranty. The materials that were used to build the jump pool cue should be of the finest quality so that you do not have to worry about breaking or denting your cue in the future.   


The shaft of your jump pool cue is another important criterion to assess before you make your purchase. The outer coating of the jump pool cue stick must be made of a material that is not slippery, provides the right amount of friction, and is also comfortable to the grip. Ensuring all these will help eliminate miscues. 

Along with this, take some time to find a billiards jump stick that is guaranteed to be warp-resistant! Leaving your pool cue in the heat (a car) or in a moist area can damage your cue if it isn’t warp proof or resistant. carbon fiber pool cues tend to be warp proof but some pool cue manufacturers have special coatings that make wooden pool cues warp resistant.  

Price and Design 

Although these are not the features that will affect your game directly, these two factors are still very important. Choose the best cue within your budget and compare several products and their features in the same price range. Do not fall in the trap of exorbitant pricing. 

Plus, if you want a sleek and classy billiards jump cue, then rest assured because you have several options to choose from. Billiards jump sticks are now available in several colours, designs, and patterns so that you can pick something that matches your personality and style of playing.    

Why Should You Choose A Dedicated Jump Cue Over A Dual Use Jump Break Cue? 

This is a question that may linger at the back of your head and also steer your purchase decision. The main difference between these two types of jump pool cues lies in the weight and size of the cue.

Jump break cues usually break down into a jump cue of one size, for long jumps you would have to add the extender back on which would bring the weight back to a full size break cue. This would make it hard to perform a proper jump and can be hard on your shoulders..

So while you can save money by getting a jump break cue, you will be getting a cue that isn’t specifically designed for jumping. It is designed as a multi-purpose tool so it may not jump as well. 

All in all, this means that a dedicated jump cue will provide you with a better overall balance while performing jump shots!    

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  1. “Cue and Case” the Manufacturer of Lucasi and Many other Brands, does not seem to care about making their Customers Happy when they make Mistakes about their Products !!! I read this review and then looked up the Specs on the Manufacturer’s Website “Cue and Case” the makers of the Lucasi LHAH2 Air Hog 2 Jump Cue, verifying that it was supposed to come with the High end TSC 8-Piece Radial Shaft along with a Butt that was supposed to be weight adjustable (in which the way the statement was written I thought that the extra weights also came with the cue), so, anyway, I decided to order one of these Lucasi LHAH2 Air Hog 2 Jump Cues based on this review along with manufacturer specs on the “Cue and Case” website, so, I checked lots of the Distributor’s Websites whom sell this cue, all stating the same facts and specs about this Cue, I decided to buy it through a Seller from My State on Amazon “Y2Play” in Altoona, Pa, I rec’vd the Cue very quickly, bit I have yet to try it out, because I found that this Cue did and does NOT come with either the TSC 8-Piece Radial Shaft nor is the Butt weight adjustable (as per Y2Play’s Customer Service), so after spending a few days going back and forth between Y2Play and Cue and Case’s people on the phone and through emails, I feel that this cue had to of been priced based upon the specs that they claim, and feel that I greatly overpayed for it, I explained to both Company’s that I would not mind keeping this Cue and using it, but, only at a greatly Discounted Price as there is no way it should be selling for the Price I paid whuch I believe was based upon the False Advertising of the Cue’s Specifications. “Cue and Case” is the Manufacturer, and all of their Dustributors buy and sell their Cues based upon the Specifications givin to them from “Cue and Case”, and so, they list those specs also on their sites because that is what they were givin as specs. Anyway, they basically told Me that if I was not happy with the Cue, just send it back for a refund. So, they are acting like they don’t care about it being over priced and don’t seem to want to make good for their mistakes ! Then while researching the specs for their Lucasi Cues, I found this to be the same case with many of their Cues on their “Cue and Case” website and most all of their Distributors’ websites, the Decriptions have discrepencies. Of course after I told them about this and said that they need to make lots of corrections to their product decriptions and specifications, they have started to do so, but, I am still very unhappy about what happened to Me, and the time I had to spend on their Mistakes, and they don’t seem to care at all about making Me happy. I just hope it does not happen to You!

    1. Thank you for your feedback, I’m sorry you had a poor experience with Lucassi and Cue and Case. I hope this information helps someone make a decision when choosing their new Jump Cue.

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