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Ride1UP 500 Series Review (June 2024)

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Ride1UP 500 Series Electric Bike

Ride1Up is a great electric bike manufacturer but even knowing that; it can be difficult to decide on which bike is truly the right electric bike for you. E-bike manufacturers list all the specs and jargon that the average person won’t understand.

All this stuff sounds cool, but it can be hard to understand what you are actually getting with that e-bike. For example, is a 750 W Shengyi Rear Geared Hub Motor a good motor or a bad one? Is 750 W a lot of power or a little for an e-bike?

In this review, we’ll break down what you get with the Ride1Up 500 Series and explain why the Ride1Up 500 Series is a best-selling e-bike.

The Ride1Up 500 Series is considered one of the best electric bikes of 2021. Ride1Up 500 is an all-purpose bike and performs superbly on any given surface. Due to its lightweight and unique design, you’ll love riding this bike. You’ll also impress your friends while having an amazing ride.

In addition to the amazing design of this bike, the comfort of the bike allows for long-distance rides with ease. Moreover, the company has made significant improvements in the overall design and components while developing the bike. Due to these design features, it is safe to say that it is the premium choice for everyone who wants to live on speed and comfort.


Ride1Up 500 is all about minimalism and losing extra weight, and that is why the designers have used 6061 Aluminum alloy frames to minimize the extra weight. Apart from this, there are no extra accessories added to the frame, so, one can travel further with ease.

Furthermore, the company has made the frame available in both a stand-over and step-thru design to facilitate every rider, including the short ones and tall ones.

Step-thru models are a great option for any e-bike it allows you to step thru the frame rather than needing to swing your leg over the back of the bike. This can be great for anyone wearing a skirt, dress, or tight clothes. It’s also great for people with injuries or anything that makes it hard to swing your leg over the back of the bike.


This bike is designed to be fast with or without pedal assist. Ride1Up has added a state-of-art 750 W Shengyi Rear Geared Hub Motor so that one can enjoy a smooth fast ride with less effort.

With the powerful 750 W motor, you get quick acceleration and the ability to climb hills with ease. However, even though you have access to a powerful motor, this does not mean you need to use it. Some people like to use less of the motor and get a good workout in and rely on the motor more when they get tired.

The Ride1Up 500 Series is a class 3 electric bike. The top speed of the bike with pedal assistance is 28 MPH. If you use throttle-only mode, then the max speed of the bike is 20 mph.


Ride1UP 500 Series Battery

This electric bicycle features a removable battery that is placed on the down tube. Ride1Up uses a high-quality lithium-ion battery so you can travel as far as 50 miles on a single charge. The battery has a spec rating of 500 Wh.

The purpose of adding such a strong battery was to make Ride1Up 500 series one of their best e-bikes to date. With a little research, you’ll see the 500 series is a very popular Ride1Up model.


The Ride1Up 500 Series comes with some of the best features you can put on an e-bike. They went over the top by adding new potential features to the bike. The electric bicycle has an upgraded 8-speed drivetrain.

Due to this upgrade, riders have additional gear control over the bike. The more gears you have, the more versatile your bike will be. High gears are great for flat ground and low gears are great for climbing hills with ease. So, having a variety of gears gives you the ability to climb different grades of hills and still enjoy riding on flat ground.

Moreover, the Shimano 11-30T Cassette with 44 T Chainring Drivetrain has additional fender support to keep your drivetrain in the best condition possible.

LCD Display

Ride1UP 500 Series LCD

This bike is getting a lot of praise because the bike comes with amazing features while still being a very budget-friendly bike. Of course, some features cause the price to rise. Still, the company is very generous and offers a ton of amazing features at a reasonable price.

The added 2.25″ LCD is not some spectacular addon, but it does its job and is placed on the bike’s left handlebar. The LCD of the electric bicycle makes sure that all the important statistics are visible to you and displays riding metrics, outside temperature, and juice left in the bike’s battery.


Ride1UP 500 Series Tires

The Ride1Up 500 comes with the amazing Kenda Kwick 27.5″ x 2.2″ tires. These tires add to the overall safety and comfortable feel of the Ride1Up 500 Series. Due to the presence of tall and wide tires, you can ride faster and have more confidence in the overall stability of the electric bike.

If you are a rider who wants to take your bicycle up the hill and want to ride it in the city too, then this is the perfect choice for you. The 2.2″ wide tires are wide enough to give added traction off-road but not as beefy as many fat-tire bikes.


Apart from the other amazing components of this e-bike, Ride1Up 500 is equipped with top-of-the-line Tektro Aries mechanical disc brakes. Most of their competitors don’t offer brakes such as these in the same price range, but Ride1Up goes above and beyond.

Ride1Up 500 is all about speed and safety, and that is why the designers have installed Tektro brakes on the bike. These brakes provide the best stopping power to the rider. For other bikes, the rider may struggle to stop the bike at high speed or while riding downhill, but that won’t be the case for this bike. These brakes do their job very well and return confidence to the rider.

Ride1Up 500 – An honest review

Ride1Up 500 is an entry-level bike that can serve every rider, and because of its top-notch components, it provides an enjoyable riding experience to everyone. The price of the bike is quite budget-friendly even tho it has high-quality components.

This bike is great and comes in solid black or grey and gold. Both of these colors give a magnificent look to the bicycle. It has a lightweight frame, but this does not mean that it isn’t durable. The bike holds up very well and can handle a decent amount of pressure. Apart from this, it comes in a two-frame style: the step through and step over style.

The battery of the e-bike says a lot about its worth, and that is why many riders are buying this bike.

This electric bike has amazing power and speed due to the Shengyi Rear Geared Hub Motor and comes with an additional 20 MPH throttle-only mode. If using pedal-assist however, you can reach a top speed of 28 mph. In addition, ride1Up 500 Series has a user-friendly and easy-to-use LCD, and it displays almost everything that is happening on the bike.

The tires of the e-bike are great for smooth surfaces and trail riding. When it comes to brakes, the bike has Tektro Aries Mechanical disc brakes which means that the bike stops on the spot when the brakes are applied.


Ride1Up 500 Series is one of the lowest-priced electric bikes on the market that is still of very good quality. Still, it stands out because of its user-friendly and clean design. It also has great power and an impressive top speed. It also features some amazing components.

Ride1Up has made sure that their customers remain happy with the output of this bike. .You won’t be disappointed with this bike!

If you want to add a budget-friendly e-bike to your arsenal, and want to get your daily errands done quickly, then this is the bike for you. It is classic, it is trendy, and it is an overall great e-bike to buy.

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