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Best Pool Cue Tips of 2024 (Reviews)

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Believe it or not, billiards is one of the few indoor games that has been around for centuries. As far as games go, their popularity has been fairly consistent throughout the years. However, as game rooms are becoming increasingly common in private homes, pool rapidly rose to fame in recent years.

Most people have taken to the sport just to keep up with the times. But there are others who recognize the game for what it is. Then there are the professionals, the devoted players, who have equally been responsible for the growing fame of pool games besides the trend, with their exhilarating games.

But no matter which group you come from, there is no denying one fact – pool is and will always be a fun, fascinating game; and competitive if you are up for it!

High Performance Accessories

As a general rule for any game, the equipment you use definitely has an effect on the game. They not only affect your comfort level and how you play but also the outcomes of the game. This is why equipment of excellent quality is a must, especially if you are a serious player or want to become one.

Billiards is no different either. Anyone looking for a proper game of pool will certainly want to own top-notch equipment. The want for high quality equipment applies to the tables, pool balls, pool cues, pool cue tips, chalk and the rest. This essentially makes sure that your chances of winning increase substantially.

While most of the named equipment are important for the game, many of us tend to overlook or completely forget the pool cue tips! Each and every shot that you make is greatly dependent on the type and standard of the cue tip used.

In simple words, starting from how fast your shots are, how they spin down to the precision of your shots, all of that is controlled by the pool cue tips. The force that you exert is channeled through this very tip. This is why pool experts repeatedly recommend going for the best and most practical tip in the market.

However, to actually understand which pool cue tip is the best and choose one that is the right fit for you, you need to learn more about the type of cue tips that are retailed and how they affect your game. So, without further ado, let us jump to that.

Top 6 Pool Cue Tips of 2021

  1. Predator Victory Medium Cue Tip
  2. Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip
  3. Kamui Original Laminated Billiard Cue Tip
  4. Kamui Clear Original Super Soft Pool Cue Tip
  5. Tiger Everest Laminated Pool Cue Tip
  6. CUESOUL Pool Cue Tip

1. Predator Victory Medium Cue Tip Review

Predator Victory Medium Pool Cue Tip
  • Sizes: 14mm
  • Hardness: Soft, Medium, & Hard

If you are a fan of incredible spins or “English” but are also in search of a low maintenance cue tip, then the Predator Victory Medium Cue Tip is the way to go. Being a medium tip, the semi-soft features allow for those great spins and the hard part allows zero mushrooming or misshaping.

Additionally, each and every shot played is exactly what you want it to be – precise, controlled. They both happen to be characteristics of a soft tip but with advantages of a hard tip to balance the cons of a soft tip. As a surprise gift, you will also find that most of your strikes are uniform when using this particular tip.

All these qualities listed above about the eight-layer cue tip was from customers themselves. All of them were incredibly happy with their purchase and we do not see why you should miss out on such a cue tip!

Built with leather of supreme quality, the cue tips’ eight layers make sure that the shape remains intact. Not to mention being able to retain optimum compression throughout the lifespan of the tip is yet another essential feature of the Predator Victory Medium Cue tip.

Further, we have seen that the tip with its vastly contrasting yellow colored body guarantees that the tip will be easily noticeable even when there is less light or when they have been dimmed.

Last but not least, as manufacturer, Predator made sure to do quality check tests that too by professional pool players! If that is not a sign of a magnificent pool cue tip, then we do not know what is! To be honest, with all these advantageous features on display, we think the product speaks for itself.

Whether you choose to go for it or not depends entirely on you!

Click the buttons below to see the current prices and more information. Each Button is labeled for the appropriate cue tip hardness.

2. KAMUI Clear Black Cue Tip Review

Kamui Clear Black Cue Tip
  • Sizes: 14mm
  • Hardness: Super Soft, Soft, Medium, & Hard

One of KAMUI’s best creations to date is the clear black pool cue tip. With this tip, we can understand how consistent KAMUI is as a brand, repeatedly producing equipment that makes its place on everyone’s ‘favorites’ lists. From being able to make precise shots in order to pocket balls, the black is an upgrade from the original in that this provides more elasticity than the former.

Not just that, you get those much-coveted, flawless spins, precision as well as those clear-cut position plays, all in one cue tip. Moreover, the KAMUI clear black cue tip is also excellent at delivering powerful strikes – quality that is always welcome in a game of pool.

This tip comes in 4 varying stages of firmness to select from – super soft, soft, medium and hard. This gives you free reign to pick those that suit your play the best or one you prefer the most. The size is 14mm and suits almost all large cue tips.

Like its counterparts, black clear tips’ last layers soak up very little glue, ensuring consistent moves. You will also not face any trouble while fixing it to your cue end because of the evenness of the ‘glue side’. The evenness also makes sure you need not use extra adhesive. Overall, the glue-factor paired with the strictly lined up layers promise enhanced performance from the pool cue tip.

In this case too, we suggest you go for liquid base super glue in lieu of the gel formula. The reason is the same – the gel will take an unbelievable amount of time to dry, and the cue and tip will not adhere to one another properly.

Our final verdict is that it is not very different from the original but just as good!

3. KAMUI Original Laminated Pool Cue Tip Review

Kamui Original Laminated Pool Cue Tip
  • Sizes: 12mm, 12.5mm, 13mm, & 14mm
  • Hardness: Super Soft, Soft, & Hard

The fourth member on the list is a KAMUI pool cue tip once again. This laminated tip is a twist on the clear original, mainly to develop its quality by manifolds. Much has remained the same – they still use pigskin leather of the best standard, the tips are hardy and consistent in how they work.

However, the wow factor introduced here is that they somehow managed to improve their already quality product. Previously, the leather used was left vulnerable to seasonal changes and weather changes, especially during an increase in humidity. These factors made the tip lose points for performance after regular use, in terms of durability and elasticity.

But this new version faces no such problem. KAMUI brought unique changes to their leather tanning process which has made these tips more heavy-duty than ever.

Now, your shots will be precise as always and your cue ball will still travel long distances but with added protection. In this case too, you do not have to worry much about the ten-layer tip mushrooming, getting damaged and the like. You get all the benefits of the original and then some more!

4. KAMUI Clear Original Pool Cue Tip Review

Kamui Clear Original Pool Cue Tip
  • Sizes: 13mm & 14mm
  • Hardness: Super Soft, Soft, & Hard

Just like the former two brands, KAMUI is a master at creating cue tips of the finest quality being one of the leading businesses in its field. The KAMUI clear original layered pool cue stick tip is a classic used by people all over the world.

The original clear tip by KAMUI comes in 13mm or 14mm leather, constructed with 8 layers of pigskin leather in total. All materials used are top-notch and they come with plenty of advantages that other tips of this type in the market do not.

The first of those advantages would be the fact that the last layers of the tip are not at all inclined to absorbing the glue used which plays a big role in making your shots uniform. Additionally, when you are using this super soft tip, you will not be required to sand or smooth out the bottommost layer. How convenient is that for maintenance?

All KAMUI pool cue tips are known to be easily installable and the same goes for KAMUI clear original one too, especially since the layers are clear and the ‘glue side’ is even. Moreover, since we are dealing with very little glue here, not only will it be easy to install, the layers will line up beautifully.

If you have used this tip, this is the mystery behind those perfect shots, the kind where you see both desired results and performance that is characteristic of a super soft tip.

Avoid making use of gel-based glues for installation. They have a thick consistency which stretches out the drying time and the tip and cue barely stick together. For best results, we recommend using liquid base superglues which allow the super soft tips to be glued on properly.

Besides all this as per customer review, chalk holds nicely to this tip and the tip itself is likely to last for a long time without mushrooming much, even though it is a super soft one. This speaks volumes about the product, one everyone should try.

5. Tiger Everest Laminated Billiard Cue Tip Review

Tiger Everest Laminated Billiard Cue Tip
  • Sizes: 13mm & 14mm
  • Hardness: Soft/Medium

Tiger is yet another brand that knows how to manufacture a good pool cue tip and has gained much attention for it. Tiger Everest is one such product of theirs that has everything packed into a single tip – it has the structure of a hard tip, you get precise shots like those from a medium tip and fantastic control from the soft one!

There are two sizes available for this cue tip – 13 mm and 14 mm both of which are made from pigskin of top quality. At first, the best layers are chosen which are then split. After that, these split layers undergo yet another selection process from which the most long-lasting and smooth 10 layers are picked for the tip. This step is followed by vacuum laminating with the VACULAM process to create one of the classiest cue tips on earth.

As a dutiful manufacturer, they of course put every single one of their cue tips to the test. So, every tip that you purchase has passed its test for consistency, firmness and quality. Even the final red layer that you see has a special purpose – it will notify you when it is time to change the tip.

It is a virtually ideal cue tip not only ideal for striking but also breaking! However, you may have to cut or trim it to as you see fit when you are fixing it to your cue. Nonetheless, it is a great tip for playing pool and there is no doubt about it.

6. CUESOUL Pool Cue Tip/Snooker Cue Tip Review

CUESOUL Pool Cue Tip
  • Sizes: 14mm
  • Hardness: Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard, Double Hard

CUESOUL is a brand well-known in the billiards industry for the fantastic equipment that they produce. But what people really rave about is their pool cue tips. Made in Japan with pigskin leather of the finest quality, nobody doubts that they are among the best in the billiard market.

Going a step further, they offer customers four firmness levels to choose from and a size of 14mm:

Soft: For those that want ultimate control over their pool balls that comes from the spin. With this tip, you will get precise hits like no other.

Medium: With this tip, you will not only be able to channel more power but your shots too will be controlled and accurate to a fault.

The other two types are ‘mixed hardness’ – both types showcase a mixture of both the soft tips and hard tips which allows you to play in a certain way.

Apart from the generous variety to pick from, you will also be happy to know that the tips from CUESOUL are easily installable, whether you decide to screw them on or opt for gluing. What is even better is that if you also a fan of snooker, these cue tips can double as snooker cue tips. Just that you will have some sharpening to do to bring it to shape.

Other than all that, billiard chalk takes well to CUESOUL pool cue tips and the durability is excellent as well. Since they are durable, they are low-maintenance too – the shape barely changes.

So, with all this merit on hand – the quality, construction, functionality, option for multi-use – there is no reason to skip out on such a great purchase. However, said purchase does tend to be costly but trust us, it will be worth the price once you start using it.


With that, we conclude our list of the “Best Pool Cue Tips of 2021”. Every single product listed here is a gem on its own. We have neither embellished their reputation nor tried to exaggerate their value. All these cue tips happen to be the best in the market, and thus they made it into the list, showing off all their merits. If you decide to get any from this lot, we can assure you that you will not be disheartened with your purchase!

Cue Tips Buyers’ Guide– Their Types and How Cue Tip Hardness Influences Your Shots

When you are trying to find the ideal pool cue tip, the firmness or density of the tip should be the feature you need to consider the most. Though the size, material used the manufacturing process matters, the firmness happens to the focal point.

As far as cue tips go, there are three main categories – soft, medium and hard. In addition, we have also got a few subcategories and mixtures of the two categories. However, only knowing the key categories will be enough for you to get the concept of how the tips differ and work.


Up first, we have the soft cue tips. Unlike a hard tip, when you use a soft tip to shoot, you will notice that the tip lingers or stays in contact with the cue ball an instant longer in comparison to the firmer one. This is because the more soft the tip, the more it will absorb the impact of the shot. Under the soft tip, you will see the cue ball perform an “English”, where it tends to spin more than normal.

Furthermore, cue tips that are soft are more prone to getting deformed – upon regular use, they could quickly lose their circular shape, or the tip could protrude out the ferrule giving way to some serious mushrooming. Thus, you will have to put in extra time and effort into their care to keep them in good condition.

Anyone who is a fan of that extra spin and putting the cue ball to good work will definitely like using soft cue tips. But we must give a fair warning – you will find yourself shaping and trimming your cue tip more often than not. In addition to that, you should know that soft tips have to be changed fairly often or whenever the need arises, as a result of the extra care given to them.

If you do not mind these minor hiccups, go ahead and give soft cue tips a shot.


Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned player, you can never go wrong with a medium cue tip. As the name suggests, it sits between the soft and hard tip, harboring qualities of them both. You get the best of both worlds so to speak – the accuracy of the soft tip and the consistent nature of the hard tip. You will have ultimate control over the cue ball, and your play will be even throughout the game.

Also, as they are only partially soft, you will not see them getting disfigured or start mushrooming any time soon. Hence, maintenance will not turn out to be a tiresome task for you or anyone else for that matter as these tips are hardier.

Since medium tips seem to sustain all these good qualities, tips such as these are the ‘standard’ tips offered by manufacturers. They are the easiest to get your hands on owing to their standard status.


As you can tell, hard tips are basically the opposites of soft tips. You will never see them linger on the ball as they do not tend to absorb the impacts from your shots. Understandably, your cue ball will not be spinning as much and your shots will be steady and uniform.

However, the downside here is that though the shots are steady, you are more likely to miscue (unable to strike the ball correctly) using a hard tip.

One point you should definitely take into account here is the maintenance needed (which is not remotely close to what you would need for soft tips!). Hard tips are more durable and do not need to be shaped or trimmed much at all. There is also no need for constant replacement of tips that work in the player’s favor, saving time, money, and effort.

Phenolic tips

This kind of tip has too acquired the ‘standard’ status as it happens to be the most commonly used breaking cue tip. It is hard as it is made from phenolic resin which makes the firmness of the tip and balls a close competitor.

Nonetheless, this tip is perfect for break shots that need to be delivered as close to the cue ball’s center as possible. Using this, there is barely any room for miscuing and we can assure you that your strike will be even, firm and effortless.

The best part about this tip is that it delivers those perfect shots by allowing to channel the most amount of force through it. Also, the amount of care it will need is next to zilch. Hence, they will be the most suitable addition to your cue tip box.

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