Best Jump Break Cue Reviews 2024

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Billiard is a quintessential sport in the world of entertainment. Some people play it as a hobby, some play to pass their time, and some practice pool to satiate their passion. Among these various types of players, some people go the extra mile to become known and reputed word-class billiard players. 

Albeit the sport seems easy superficially, it is in fact, quite a tough sport to play. Billiards is a game that requires the contribution of both the body and mind. You have to concentrate enough to aim well and highly focus on your target along with smart planning and strategy to shoot the correct shot. 

Not to mention, you also need to input physical dexterity to win the game, by hitting, leaning, and maneuvring properly. It is truly a game made for the legends. 

However, surely you will agree that for a true billiard enthusiast, just understanding the know-how of the game is not enough. A true fan of pool will gather data to dig out deep information regarding the game’s history, evolution, variations, and also detailed information about the accessories that are needed to play pool. 

Speaking of accessories, there exist many. You will require chalk, racks, a cue balls, a set of balls, brush, cue sticks, and a billiard table to name a few. 

Among these, having the right cue stick is of paramount importance. This will dictate the nature of your game and whether you will be crowned as the winner or not. More so, did you know that there are several types of cue sticks that are available today? 

Not all pool cue sticks are the same, there are several variants. Furthermore, you must have the right cue stick to play the right game immaculately. There are cues that work best for certain parts of the game and there are cues of varying levels and prices. Some cue sticks are designed for amateurs, some for learners, and some are suitable for professional players. 

Some of the types of pool cue sticks include dedicated jump cues, dedicated break cues, and combined jump break cues. Among these, some will likely give you better control whereas others will give you the explosive reaction that you desire after hitting the cue ball. 

Which Cue Should You Get?

All shots in billiard are not equal, but most require utmost proficiency while hitting the cue ball. One way to ensure that is to have a good grip on your cue stick. So, in order to meet the diversified needs of each shot in pool, a variety of pool cue sticks exist.

In this article, we are focused on jump break cues. So, the commonly available billiard cue sticks for these tasks are dedicated jump cues, dedicated break cues, and combined jump break cues.

Now do not let these names confuse you! In order to be a pro in the game, you have to be adept enough to distinguish between these three types of pool cue sticks. So before diving into your next match, let’s familiarize ourselves with the various types of pool cues.

Jump cues serve a special purpose and a specific function. Some distinguishing features of jump cues include their short length, lightweight, and hard phenolic tip. These features exist to provide you with a good jump action upon hitting the cue ball.

The shorter length allows you to hit down on the cue ball while still having a solid grip, control, and leverage on your stick.

You will also get a better rebound height off the table slate after hitting, giving you maximum action. The stiff shaft, lightweight, and hard tip all combine to provide you with a superior grip and faster cue speed.

A jump cue stick will also help you maintain a less forward post-hit cue speed.

On the other hand, a break cue features a thick shaft, short ferrule, and a hard phenolic tip. So, you might be thinking, where does the difference stand?

Well, the main difference between a jump cue and a break cue lies in the weight and height, as break cues are often heavier and longer compared to jump cues.

The features between the two pool cues are very similar because they serve similar purposes. Both have a construction that is suitable to accommodate the powerful force that is used while breaking and jumping, helping you strike the cue ball with maximum force.

What is a Jump Break Cue?

A jump break cue is a pool cue stick formed by combining the features of both break cues and jump cues. This allows you to enjoy the functionalities of both jump cues and break cues without having to carry multiple cues for a match.

Typically, jump break cues are 3 piece pool cues. The shaft is similar to a normal 2 piece pool cue but the butt is split into 2 pieces. The first attachment makes up the jump pool cue. The second part of the butt makes it into a full length cue which is used for breaking. This gives you a versatile option for breaking and jumping.

However, since the cues are combined, they aren’t specialized for each purpose. So, a dedicated jump cue or dedicated break cue may perform better.

In this article, we will mainly focus on the best jump break cues for sale today.

The Best Jump Break Cues of 2021

  1. Katana KATBj01 Break Jump Pool Cue
  2. Cuetec Cues – Cuetec 296 Jump Break Pool Cue
  3. Players JB528 Jump Break Cue
  4. Action Cues – Zebra Sneaky Pete Jump Break Cue
  5. Players Cues – JB5 Midnight Black Break Jump Cue
  6. McDermott Stinger Cues – NG08
  7. 25oz RAGE Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue
  8. McDermott Stinger Cues – NG07
  9. McDermott Stinger Cues – NG05
  10. Action Cues – Black Break Jump Cue
  11. McDermott Jump Break Cues – 58in Star S2
  12. AB Earth Heavy 3-Piece Jump Break Cue
  13. Purex Cues – HXT-P1

1. Katana Break Jump Pool Cue Review – KATBj01

Katana Break Jump Pool Cue


  • Low deflection shaft
  • Optimal tip  
  • Ergonomic design 


  • Not suitable for all level of players

First up is this amazing jump break pool cue from Katana. This jump break cue made by Katana is known for its sturdy construction and low deflection shaft, which is different from other common break jump cues.  

The shaft of this pool cue stick measures 13mm and features a 10-piece radial construction. This means you will have a more consistent shot with lower deflection. This feature is common in all Katana j/b cues.    

As for the assemblage of other parts, the tip has an optimum size of 12.5 mm. This smaller tip will allow you better english control on your breaks. The tip is made of black G10 materials. This provides excellent shock-absorbing capabilities so that you can conquer your game with ease. The ferrule is also comparatively shorter than other pool cue sticks and measures 3/8 inches.  

Furthermore, the wrap of this Katana pool cue has an ergonomic design that features a poly sword style. You can avail all these amazing features at an affordable price and with a one-year manufacturer’s warranty against product defects too. 

To find out more information about this product, click on the button below. 

2. Cuetec 296 Jump Break Cue Stick Review


  • Stylish outlook 
  • Warp, dent, ding and scratch resistant 
  • Maximum jump control 


  • Suitable for professionals
  • Weight options 

The renowned billiards brand Cuetec needs no introduction as they never fail to deliver top-notch quality and durability. This Cuetec jump break cue is no different. This billiard cue stick measures 58 inches in length to give a strong grip and the best leverage for breaking. It is a three piece cue where the joint collar is made of stainless steel and is very easy to attach and detach.  

The tip of this Cuetec break jump cue is made of the brand’s signature Tiger Everest ten-layer pigskin that is facilitated with a replacement indicator layer. This will give you the optimal bounce and precision upon hitting the cue ball. Furthermore, the trim rings and butt cap are also made with stainless steel. 

Keeping up with Cuetec’s standards, this pool cue features a super slim shaft that is made with the best quality fiberglass, which is then bonded with maple wood and has a smooth finish. This Cuetec jump break cue stick is not only functional but looks modish as well. The bottom part is black with a lustrous shine whereas the upper half of the shaft features a matte white color. 

The Cuetec 296 jump break cue stick is available in various weights ranging from 18-21 ounces, which will allow you to pick a weight that will best suit your needs. Many people like heavier weights on their break cue. So, it also utilizes their Acueweight weight-adjustment system for easy incremental weight adjustment later on.    

For more information regarding this Cuetec jump break cue, click on the button below. 

Sold out

3. Players Jump Break Pool Cue Review – JB528

Players Jump Break Pool Cue


  • Robust construction 
  • Ergonomic design 
  • Superior grip
  • Heavy for breaking 


  • Very heavy 
  • larger tip

Players jump break cues are another brand of pool cues that are loaded with the best features. As for this one, it not only comes with useful features but it is also a great looking pool cue. It is painted in a subtle midnight black color with an overall matte black wrap that looks amazing and stylish.

This jump break cue is also created with a robust construction inside as it is made with hard rock fine grade maple wood that meets North American standards. Additionally, the pool cue comes with a lifetime guarantee that covers warpage amongst other things. The ferrule also has a lifetime guarantee against cracking and chipping. So, you don’t have to worry about the long term durability of your cue.

The tip of the Players jump break cue is also well-built as it is formed of a Bakelite tip that is super hard and measures 14mm in width. The wider tip may take away from your english control on your break and jump shots.

Along with the tip, the ferrule is made to have a powerful impact that absorbs maximum shock. Furthermore, the matte black finish on the butt provides for a stable and sturdy grip. 

Along with all these amazing features, the joint of the pool cue stick has a custom turbo lock that can be quickly released and also provides a secure fit. The highly glossy super UV finish on the billiard jump break cue prevents any sort of damage or warping. However, this jump break cue is very heavy to play with as it measures 28 ounces. The weight can be a pro for breaking but it can make the stick harder to handle, especially when jumping the ball.

To view the Players jump break cue in more detail, click on the button that follows. 

4. Action Jump Break Cue Review – Zebra

Action Jump Break Cue


  • Sleek and ergonomic design 
  • Quick release joint 
  • Unique Sneaky Pete design 


  • light in weight

This Action Sneaky Pete jump break cue features an elegant sneaky Pete design that looks clean but subtle. It is not only designed to look good but it is built for strength and durability as well, featuring a robust assemblage. Albeit it is made of strong and sturdy wood, this billiard jump break cue has an ergonomic and non-slippery exterior and design so that you have the utmost ease while playing with it.

The construction of this Action jump break pool cue includes fine quality hard rock maple wood complete with a pro-taper finishing. The phenolic tip is made with standard materials and will provide you with the perfect bounce upon hitting. Using this pool cue stick, you will not be disappointed with the tip. 

The makers of this action cue surely understand the struggle players like you face while attaching and detaching the two parts of a pool cue stick. Thus, this one features a quick-release joint with jump break joint rings, which will allow you to attach and release the joint with a simple push. 

You can get this Action j/b cue with a bold design and quality craftsmanship within an affordable price. This offers great value for money and is suitable for all levels of players, be it, beginners or professionals.          

If you want this Action jump break cue to be a part of your arsenal, click on the button below.  

5. Midnight Black Players Jump Break Cue Review – JB5

Midnight Black Players Jump Break Cue


  • Slip-free grip 
  • Modish outlook 
  • Bakelite tip 
  • Price


  • No available joint protectors 
  • Tip may be too large for some players

Players pool cues make some of the world’s best jump break cues and this one is just another example. This is a standard looking pool cue stick with no fancy design, and yet it looks elegant featuring a black demeanor. On the other side, the top part has a light wood color with a wooden texture. 

In order to give you a non-slip gaming experience, the shaft contains a coating of slip-free genuine Irish linen wrap. This adds an edge and elegance to its appearance and will also provide you with complete control while holding the pool cue stick. 

It contains a joint that is designed to serve supreme functionality. The wood-to-wood joint contains a couple of turbo lock quick release pins. These not only warrant easy detachment but will also provide you with a medium soft hit that has the right amount of force.    

Furthermore, the tip is made of super hard Bakelite material is perfect for a crushing break or high jump. The Players jump break cue truly offers ease of gaming along with a scope for you to display your outstanding skills.   

When it comes to pool cue sticks, it is not one size fits all. Thus, this JB pool cue is available in seven sizes ranging from 18-21 ounces in half ounce increments. Finally, you can avail all these features at an affordable price along with a lifetime warranty. 

To view more information about this particular jump break cue, click on the button below. 

6. McDermott Stinger 8 NG08 Review

McDermott Stinger 8 NG08 Cue


  • Superior grip 
  • Sweet sized spot 
  • Ergonomic design 


  • Tip may be too large for some players
  • Price

This is one of the world’s best jump break cues from McDermott. It is loaded with functions and features that will aid you to deliver your best performance while breaking and jumping. McDermott stinger cues have features that are atypical for any ordinary break jump cue.   

The shaft of this McDermott jump break cue is what sets it apart from other models. The shaft features a stinger graphic overlay that is a patented design of McDermott. This will ensure you have a sturdy and stable grip all throughout your game. 

Furthermore, the tip of the McDermott NG08 is also something noteworthy. This phenolic tip has a sweet size and measures 13.25mm in width. McDermott stinger cues feature a tip that is flatter compared to other j/b cues. This warrants that you never miss a shot and that you can aim perfectly each time. 

McDermott NG08 also has a perfect size and weight measuring 19 ounces. However, as it is compatible with McDermott’s adjustable weight system, you can alter the weight in half-ounce increments or decrements. 

Furthermore, this McDermott break jump cue is fashionably designed painted with matte black color. This defines style and is sure to suit your personality as well.

Lastly, it also has a quick-release jump point where the main joint has a phenolic insert.  

If you would like to learn more about this McDermott jump break cue click the button below. 

7. RAGE Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue Review

Rage Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue


  • Quick joint release 
  • Slip-free handle
  • Modish design  
  • Very Heavy


  • Very heavy (Pro & Con)

If you are looking for an affordable pool jump break cue that is also loaded with useful features, then this is the one for you. It is a 3-piece pool cue stick that measures 25 ounces, which is significantly heavier than a typical pool cue stick. Thus, it is not the best pick for all sort of players.  

Apart from that, the tip of this RAGE break jump cue is designed to give you the best outcome. It contains an extra hard Bakelite tip that measures 14mm. This enormous size will give you better control over the cue ball during your game. Additionally, you can seamlessly aim for explosive breaks and shots with effortless jumps. 

The two parts of this billiard jump break cue are attached with a dual turbo lock that offers a quick and effortless joint release. With the inclusion of this feature, you can attach and detach the two halves with ease. Alongside, the entire shaft has a coating of professional taper.      

Furthermore, this RAGE heavy hitter jump break cue is designed to perfection that is available in five solid colors, which are silver, blue, black, red, and hot pink for you to make a pick suiting your personality. The handles are matte and wrap-free so that you experience better slip stroking. 

To learn more and see the price of this jump break cue click the button below.

8. The McDermott NG07 Stinger Review

McDermott NG07 Stinger Cue


  • Stable and sturdy grip 
  • No-wrap handle 
  • Patented stinger technology 


  • Not suitable for all types of players

This is another great jump break stick from McDermott stinger cues. It has a perfect weight measuring in at 19 ounces. Along with this, it has a gigantic sweet spot that will ensure you have maximum control and can hit the targeted cue ball precisely every time. 

McDermott stinger cues are made of a special stinger stem that moves downwards via a hole that is located at the center of the ferrule. This design will seamlessly allow you to hit precisely and efficiently without failure. Upon hitting the cue ball with McDermott NG07’s phenolic cue tip that measures 13.25mm, the shock travels down through the stinger stem and then contains the shock in the middle of the shaft.

The design of this shaft is a patented technology of McDermott where the main joint contains a phenolic insert. This feature along with the perfectly sized cue tip takes away your worries of hitting at the wrong spot.  

McDermott NG07 is easily recognizable due to its signature graphic overlay, which not only looks great but will also provide you with a superior slip-free grip. This no-wrap handle also has a quick release jump point. 

If you want to know more about this product follow the button below. 

9. McDermott Stinger NG05 Break Jump Cue w/G Core Shaft Review

McDermott Stinger NG05 Break Jump Cue


  • Lightweight 
  • Unique design 
  • Anti-warpage 
  • Lifetime warranty 


  • Case is not included 
  • Price

This is another masterpiece from the collection of McDermott’s stinger cues. The appearance of this jump break cue deserves some praise as it is one of a kind. The bottom part of the shaft features a shiny and lustrous black with white speck designs whereas the top half features a black overlay design. This unique outlook will truly speak volumes about your personality.   

The shaft of a pool cue stick is what defines its overall functionality and this McDermott NG05 features a special G-core shaft that measures 12.75mm in length. This is a patented stinger shaft that includes a stinger stem that has excellent shock-absorbing capabilities. After you hit the cue ball using its phenolic tip, the shock travels straight down to the center of the ferrule. 

Furthermore, the McDermott NG05 jump cue has a very light and airy weight that was made by keeping an ergonomic design in mind. The lightweight jump handle is perfect to aim close jump shots and will ensure that too much strain does not fall on your hands and arms after playing for extended hours. 

Although this McDermott break jump cue is 19 ounces in weight, you can customize the weight according to your ease and requirements. 

To attain more information on this McDermott jump break cue click on the button below. 

10. Action Break Jump Cue w/ Ergonomic Trigger Jump Handle Review

Action Break Jump Cue


  • Robust construction 
  • Fashionable outlook 
  • Quick release joints  
  • Heavy


  • Short in length 
  • Heavy

This is another one of the best jump break pool cues that has a robust and sturdy construction to assure you longevity and durability. This pool cue stick is made with fine quality hard rock maple and measures 29 inches in length and 26 ounces in weight. The stout and durable construction will last for years to come.     

The Action jump break cue has one of the best shafts available that is coated with a 10-12 inches pro-taper with a brass insert and is complete with a shiny black finish and reverse taper. Despite being shiny and lustrous in appearance, it features a non-slippery design so that you have a superior grip all throughout the game.

Additionally, this Action cue features a quick-release joint so that you can use it easily. As for the tip of the pool cue stick, the red phenolic tip with a white phenolic pad measures 13.55mm in width that will give you contact with a wide surface area. This assures that you may have superior consistency and will make it easy for even beginners to use. 

The handle features an ergonomic design that will give you the opportunity to play with ease and boast your skills as well. This billiard jump break cue comes in a single piece and is most suitable to play snooker.  

To view this product in more detail, click on the following button. 

11. McDermott Break Jump Pool Cue Review – 58in Star S2

McDermott Break Jump Pool Cue


  • Robust construction
  • Modern design 
  • Lightweight and ergonomic 


  • No joint protectors are provided 

This is another one from McDermott in our list of the world’s best jump break cues. This McDermott j/b cue has the optimum length and weight so that you can enjoy your game of pool without any obstacles. It measures 58 inches in length and weighs 19 ounces, which means you can play pool with maximum ease and flair.  

Along with that, it has a robust and sturdy construction as it is made with the finest quality hard rock maple. The strong assemblage and interior ensures longevity and will guarantee that your pool cue stick lasts for generations. Other than that, it contains a wood-to-wood joint and a heavy gauge stainless steel pin.  

Where the shaft is made of hard rock maple, the ferrule and tip are made of black carbon fiber. This makes the ferrule extremely rigid and the tip exceptionally strong. The strength of the tip will create an explosive yet controllable reaction upon being hit with the cue ball.      

It does not go without saying that your choice of pool cue defines your personality. McDermott takes care of this factor and thus this cue is designed to steal attention. The silver rings on both ends of the shiny black shaft and the fleck design on the lower half of the shaft complete the look.    

To view more information for your assessment, click on the following button. 

12. AB Earth Heavy 3-Piece Jump Break Cue Review

AB Earth Heavy Hitter Jump Break Cue


  • Hard fiber tip
  • Stainless steel joints for easy detachment 
  • Variety of weight options
  • Price


  • Reports of warped sticks on arrival

Next in our list of jump break cue reviews is this superb one from AB Earth. It is the perfect combination of peak functionality and superior design. This combination break & jump cue contains one pool break cue that measures 58 inches and one jump cue measuring 41 inches. 

Both the pool cues feature a lean and well balanced shaft that is easy to play with. The break cue has a double pressed Irish linen wrap that will provide you with the ultimate grip while holding this cue pool stick. This will warrant that you have a sturdy and stable grip along with full control over your game.   

On the other hand, the jump cue is made of fine grade wood with Canadian maple shaft. Both the cue sticks contain stainless steel joints that will offer you with easy attachment and detachment procedures along with setting aside the probability of rusting. Furthermore, the tip is made of hard fiber that will warrant you are the ruler of the game.

Alongside, the couple of pool cues also look very stylish. The wooden jump cue has a matte and rustic outlook whereas the break cue has a shiny and black exterior. Both the pool cue sticks feature the signature silver rings design of AB earth.    

I’d note that there are some reviews on Amazon that mention that the cues were curved (warped) on arrival. It’s possible the time of the year and heat conditions when shipping caused this, but it’s worth noting before buying this cue.

To view more product details and information, click on the button below. 

13. Purex Jump Break Pool Cue Review – HXT-P1

Purex Jump Break Pool Cue


  • HXT low deflection technology shaft 
  • Lifetime warranty against warpage
  • Superior technology grip  


  • Terrible reviews
  • Broken tips
  • Poor shipping and handling

This Purex jump break cue is undoubtedly a beast as it is packed with the latest technology. Starting with the shaft, this pool cue features an HXT technology shaft that has a low deflection and measures 12.75mm in length. It is also available in sizes ranging from 18-21 ounces with half-inch increments so that you can select the size that best suits your playing style. 

The joint collar is made of carbon fiber and can be released easily thank to three quick-release turbo lock joint pins. Using this, you can interchange among the options with ease and pick the one that you need at a given time. 

Furthermore, the lower half of the shaft is designed in a manner to give you optimum grip. This section is famously known as the multizone grip wrap. To ensure stable and consistent hold, it features three distinct traction zones. This part comprises of sweat channels, smooth contouring, and super traction.  

The sweat channels will comply with you, giving you sturdiness and control even when your hands are sweaty. The light traction and smooth contouring on the surface will provide you with a lighter feel. Lastly, the super traction will prevent unnecessary hand torque and thus cancel out unwanted spins.  

While this cue is a beast, I don’t know if I would buy this product through Amazon because they have had some problems in shipping and customer service. Multiple people have reported receiving damaged sticks. There’s also a couple reports of the stick becoming easily damaged.

Clicking on the button below will provide you with further information on this product. 

Buyer’s Guide: How to choose the best jump break cue

Although the extensive jump break cue reviews above have already provided you with a lot of knowledge regarding what to look for when selecting the best break jump pool cue, you still need to follow a detailed buying guide before making your purchase. You must consider the following factors whilst making a pick of the best jump break pool cue for yourself. 

Even though there are several other factors to consider, this burying guide only includes the most important ones for your ease.    


The shaft of billiard jump break cues are what form most of the structure of the pool cue and thus it plays a pivotal role. The length of the pool cue dictates the ease and flair that you can expect in a game of billiard. As for the shaft, if it is 13mm in length then you are good to go. Some are smaller and some are larger but 13mm is a pretty balanced middle ground.

The exterior of the shaft is as important as the interior. While the interior requires a robust build-up, the exterior must be ergonomically designed. This will ensure that less strain and pressure befalls on your arms and muscles while playing and you can continue your game for a longer period of time.


The material of the body of your chosen pool jump break cue also plays a crucial role while making your selection of the best jump break pool stick. You have two primary options, which are wood and fiberglass. There are not too many jump break cues that are made of carbon fiber but that is an option too. If you select wood, then make sure it is made of the finest quality maple wood. 

The material also decides the weight of the billiard jump break cue. Some high-performance pool cue sticks tend to be very heavy, going up to 28 ounces. Although professional players can handle this weight with ease, it is not something that is suitable for everyone. Having a heavy cue for breaking can allow for a stronger hit.

According to most people, the optimal weight lies somewhere in between 17-21 ounces for a normal shooting stick. I’d recommend a jump break cue ranging from 20-25 ounces, depending on what you can handle.

Some manufacturers now offer the option of adjusting the weight according to your requirements. Thus, choose your break jump pool cue wisely, perhaps after test playing.    

Ferrule and Tip 

The ferrule and tip are two crucial elements of the construction of pool jump break cues. A ferrule is what joins the tip of the cue with the rest of the shaft. This can be either made of plastic or metal and thus you should select accordingly.  

The tip is highly imperative in deciding the flow and control of your game. Large, sweet sized tips that are hard provide a greater amount of consistency while hitting the cue ball. On the other hand, a smaller tip allows better cue ball control and english. So, if you aren’t familiar with different tip sizes, I’d recommend choosing somewhere in the middle between 13 & 13.55mm.  


It is of great importance that you possess a strong and sturdy grip throughout the game. Having a good grip will provide you with great control and enable you to flaunt your skills. This will also help you avoid any miscues and unnecessary spins. 

Furthermore, the design and material of the grip handle should be of the finest quality. Rubber handles or another material that is sweat-resistant and comfortable is ideal. The design and outlay of the handle, and sweat channels are some factors that you must look out for. These factors will provide better traction and grip.   

Additional Technology 

Nowadays, several advanced technological features are integrated within pool cues and in many cases, these features can help improve your game. Starting with the tip, the best materials for a tip on jump break cues consist of Bakelite or phenolic. These provide the pool cue stick with an explosive response upon being hit. 

Apart from that, shock absorbing technology is also a vital factor that your pool jump break cue must include. This will help you absorb the shock attained by hitting hard in an efficient way. Stinger technology is also desirable which collects the shock accumulated in the tip and then drags it down to the shaft. Thus minimizing the vibrations.   

Why Choose A Combined Jump Break Cue Over A Dedicated Jump or Break Cue? 

It is a widely accepted fact that dedicated products are better than combined products. A dedicated jump cue or break cue solely focuses to serve the functionality of it’s specific task and ensures the task is done appropriately.  

On the other hand, a combined jump break cue will also try to fulfill other criteria that are expected from a dedicated pool cue stick. However, it is difficult for a combined one to be able to out perform since it has to function in multiple scenarios. Therefore, to attain the best jump break pool cue, we suggest you opt for a dedicated break cue and jump cue over a combined jump break cue.     

Many pool players don’t need the best of the best when it comes to a jump or break cue. So, for the average player it would be best to get a combined break jump cue rather than 2 separate sticks. The two separate cues will typically cost more than a combined 1 since you have to buy 2.

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