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Best Bike Lights For Fixed Gear Bikes 2024 | Fixie 101

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best front and rear bike lights

Other than riding without a helmet, riding your bike at night without a bike light is probably one of the most dangerous things you can do when it comes to cycling! Most people think the light is so they can see, but in reality, it’s even more important that people are able to see you. The number of people that are hit by cars while cycling is ridiculous and riding without a bike light just makes those chances even higher.

In addition to that when you’re riding a fixed gear, especially brakeless, it can be difficult to maneuver at the last second, so you should get 1 of the best bike lights for your fixed gear so, people see you early on so you don’t have to react as fast.

When I Use My Lights

Whenever I’m riding, I either have my light turned on or my light with me to turn on when I’m not on a bike path. In my hometown, we have a ton of miles of bike paths that don’t intersect with roads, so I don’t always ride with a light on. However, the second I am riding near a road I turn on my lights even if it’s not dark. During the day, I use flash mode so that it’s easier to see me since the light won’t look as bright during the day.

I used to only ride with a light at night but after having many close calls during the day where drivers didn’t see me, I’ve started riding with a daytime light.

First Hand Experience

Having a light on during the day may not be necessary but I’ve had a number of close calls where drivers didn’t see me and pulled out in front of me or hit me. A few times I’ve had to slide to avoid getting hit and a couple of times I’ve been hit but luckily I haven’t been hurt in any situations. I’ve also watched a number of pretty bad accidents tho with my friends. One driver pulled out in front of us while we were doing 30-40 mph down a hill and my friend flew over his handlebars and broke his arm. There’s no guarantee that they would have seen us if we had lights on, but our chances would’ve been better!

Top 6 Fixed Gear Bike Lights

  1. Touhuhot 4000 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Light
  2. Garmin Varia RTL515 Cycling Radar with Tail Light
  3. VASTFIRE 1000 Lumen Mountain Bike Light
  4. Bright Eyes 1600 Lumen Waterproof Bike Light
  5. Victagen 2400 Lumen Bike Light
  6. BLITZU Gator Bike Light

1. Touhuhot 4000 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Light Review

Touhuhot 400 Lumen Bike Light

The Touhuhot 4000 Lumen Rechargeable Bike Light is one of the brightest and best bike lights on Amazon that is reasonably priced. Typically when you find a light this bright, it comes with a separate battery pack to power the light which can be annoying to mount to your bike. They come with this separate battery pack so that the high brightness doesn’t kill your battery super fast. However, this light is super bright and still has incredible battery life.

Brightness & Battery Life

This light features 3 LEDs that reach up to 4,000 Lumens in total but depending on your needs, you can lower the brightness so that your lights last longer. There are 3 different brightnesses: strong, medium, and low. There are also flashing modes: fast and slow. These modes should last between 15 and 25 hours with Slow flash lasting the longest and strong bright light dying the fastest.

This light also comes with a 365 Day Money Back Guarantee, if it stops working or you aren’t satisfied within 1 year, then you can get your money back.


One cool feature about this light that I haven’t seen on many other lights is that you can charge your phone from your light. So if you’re out riding and your phone dies, as long as you have a cord with you, you can charge your phone from the light. This can be great in emergencies or when you forgot to pack an extra tube and your phone dies.

Overall this is one of the best bike lights on the market that is still reasonably priced. If you would like to learn more about this bike light, click the button below.

2. Garmin Varia Radar Review

Garmin Varia Radar

The Garmin Varia RTL515 is one of those items that you didn’t know you needed because you didn’t know it existed. When it comes to safety on urban roads, The Garmin Varia Radar Tail Light is a necessity. The Varia Radar is a tail light that also has a radar function to detect rear approaching vehicles from up to 153 yards away. It then plays an audible notification so that you can be aware of the approaching cars. This cycling radar is just another item that can make street rides safer.

Device Compatibility

The Garmin Radar pairs with certain GPS devices and smartphones to give visual and audible cues as to when a car is approaching from behind. The radar can even be paired with some cycling computers for seamless integration.

Different Models

The Garmin Radar comes in 2 versions 1 with a tail light and 1 that just detects vehicles approaching and notifies you. I personally recommend getting the 1 with the built-in tail light so that you know they’re approaching but they can also see you. The version with the tail light is a bit more expensive though. So, I can understand buying a separate tail light and just getting the radar.

Battery Life

This is a rechargeable bike light, so, you don’t have to worry about switching out batteries. The battery on the radar without the tail light will last up to 8 hours and the one with the taillight will last up to 6 hours on solid brightness and 16 hours on the daytime flash mode.

Overall, the Garmin Varia RTL515 will make your rides safer. While it may be a bit more expensive than your standard light. The Garmin Varia Radar is definitely worth it. Way too many cyclists are hit by cars every year. So, I would recommend getting a radar like this one to keep you safe.

If you would like to learn more about the Garmin Varia Radar, click the button below.

3. VASTFIRE 1000 Lumen Mountain Bike Light Review

VASTFIRE 1000 Lumen Mountain Bike Light

The VASTFIRE 1000 Lumen Mountain Bike Light is a great light! This is actually the light I’m currently using. I really like the brightness of this light and the battery lasts a decent amount of time. It doesn’t last as long as the Touhuhot, but I ride pretty long rides without the light getting to the medium battery level.


This VASTFIRE Bike Light has five different modes: Brightest, Bright, Low, Strobe, and Flashing. For most of my rides on dark trails, the low light has been more than enough but I will use the brightest to be safe if it’s very dark on the trails that I’m on. I typically use the strobe or the flashing during the day so that cars are able to see me easier.

Rear Light

The VASTFIRE Bike Light also comes with a rear light for city commuting. If you’re going to be riding in the street, a front and rear light is a necessity. I’d even say the rear light is even more important because you can’t see the cars coming at you from behind. The cars in front of you, you can at least react to if they don’t see you.

Handlebar Mount

The VASTFIRE Bike Light is an amazing bike light. The only thing I’ve had a problem with on this light is the mount, it broke on me, but I could have just got unlucky, it has tons of 5-star reviews and I don’t see anyone else saying that the mount broke on them. So, it’s up to you, the bike light itself has been amazing for me!

If you would like to learn more about the VASTFIRE Mountain Bike Light, click the button below.

4. Bright Eyes Bike Light Review (Waterproof)

Bright Eyes Bike Light

The Bright Eyes Fully Waterproof Bike Light is a great bike light for mountain biking and riding in the rain since it’s fully waterproof. I added this one to the list mainly because it’s a great waterproof light and I know some people need a bike light that can survive the elements. Especially if you live in an area where it rains a lot.

Brightness & Battery Life

This bike light is on the pricier side, but it’s understandable since it’s a very good light and waterproof. The light goes up to 1600 Lumens, so it is pretty bright too. The Bright Eyes light also has multiple output settings. on High it’ll last 4 hours, on medium, it’ll last 6 hours, and on low, it can last up to 16 hours. It also comes with an aluminum red taillight so you can be seen when riding in the street.


The Bright Eyes rechargeable bike light also comes with a lifetime warranty on the light itself and a 1-year warranty on the battery.

In addition to the great features that this light has, it also comes with some accessories that the other lights don’t come with. It comes with a helmet mount, Velcro straps, a diffuser lens, and multiple mounting bands.

This is a great waterproof bike light for your fixed gear. If you would like to learn more about this Bright Eyes Bike Light, click the button below.

5. Victagen 2400 Lumen Bike Light Review

Victagen 2400 Lumen Bike Light

The Victagen 2400 Lumen Bike Light is a pretty good water-resistant bike light. I don’t feel it’s as good as the Bright Eyes Waterproof Bike Light.

Light Modes

This light features 2 lights with built-in 18500 batteries. So you don’t have to carry around an extra battery pack as with some other bike lights. This rechargeable bike light will last you 4 hours on the brightest mode and has 4 different modes: High, Medium, Low, and Strobe. This bike light also comes with a rear mounting bike light with 3 modes: high, fast flash, and slow flash. This allows you to adjust according to your current needs. I personally like using a flashing mode on the rear because it catches people’s attention better.


The front bike light features dual XML-T6 LEDs. These LEDs have a maximum output of 2400 Lumens and can light up the road up to 300 yards ahead.


This bike light comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.

If you would like to learn more about this bike light, click the button below.

6. BLITZU 320 Lumen Gator Bike Light Review

BLITZU 320 Lumen Gator Bike Light

The BLITZU Gator Bike Light is one of the weaker bike lights on this list, but I wanted to put at least 1 light on this list that isn’t insanely bright because not everyone needs insanely bright lights. I personally like to have a very bright light to make sure I’m always seen, but some people may only ride casually on bike paths. If you’re riding at casual speeds, then you’ll typically have time to stop and will slow down at intersections.

Good for Neighborhood Riding

Also, you may be looking for a bike light for your child when riding in your neighborhood. In this scenario, I can understand not needing a very bright light. So, here’s a great light that will make sure everyone sees you but isn’t blinding to the people around you.

Street Riding

However, if you plan on riding in the street, either, in a street-side bike lane or in the lanes with the cars, I’d definitely recommend one of the brighter bike lights so that all the cars on the road see you.

If you would like to learn more about the BLITZU Gator Bike Light, please click the button below.


Having a bike light on your fixed gear bike is very important when it comes to safety. Way too many riders are hit by cars every year! I hope that these reviews help you choose the right bike light for your needs and allow you to be even safer while riding your fixie.

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