JOOLA Table Tennis Conversion Top Review (2024)

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JOOLA Table Tennis Conversion Top

Identified as one of the best in its field, JOOLA is a renowned name in the table tennis world. This iconic and legendary German table tennis brand is the manufacturer of some of the best table tennis equipment introduced to humanity. They are known for their consistency as a brand and make use of advanced technology in the manufacturing process; probably why the company has achieved immense success.

JOOLA also gives its competitors a run for their money with its diverse collection of top-quality products. Most of their equipment is truly one of a kind and exceptional. In fact, they are so outstanding that they have been featured in some of the greatest sports events in history, starting from the Olympics to the Paralympics and the world championships. From the looks of it, JOOLA will not be retiring any time soon.

JOOLA Table Tennis Conversion Top

Out of all the equipment they do produce, JOOLA’s table tennis tables always turn out to be the talk of the town. The functionality of the branded tennis tables are excellent, and their designs are well thought out as well. Overall, they exude perfection.

The JOOLA table tennis conversion top is another great product by JOOLA. Though it is not a table per se, it falls under the category, and to be honest, we found the idea to be ultra-modern and extremely practical. I love my table tennis conversion top.

In essence, to transform any billiard table into a tennis table, JOOLA brings you their ping pong conversion top. The top has been split in two with the idea of making the set up swift and effortless. This also makes storage a hassle-free affair.

Elements of JOOLA Table Tennis Conversion Top

These items are what you will find as a part of your purchase, should you choose to buy it:

  • 15mm or 5/8 inch MDF with a painted surface in charcoal black
  • Net and post set
  • Protective, soft EVA foam padding

As per JOOLA, this conversion top is of regulation size and fit for pool tables as long as 9ft. Most of the table comes assembled beforehand but the remaining set-up is quite easy – just place the two halves of the top on the table and fasten the net to it and you are done.

And of course, it is just as easy to shift back to your billiards table again.

Features and Their Pros and Cons

1. 15mm MDF Table top

As the most crucial part of the table, JOOLA did a commendable job in the manufacture of this MDF conversion top. It has a thickness of 15mm (5/8 inch), is around 9ft long and 5ft wide and weighs around 115lbs. The raw material that has been used is of excellent quality – the top is not likely to crack or get deformed upon regular use, provided you are playing indoors.

As we mentioned earlier, this tennis top comes in two equal halves which, in our opinion, is a splendid idea considering the table’s weight. All in all, the two halves together form the perfect platform to get your game going.

Furthermore, this ping pong conversion top gives you almost the same bounce as you would get from a normal tennis table. The reason why we say “almost” is because the top is thinner than its original counterpart, the thickness of the latter being 25mm.

Thicker tables generally allow for a faster play, and the ping pongs to bounce higher. These factors are integral in competitive and proper games. But if you are only looking for a fun, good game, there will be nothing better than the JOOLA table tennis conversion top for you.

For what it is worth, the bounce that you get from this table will be unvarying and steady, which is important for a satisfying game.

2. The net

As far as nets go, this one from JOOLA is a top-tier product made with quality material. The same goes for the net posts which can be easily attached to the table and are known for their strong grips.

However, what really stands out here is that even though the net is firmly stretched across the table owing to the net posts, it is not prone to disfiguration or fraying. A plus point is that you can always modify the net to your liking.

3. The EVA foam padding

In addition to the table and nets, JOOLA had the good thought of including this EVA foam padding to the package because one can never be too careful. The foam padding lines the bottom side of the table top and saves the billiards table and its felt surface underneath, from unwanted scratches and gashes.

Moreover, not only does the soft padding form a layer of protection for the pool table, it also keeps the JOOLA table tennis conversion top secured in its position atop the pool table. Even if the tennis top does happen to move, there is very little chance that you will end up damaging the billiard table. Hence, there is really no reason why you should not invest in this.


In conclusion, this is a great investment in our opinion because there are endless pros here. You get all that you need, to convert your pool table to a ping pong table, in one package. Your product will be of great quality and most importantly, very long-lasting.

Buying this also solves issues regarding spacing, and you can easily avoid making a room congested. If you do not have enough room for another full-size table, you can easily buy this as an alternative and get a thrilling experience at the same time!

However, we do recommend taking note of the bounce and the pace of the game you get with this conversion top. For professional and, serious players who play on a competitive level, this conversion top may not be ideal but for most players, it will be difficult to notice the difference.

For most players, this table tennis table is well worth it and has many amazing features. One of these amazing featurs is how easy it will be to store once you are done playing, the table top will fit in many closets but the table top can be heavy. So, moving it around can be difficult alone.

If you’re worried about damaging your pool table, you can keep your pool table cover on which will serve as an extra protective layer should you choose to purchase the JOOLA table tennis conversion top.

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