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Barrington Pool Table Review (June 2024)

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Barrington Urban Pool Table – Available on Amazon

Barrington Urban Pool Table


  • US Based Company
  • Accessories Included
  • Quick Assembly


  • Assembly Not Included

By having a pool table at home, you open the door for new memories and experiences with your loved ones. Pool is a recreational sport that requires engagement and interaction. While it is available in various rec centers, bars, and pool halls, having a billiard table at home is a real treat.

You’ll get to bond with your friends and family while playing pool, you’ll have a great entertainment vehicle for events, and people will love coming over to your house for a fun game of pool. Whether bonding with your children or your friends, your house will be blessed with a new positive energy and fun environment. Your home pool table will become the hot spot of activities in your home.

Billiards has amassed great popularity over the years and has become a great social game whether in bars or homes.

You can find a pool table for sale at both physical and online stores. Physical inspection before making any purchase is great but it is not always possible. That should not be a concerning issue, because now many online stores have good quality billiard tables in stock that are recommended by actual users. One such billiard table is the Barrington Pool Table.

This billiard table includes all the aspects and features that a pool table must contain and so much more. The following article is an elaborate review of this particular billiard table that also highlights the benefits and features of the Barrington Pool Table.

A Detailed Insight Into The Barrington Pool Table

Barrington Billiard Company needs no introduction as it is one of the most renowned companies to sell pool tables and accessories in the world. It is the epitome of fine quality and this Barrington pool table is no different. The pool table is stylishly designed and strongly built, made of fine quality wood. The wooden design gives it an elegant look and defines the style in which this classic game must be played.

Designed in the USA, this wooden table’s excellent craftsmanship speaks volumes about its top-notch quality that will surely exceed your expectations.

Bonus: With this impeccable Barrington pool table you can expect to receive a full set of billiard accessories. This one comes with everything you would need to start playing. These accessories include balls, cues, ball rack, felt brush, and chalk cubes. To remain consistent in terms of appearance and quality, the ball rack and felt brush are also made of wood.

Furthermore, the Barrington billiard table is built for durability. It is made with the best birch wood veneer and has a chocolate oak finish with bolstered concrete stanchions for the wooden parts. As for the black pool table felt, it is made of 25mm competition-grade wool felt and also includes leather drop pockets and K66 bumper safety shields for that perfect ball rebound.

Barrington Pool Table Features

The Barrington pool table comes loaded with a bunch of useful features that all billiard tables must have. These features are what make this pool table stand out, and they include:

Premium Build

The Barrington pool table is designed for aestheticism and durability. Modern pool tables are mostly made of metal or other light materials and they tend to wear off with time. But this 8 foot pool table will allow you to play the game as it is meant to be played. The wooden structure gives it a superior look and finish, which is easily noticed when compared with others.

Superior Craftsmanship

The superior and stunning craftsmanship of this 8-foot pool table does not have to be explained as you will decipher it at the very first glance. The veneer consists of birch wood and has an oak finish, the pockets and felt are made of leather and feature a jet black color, and all these are complemented by gunmetal gray legs completing the look.

Your table will look amazing in almost any setting from modern to classic. The wood finishes and black pool felt will look great in almost any room.

Modern Design

With so many available pool tables that are more affordable and built with lighter and unconventional materials, the classiness of wooden tables is slowly vanishing. Billiard is an elegant game and playing on a nice modern pool table will only make it more enjoyable.

The Barrington Urban Pool Table is completely different from the typical classic wood pool table design. The urban style of this table is the style you expect to see in a modern luxury home on HGTV. This new modern style allows this table to be the centerpiece of almost any room.

Pros of Barrington Pool Table

Accessories Included

After buying this pool table, you will not have to spend extra money on billiard accessories. This wooden table comes packed with extra billiard accessories. You will get everything you need with your purchase including:

The accessories that come with the pool table are in no way top of the line. The pool cues are what many would call a house cue. Decent for playing but if you’re an advanced player, I’d recommend checking out our list of the best pool cues.

The wooden rack, chalk, and table brush are decent, but it’s hard to go wrong with these. There are always better quality items you can get but these are fine to hold you over until you get better items. When it comes to the balls, the standard balls you’ll receive with this table aren’t bad but they aren’t great. Check out the review of my favorite pool balls here.

Excellent Customer Service

Barrington Billiards Company is renowned for its exceptional customer service. Located in the US, their US-based customer service is one that you can rely upon. No dealing with foreign call centers that are difficult to understand. You get to talk to people based in the U.S. so that your concerns can be handled swiftly and professionally.

You can call and directly reach them regarding any queries you have for product issues, replacement parts, instruction manuals, and accessories.

Not to mention, you can also reach out to them if you face any trouble while assembling their urban pool table. They will guide you through each step with ease.

Convenience to assemble and buy

This wooden table comes with the convenience to buy and assemble. As it is sold online, you can sit back home, or any place for that matter, and order it with just a few clicks. Being a reliable brand, Barrington Billiards Company will not let you down in terms of quality. Furthermore, the extensive instruction manual shall make the setup process as easy as ABCs for you.

You can head over to Amazon to check out the reviews yourself but many people were able to assemble this table in times ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours. However, you will need multiple people to help lift the table when assembly is complete. This table weighs a few hundred pounds and you don’t want to try lifting it by yourself unless you’re superman.

Cons of The Barrington Urban Pool Table

For the price this is an amazing pool table but 1 major thing that I wish this table came with is assembly. Many pool tables that you buy on Amazon have assembly included in the price. However, with the price of this table, I completely understand that it would be difficult to cover assembly too.

Also, this pool table is in no way a top of the line pool table. It is a great budget pool table and is well made for the price. However, if you’re a competitive player or looking for a table for a pool hall, this isn’t the table I would recommend. 


This pool table is not only great looking but it is jam-packed with useful features. It is built with quality materials that will last you for years to come. You can count on this 8-foot pool table to become a family heirloom. However, the wooden table is moderately difficult to assemble, heavy to carry, and requires effort to maintain as well.

While I give this pool table a great rating, billiards is an expensive game and you get what you pay for. This table is a great starter table and is very stylish for a modern home. This isn’t a top of the line table and I wouldn’t recommend this table for a pool hall or a professional player. If you want to see my full list of great pool tables click here or the button below:

It is a great home pool table and will definitely satisfy entertaining your guests. This table is meant for the casual player and this billiard table would be a great addition to your game room. If you don’t have a game room, check out our favorite outdoor pool tables.

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