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5 Best Pool Tables of 2024 (Reviews)

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Billiards is a game often played in bars, pool halls, and recreation centers. However, every good billiard player needs a good table at home to hone their skills. Unless you essentially live at a bar or pool hall, playing there can only get you so far. If you are there all the time, you’ll probably spend more money playing pool than if you’d just invested in your own pool table.

So, for many competitive players there comes a point where they need to get a pool table for home.

Researching and buying a billiard table can be difficult and since Billiard tables are a large investment, no one wants to purchase the wrong one. We want to make your life easy by doing all the research for you and providing you with all the important stuff to purchase your next pool table.

We have gathered some of the best pool tables on the market to help you make a decision today. These tables have the best felt, playfields, pockets, rails, and overall the best feel out of the pool tables on the market. If you aren’t familiar with what makes a pool table a top-of-the-line pool table check out our explanation of the high-end features of a pool table after the reviews.

The 5 Best Pool Tables of 2021

  1. Plank & Hide Beaumont Pool Table w/Dining Top
  2. Olhausen 8 ft Belmont Pool Table
  3. Playcraft Rio Grande 8’ Slate Pool Table
  4. Spencer Marston Stratford Pool Table
  5. Spencer Marston Serotina Pool Table

1. Plank & Hide Pool Table Review – Beaumont w/Dining Top – Available on Amazon

Plank & Hide Pool Table

The Plank & Hide Beaumont Dining Pool Table is another great combination table. This table is a slate pool table that easily converts into a dining room table.

The color palette of this table is ideal for the new neutral in many homes. Grey has become the standard neutral color in many new homes and this table fits that perfectly. This grey pool table is made of solid oak and stained in a distressed silvered oak finish. When the silver is stained on the wood it ends up with a grey color.

With this table, you can choose from 25 different felt colors. These colors include a gray pool felt that goes perfect with the grey oak. You won’t be disappointed with the color choices for this table.

The table also consists of tournament-quality K66 billiard cushions. These pool rails are of the best in the industry. They give you the most consistent bounce and longevity so you can always predict where the ball will go.

The 2 leg design that connects at the bottom provides excellent support and a very balanced table.

This table comes with free curbside shipping but not installation. When paying for a top-of-the-line table such as this one, professional installation is definitely recommended. This table is also very heavy so, you don’t want to try moving this by yourself upon delivery. It weighs 800 pounds. You want at least 5 able adults to help you move it inside.

This is a great billiard table and would make a great addition to any pool player’s arsenal.

Click the button below to check the current price on Amazon.

2. Olhausen Pool Table Review – 8 ft Belmont – Available on Amazon

Olhausen Pool Table

The Olhausen Belmont 8 ft Pool Table is a premier pool table. Olhausen has been manufacturing pool tables since 1972 and has stood the test of time. They make very high-quality billiards tables and they are US-based. Olhausen is based in Portland, Tennessee.

When you buy an Olhausen Billiards Table you get delivery and professional installation included. After you make your purchase a local certified Olhausen will reach out to you to set up a time for delivery and installation. When buying a premium pool table, professional installation is always ideal. If you buy a premium table you want it to play like a premium table and that is only accomplished through a professional installer.

The Belmont Billiard table is made of solid maple and fruitwood with a matte cherry finish. The pockets on this table are drop pockets and are also cherry leather colored.

Olhausen has many options when it comes to pool table felt cloth color. When you buy this table, your local retailer will reach out to you and let you know your color options. They currently have 24 different felt colors to choose from. So, you can make your table match anything you’d like!

This table consists of a 1-inch slate for an optimal playing experience. They use a premium diamond honed slate to stand above other pool table slates. The slates are made to order and by buying the Olhausen name you’re buying a pristine quality product from a company with years of experience in Billiard table design.

The Belmont Pool Table has Accu-Fast Cushions which are some of the best cushions on the market. Overall, Olhausen uses top-of-the-line materials for every part of this table’s design. You won’t be disappointed!

If you would like to check the price of this premier pool table, click the button below!

3. Playcraft Rio Grande 8’ Slate Pool Table Review – Weathered Raven – Available on Amazon

Playcraft Rio Grande Pool Table

The Playcraft Rio Grande Slate Pool Table is a great pool table that has a rustic design. I really love the way this pool table looks. To me, it looks like something you’d see in an old castle.

The table is made of weathered hardwood with some steel features. The slim look of the table with the prominent legs makes for an amazing design. The style of this table would also make a great dining table. A dining top conversion was supposed to be released for this table but I haven’t seen it come on the market yet. I will update this if it is released.

The playfield of this pool table is made of a 3 piece, 1 inch backed premium slate. The level of precision in the design of this table is insane. Every piece is tailor-fit to 1/1000th of an inch. So, this table has an excellent feel and amazing play.

This 8 ft pool table is also the ideal size for professional and casual billiard players. It comes with K55 cushions which are a little different from the industry standard but are still amazing cushions.

The felt on this table comes in multiple colors.

You can see a bigger image on Amazon’s site by clicking on the button below.

This Billiards table comes with free delivery but not installation, so, we recommend you find a local billiards installer to have this properly installed. As mentioned in previous reviews, if you’re going to buy a high-end pool table you want it to play like one too. Don’t try and install the table yourself if you want it to function in the best possible manner.

This table also weighs 850 pounds so we definitely don’t recommend you try to lift or install this table alone. If you do have to move this table, please use as many able-bodied adults as necessary.

Overall, this is an amazing pool table and the design is one of my favorites. If you like the classic look and want an amazing pool table, this is the one for you.

If you would like to check the price of this rustic pool table, click the button below!

4. Spencer Marston Pool Table Review – 9 ft Stratford (Sold Out)

The Spencer Marston 9ft Stratford Pool Table is an elegant billiards table. It comes with the tag of Spencer Martson which tells a lot about its high quality and reliability. The Stratford pool table is robust and sturdy; it is built with the finest grade materials. You’ll love the durability of this table. It has a hardwood construction and a three-piece slate that is an inch thick.  With this table, you will enjoy a level and smooth feel because a 1-inch thick slate is the ideal playing surface.

This slate pool table also comes with drop pockets attached to its corners that are made of genuine leather. A drop pocket is very common in home pool tables. A drop pocket means that the balls stay in each pocket that you made the balls. There’s no return system where the pool balls roll to one end of the table. By having drop pockets you get a table that has a more sleek design.

Personally, I like drop pockets but for some having a ball return system may be ideal.

As for appearance, this slate pool table is one of a kind. The legs and sides are adequately detailed with beautiful scalloped aprons and boldly carved legs. You will love the way this table looks in your home.

This Spencer Marston pool table also comes geared with Simonis 860 cloth, which is considered among the finest quality clothes in the world. The material, Simonis 860 cloth is used in high-end billiard zones and for professional games worldwide. This revs up the overall appearance of the slate pool table giving it an elegant edge above others.  

Not just that, but you’ll also get a bunch of necessary billiard accessories with your purchase. The accessory kit comprises of:

  • four 2-piece cues
  • ball racks and table brushes of matching wood
  • a premier ball set
  • chalk
  • two Roman wall cue racks
  • a lightweight cover

On top of being a great table, this table will be delivered directly to your home and installed for you at no additional cost and comes with a lifetime warranty. So you don’t have to worry about anything! With accessories included, you’ll be able to get playing almost immediately.

You get professional installation and if there are any problems the lifetime warranty has you covered. 

This Spencer Marston billiard table will be a great addition to your home’s game room. If you want to check the price and see what other customers are saying about this product, click the button below:

Sold Out

5. Spencer Marston Serotina Pool Table Review – 8-Foot Dining Pool Table Combo (Sold Out)

The Serotina is an 8 ft dining pool table combination made by Spencer Marston. Spencer Marston is a great name in Pool tables, they represent high quality and durability. So, it only makes sense that this table would also come high in the rankings.

Spencer Marston makes many other tables but I only put 2 on this list; 1 regular pool table and 1 dining pool table combination. I like the combination dining pool table because many people don’t have an extra room for a dedicated game room or pool table room. The dining pool table combo is great for this.

This table is a very stealthy table. When the cover is on you would never guess that it’s a pool table and when the cover is off you would never guess it is a dining room table too. It will be the perfect addition to your home.

This table’s playfield is made of 1″ slate which is the most ideal playfield you can ask for. Slate pool tables will make it so you can be very precise with your shots even when slow rolling. Other types of playfields will warp or have inconsistent rolling but this table will roll perfect almost every time (as long as it’s leveled).

This table is made of 100% hardwood and comes with multiple different felt colors so it can fit any decor. I personally am a fan of black cloth. I’m a fan of neutral colors.

The hardwood of this table is stained with rich dark cherry as pictured above. It’s a pristine finish that won’t wear down easily.

The cloth on this table is top of the line. It is Simonis 860 cloth which is known to be the best pool table cloth on the market. This felt combined with a level table and 1″ slate allows for the best and most consistent roll possible.

The table comes with a billiards accessories kit which includes:

  • 4 x 58″ 2 piece pool cues
  • matching wood ball racks
  • matching wooden brushes
  • 2-piece roman wall cue rack
  • pool cue chalk
  • Premier Ball Set

This Spencer Marston Billiard Table also comes with free shipping and white glove installation. So, you don’t have to do any work and don’t have to worry about improper installation. You will get an amazing table with professional installation at a great value. Yes, this table will cost more than the ones on the budget list below but it is worth every penny for the true billiard enthusiast.

You can’t really go wrong with this table! Click the button below to see the price and reviews on Amazon.

Sold Out

Buying Guide: Features Of A High End Pool Table

There are many inexpensive tables that you can find out there but these tables aren’t made for competitive play. If you’re looking for a quality pool table that will have consistent roll, perfect leveling, good cushion, and a pristine level of play, you’ll want to invest in a high end pool table.

A high end pool table can range from $2,000 up to $10,000+. Typically for a solid home table, you won’t need a table over $10,000 but there are some out there that cost that much. There are a number of features that make high end pool tables better than a table that costs hundreds or maybe a thousand dollars.

In this section we’ll explain those features so you know what to look for when purchasing a top of the line pool table.

Pool Table Felt

Pool table felt comes in 2 main types: worsted or wool felt.

Wool felt is commonly found on home tables, low end tables, and bar tables. Wool felt is thicker and feels like what most people expect a pool table to feel like. This felt is less expensive and more durable. The durability of this felt is why it is commonly found on bar pool tables. In bars, it’s common for inexperienced or drunk players to mess up the table from improper shooting form.

Worsted felt is completely different from wool felt. Worsted felt feels more like a high end suit fabric. It is thin and allows for a fast roll on the table. This is the best felt type but due to the thin fabric, it is very easily damaged. So, this felt is typically only used on high end tables, in pool halls, and in tournament/ competitive play. I have worsted felt on my home table. It creates a much faster ball roll because unlike wool felt which is thick, the worsted felt doesn’t slow the balls down much.

Simonis 860 Billiard Cloth is known for being the best worsted felt around. It creates a great roll and great grip on the table for english. It is a very fast cloth which means it takes great precision and speed control to accurately maneuver the pool table. Many of the tables listed above feature Simonis 860 Billiard Cloth.


The cushions or rails on a good table are usually K66 or K55 cushions. K66 and K55 cushions are essentially rubber bumpers, they absorb the balls impact and rebound at a similar speed. The major difference between a K66 and K55 rail is the thickness of the rail and it’s ability to take high impact shots without getting a dead or wood hit.

The K55 cushion is the thicker of the 2 cushions. However, K66 cushions are found on most tables. This isn’t necessarily because K66 is better, however, the right size pool table rails require an equivalent size cushion. If your table is made for a K66 cushion which many manufacturers use as a standard, then you can’t put a K55 rail on it and still have proper performance.

You want to make sure you have the correct cushions for the size of your rails. However, K55 and K66 rails are a great option for most pool tables.


Every good pool tables play field is made of slate. Slate can come in 1 piece slate or 3 piece slate and comes in different thicknesses. 1″ thick slate is the optimal thickness for a smooth play field and balanced table.

Slate is the best surface in comparison to wood and other playfields because slate is a smooth friction-less surface that allows for optimall ball roll. Slate is the only surface that can be leveled precisely. A slate table should be leveled with an error margin of approximately 1/10,000 of an inch. So, a properly installed slate table should be almost perfect.

Good tables typically come with 3 piece slate from a larger piece of slate so that they fit together almost seamlessly. You can look for a mark that goes across the seams to see if the 3 pieces were originally 1 piece.

It would seem like a seamless table would be better and more smooth. However, a 1 piece slate table is very difficult to level, hard to move and can warp and sag over time due to the size and weight. Good slate pool tables can weigh almost a thousand pounds and a lot of this is from the slate playfield. So, it makes sense that this could cause problems if it was only 1 piece. To solve this durability problem they break it into 3 pieces.


These are the most important factors when looking at a high end pool table. There are obviously more factors to consider but if you get these 3 things correct, you’ll have a great playing experience. Some other items that are worth noting: a strong foundation, table levelers, correctly sized pockets, and good style.

A strong foundation is important because as mentioned above, some tables weigh a thousand pounds. You want to make sure the table can handle this. Table leg levelers are commonly found on pool tables too. Due to the weight of the table, leveling a table can be very difficult. Table levelers allow you to level a table by twisting the leveler on the legs rather than lifting the table. This is very beneficial and makes it easy to level a table.

There’s a lot to look at while choosing a pool table. I hope this short guide explained the most important features of high end tables, so you can choose the right table for you today!

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      If you want to allow shipping, account for movers, disassembly, and shipping costs in your sale price or shipping price unless you want to disassemble and move the table yourself.

      The shipping, disassembly, and moving can add up quickly and with rising inflation and gas prices shipping prices are rising too. So, depending on the value of your pool table, it can make selling your table a waste of time.

      Without knowing how much your table is worth it’s difficult to give you an answer of if it’s even worth selling it.

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