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The Best Electric Police Bike (June 2024)

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Delfast Top Cop Electric Police Bike Review

Delfast Top Cop Police Bike

Delfast Company

The Delfast Company was founded in Ukraine by Daniel Tonkopiy and Serhii Denysenko. Delfast originated as a delivery company in 2014 and evolved into an industry leader in the electric bike industry. They created one of the fastest and longest range electric bikes on the market on accident. They designed the bikes to fit the needs of their delivery company and when they finished they ended up breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest e-bike ride on 1 charge.

After that milestone, they progressed as a company and are now moving into the police electric bike industry.

The Current Police Bike Industry

Currently most bicycle cops ride regular pedal bikes. This is a great environmentally friendly option and has sustained the industry for a long time.

However, I’m sure you’ve seen movies where bike cops get messed with because people can run from them and it will be hard for them to do anything about it. Having a pedal bike can be a hindrance in cops being able to enforce the law.

E-bikes are the next step up, they still have zero emissions but with the performance of a motored vehicle. The Delfast Top Cop Electric Bike would literally change the game! Bike cops would be able to keep up with most people and even most cars on city streets.

The Delfast Top Cop E-Bike is already being brought into some police departments and so far it’s having great success. Cops are able to ride long distances on 1 charge for all day patrol and they are able to keep up with assailants as necessary.

The Delfast Top Cop Electric Bike Features

The Delfast Top Cop Electric Bike is very similar to the Delfast Top 3.0 Electric Bike.


The Top Cop e-bike is able to reach speeds of up to 50 mph (80 km/h). This is perfect for high speed chasing. You won’t be able to keep up with a car on the freeway, but you’ll be able to keep up in most situations that a bike cop will be in.


The Top Cop has a riding range of 174 miles on a single charge. This would allow police officers to patrol on their bikes most of the day! One downfall is that the bike battery takes 4 hours to charge. This is actually lightning speed for an e-bike to fully charge, but if the battery does die, that bike will be out of commission for a large portion of the day. However, if these are fully implemented by a police department, I’m sure they could have a couple of extra bikes to rotate them out as they need to be charged.


In the center of the handlebars, you have a nice screen that gives you all the information you need to know about your bike. It tells you the remaining battery, what mode you’re in, Wattage, Trip Distance, and a clock.

Optional Features

  • Bike Tracking via GPS
  • Remote Start
  • Sirens and lights
  • Radio and Weapon Mount
  • Special requests upon requests

GPS Tracking

Cops shouldn’t have to worry about their bike being stolen while they’re doing their job but unfortunately, it’s something that may happen. In order to get their bikes back and prosecute the thieves, having a tracker on the bike is a necessity. These bikes are definitely not cheap and we definitely don’t want our police departments having to waste extra money on new bikes.

Sirens and Lights

One of the major things that makes a police e-bike different than a normal bike is the sirens and lights. When you order your police bike through Delfast, they can add the necessary lights for your police department. They can also make customizations for your department’s requirements such as the color of lights or different languages/logos of your department.

The Police Going Green

Delfast has been working with police departments in the US and in Mexico to provide more green options. With global warming being a major problem for everyone, it’s great that companies such as Delfast Bikes are making moves to help reduce the emissions levels around the globe.

In addition to the reduction in emissions, the police departments could save money from being able to have more bike cops than police officers that drive cars. Since with pedal bikes, there’s fewer situations where it will be useful, it’s not likely that we could decrease the number of police cars on the road but with these super fast e-bikes, we could replace some police cars and motorcycles with Delfast Top Cop E-bikes.


The Delfast Top Cop bike is new in the market place but it is slowly disrupting the bicycle cop industry. With the Top Cop, bicycle cops will be able to be more confident in their pursuit and enforcement of the law.

Between the money saving and the reduced emissions, it’s an obvious choice that we should be moving toward more electric vehicles in our police enforcement and in the marketplace as a whole. The Top Cop is a great e-bike for police officers.

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