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Alchemy E-Ronin Electric Gravel Bike Review 2024

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The Colorado-based bicycle-making company Alchemy launched its first-ever e-bike in 2020. The Alchemy E-ronin Electric Gravel Bike is basically built like the Ronin Carbon gravel bike. The new carbon electric gravel bike has the Fauza Evation mid-mount motor and includes a single battery system, making the weight of the bike less than 30 pounds.

On top of that, the Electric Gravel Bike frame is made up of carbon fiber and is made by hand in Denver, Colorado. This makes the E-Ronin E-Bike the first-ever handmade carbon-based electric gravel bike in the U.S. Since it’s made by hand, the Alchemy E-Ronin Electric bike is fully customized and is available in numerous colors and sizes.

Specifications of E-Ronin Electric Bike

eronin top tube

The E-Ronin Electric Bike boasts about the carbon frame, which is similar to that of the original ronin bike and has identical features. The main difference between the E-Ronin Electric Bike to that of the original Ronin Bike is that it has a somewhat oversized down tube and has a dissimilar BB junction. This means that the bike looks the same as the original ronin carbon-based gravel bike. Another feature of the E-Ronin Electric Bike is that it can only hold up to two bottles and has room for a bento-box on the top tube.

Apart from this, the Seatpost of the E-Ronin Electric Bike is 27.2, which fits most people very well. The maximum tire size of this bicycle is 700 x 45, or we can say 650b x 2.1, which is quite average. According to the claims on their site, the total weight of the bike is 12.7kg or, in other words, 28lb. The minimum price of the bike is $6499, which is inclusive of the Fazua drive system.

If you want to buy the one with the Shimano GRX mechanical system included, it’ll cost you a couple of thousand more. However, the Shimano GRX and the more expensive gearing systems are worth the money if you plan on racing. Generally speaking though, the entire bike is customizable, but each customization or upgrade will change the price of the bike.

The frame of the E-Ronin Electric Bike comes in the form of two colorways, with multiple sizes. Due to these numerous sizes, the stock colors and paint options are pretty limited. If you want to add custom paint to the bike, the company will charge you $1000 extra for customizing the geometry and color.

Why should you buy the E-Ronin Electric Bike?

The chief design office of the Alchemy bicycles, Matt Maczuzak, said that the thought of E-Ronin Electric Bike came into his mind when he wanted his bike to take him further on the gravel roads. Their office is near that cherry creek bike path, which connects to many other great routes. The routes go in and out of town and are amazing to ride on.

He says riding the bike on these paths was extraordinary, but he wanted his bike to take him further from Denver, which meant many miles. The E-Ronin Electric Bike gives the people more range to travel as they assist the person in gaining speed and take away some of the physical exertions that come from riding.

The E-Ronin has pedal assist and when the bike exceeds the assisted speed, it helps the person control it. If a person wants to go on a regular ride with E-Ronin Electric Bike, he can leave the battery home and enjoy the ride. In this case, the bike will only have the additional weight of the motor. Having the ability to remove the battery is a great feature for charging, but also so you can ride it more like a normal bike when you want.

It would be best to buy the E-Ronin Electric Bike made by Alchemy bikes because it includes the Fauza Evation system. The Fauza Evation Mid Mounted motor is lightweight, it adds only 4.5kg to the whole weight of the bike. Although this weight seems a lot to add to a bike, compared to other e-bike motors, you’ll notice that this is nothing.

While the E-Ronin resemblance with that of the non-electric Ronin Bike, it is still worth mentioning here that the E-Ronin was manufactured from the ground level, and the Fauza Evation system was used while building it by hand. We say this to say, they didn’t just throw a motor on the Ronin Gravel Bike, they built a solid e-bike from scratch with the concept of the Ronin Gravel Bike in mind.

Can you ride the E-Ronin Electric Bike without a battery?

eronin battery

The E-Ronin Electric Bike comes with a tube and cap cover system, which means that one can still ride the bicycle without the battery present. If you leave the battery home, the bike will still look good, and you can use the battery compartment to store something. One great thing about how they designed the battery is when you remove it, there will be no noticeable drag.

Alchemy E-Ronin Ultegra Di2 Disc Review

Gravel bikes have been gaining traction for many years now, but Alchemy took a leap of faith last year and launched their first-ever E-Ronin Electric Gravel Bike in numerous models. The Alchemy E-Ronin Ultegra Di2 Disc is the new Alchemy gravel bike model that brags about the new Fauza Evation system, which is very lightweight and features the mid-mounted drive system.

The Alchemy E-Ronin Ultegra Di2 Disc is made by hand at Alchemy Bicycles according to the standards prescribed by the company. It is the first-ever carbon-based gravel E-bike to be made in America by hand. Apart from this, the company says that the bike is fully customizable and comes in different colors. One can also order a customized bike but with added costs.

Alchemy E-Ronin Force Etap AXS Road Review

Both of these models are carbon-based electric machines that work like a beast. The E-Ronin carbon frame of the bike has been specifically designed to cater to the needs of the riders. For people who want to do gravel riding, the good news here is that the bike only weighs twenty-eight pounds. It is one of the lightest E-bike on the market.

Apart from this, the Alchemy E-Ronin Force Etap AXS Road has all of the features you need for an all-day adventure. Apart from this, the bike boasts about its three-bottle space and spacious room for bento-box mounts. On top of that, the bike can fit oversized tires which is great for a nice day of riding through the dirt.

Alchemy E-Ronin Red Etap AXS Road Review

Alchemy E-Ronin Red Etap AXS Road also features Fauza’s Evation motor system, which works as the power behind the punch. While adding weight to your bike typically slows you down when it comes to e-bikes and the ultralightweight Fauza Motor System, the limited weight that is added is made up for in the power that the motor gives off.

The Fauza Evation motor system also has three adjustable ride modes and is non-resistant even if the speed of the bike exceeds the limit. Many e-bikes give you resistance when you hit too high of speeds on this gravel e-bike, if you can pedal or bomb a hill faster than the e-bike is allowed to go, the e-bike won’t hinder you in any way.

Some other features that are worth noting are the battery is fully replaceable, which means that it will be easier for a person to swap batteries if need be. If you are going to spend a long time on the bike, here is some good news for you, the Alchemy E-Ronin Red Etap AXS Road features a thin seat tube sizing 27.2, which will provide you amazing comfort. Apart from this, the seat stays of the Alchemy E-Ronin Red Etap AXS Road are considerably reduced in size to allow for a more comfortable seating position. Additionally, a slightly noticeable bow is added into the seat stay for the vertical compliance of the body in line with the bike.

You’ll also notice while riding the Alchemy E-Ronin Red Etap AXS Road that Alchemy Bikes has done marvelous work in achieving a larger tire clearance, which itself improves the stiffness present in the bottom bracket of the E-bike but more importantly, it allows for beefier tires for the best traction and balance while riding through gravel and dirt roads.

Why is Alchemy E-Ronin Electric Bike gaining so much popularity?

If you hear the news that the Alchemy E-Ronin Electric Bike which is a handmade bike being made by Alchemy Bicycles, is getting more popular, then you should also know the reason behind it. Since 2008, Alchemy Bicycles co. has been striving hard for revolutionary changes in the bicycle arena. Only after so much time have they achieved their target.

One main reason for their popularity is that they are consistent and don’t let go of things quickly. They have put so much work into making the Alchemy E-Ronin Electric Bike the most popular brand. These bikes are handmade by a team of professionals that work under one roof and are based in Denver, Colorado. Apart from this, the main reason for the popularity of these bikes is that one can get a custom bike at a fairly reasonable price. Some of the other reasons for making Alchemy E-Ronin Electric Bikes famous are that they offer free shipping and a 30-day money guarantee in some cases.

If you want to build up your own bike and enjoy the frame of your dreams, you can always contact Alchemy bikes which allow as many as nine customized options. The GRX disc of the bike includes a GRX group set, includes HED wheels, and flexes about the Zipp cockpit. It doesn’t matter what your needs are because Alchemy E-Ronin Electric Bike is the answer to everything that you have been thinking of lately.

Electric bikes and the last decade

Back in 2008, if someone asked you to review the best Electric Gravel Bike, you might have given him a funny look and even-handed him an empty list containing zero bikes. The concept of gravel bikes was relatively new back then and was still picking up pace gradually.

In the last decade, the overall functionality of Electric bikes has improved quite a bit, as more and more companies are adding these electric machines to their arsenal and are spending their time and money on them. Many companies tried to stay out of the electric bike market, but e-bikes are taking the market by storm. It’s hard for any major bike company to ignore the fact that people want e-bikes. So, companies like Alchemy Bikes have decided to move into the electric bike space and provide high-quality e-bikes.

Electric bikes are already a newer concept and combining that with gravel bikes was a risk that Alchemy took that paid off highly. Alchemy alone has changed the way we ride bikes today and I still have high expectations for future alchemy bikes that they come up with. I look at Alchemy Bikes similar to Apple, in that they may take longer to release something, but when they do, their products are amazing.

With a good gravel bike, you can move from busy roads to beaten paths. If you are an avid cyclist, you can see the benefit of being able to bomb hills on the streets and then hop on a dirt trail to cut through some crazy back roads.

Combining that with the benefits of e-bikes, you have an all-around beast of a bike. All while helping solve the pollution problem that we’re facing. As Alchemy E-Ronin Electric Bike and its counterparts are gaining popularity worldwide, there is hope that one day everyone will be aware of the health benefits of riding a bike and will add these gems to their garages too. Due to the recent surge in demand for E-bikes, Alchemy bikes is working on some new projects that will not cease to amaze. With the significant growth in the need for electric bikes in the past year, there are multiple options available for you to choose from. On top of that, Alchemy Bikes offers a variety of choices to select from when it comes to buying customized bikes.

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  1. What is your point of view on the size of the battery? We’ve looked at the E-Ronin. We had Tesora Neo X2 bikes with a 550 watt battery. We’re older but had no trouble climbing Boreas Pass and Vail Pass. Isn’t the Alchemy Powered by a 250 watt battery?

    1. I’m not sure how the E-Ronin battery compares to the Tesora Neo X2 but here’s my input on the Alchemy E-Ronin battery:

      The type and size of the E-Ronin battery was chosen to reduce weight and allow people to ride the E-Ronin as a regular pedal bike if desired. The E-ronin only weighs about 30 lbs with the battery in place, which is much lighter than most E-Bikes but if you want to use it as a regular bike, you can remove the battery and put a cover on thus reducing the weight to about 22 lbs.

      Also, even with the size of the battery you still get pretty good mileage from the battery. Depending on the assistance level used, you’ll get about 35 miles on the low end and up to 60 miles on the high end.

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