How To Rack 9 Ball Pool

Pool, often called billiards, happens to be one of the most popular games in the country. It may be just sticks and balls to some, but it brings joy and thrill to many. Billiard tables are commonly found in bars, recreation centers, and people’s homes. The most common game people play is 8 ball pool but today, we’re going to talk about 9 ball pool.

Before playing any pool game, the balls need to be arranged in a rack. 9 Ball Pool is no different. Each game has different rules on how to rack the balls. So, we’re going to cover the racking rules for 9 ball in this article.

How To Properly Rack For 9 Ball Pool

In order to properly rack 9 ball pool, you need to keep the following factors in mind and complete the corresponding steps:

1. Unused Balls

First, 9 ball pool only uses the first 9 balls, numbered 1 through 9. As a result, the balls numbered 10 to 15 are not used in this game. So, before preparing the 9 ball pool rack, you should know which balls can be removed from the rack.

If you’re playing on a coin operated pool table, then you typically won’t be able to remove the unused balls. However, if you’re playing on a table where the pool balls sit in each pocket, then you can remove those balls from the table to make it easier to rack after each game.

Utilizing the correct balls is very important in 9 ball because one of
the preliminary rules in 9 ball pool is that the players need to hit the pool balls in order from 1 to 9. So, to play the game properly, you must only have the balls labeled 1 through 9 on the table.

2. Diamond Shape

Unlike most other billiard games, the triangle isn’t the rack used for 9 ball pool. In this game, a diamond-shaped rack is required. However, if you only have the triangle rack, you can make it work with some practice.

9 ball pool rack

To utilize a triangle rack to make a diamond, you must set it up in a diamond inside the triangle rack, then use your hands to hold the bottom 2 sides in place. This allows you to move your rack to the desired position without the balls rolling out of formation.

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9 ball rack with a triangle rack

3. Proper Ball Positions

Since the object of 9 ball pool is to hit the 9 ball in and you have to hit the balls in order, there’s a couple more racking rules.

You don’t want the 9 ball to go in easily on the break, so, it is required that the 9 ball goes in the middle of the rack.

In 9 ball pool, you have to hit the balls in order, or else it will result in a foul and a loss of turn. So, the lowest ball, the 1 ball must be at the apex of the rack. Other than this, you don’t have to worry about the positions of the other balls. The only two balls to worry about are the 9 ball and the 1 ball.

4. Tight Rack

Make sure the 9 ball pool rack
is tight. A tight rack is also referred to as a frozen rack. This means, there is no extra space between the
balls included in your diamond. All the balls should be touching
each other. This is important so that they get the energy to break up
and move around the table when you break the balls. When the balls aren’t touching its common for only a couple of balls to move around the table, resulting in a very cluttered break. This makes it very hard to make successive shots. The Magic Ball Rack is perfect for getting a frozen rack every time.

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5. Proper Rack Position

For a consistent break pattern, it is required that the rack be placed in the same spot on the table every time. Many tables have a spot marked on the table so that you know where to put the head ball of the rack. You can use the diamonds on the table to find the marker. The diamonds are the 18 dots that go around the table. The intersection of the line between the middle diamond long ways and the second diamond short ways, indicates the marker where the head ball should fall.

rack marker on pool table


Once you have the table set for the players and the rack is ready to go, you can start your exciting round of pool! The winner is decided by who pockets the 9-ball first, good luck! Since the 9 ball will be placed at the center, it
will be more challenging for the players to hit it properly and make it in a pocket on the break!

Doing so might be a walk in the park for pool sharks. However, the thrill it presents to others is quite hard to ignore. And all of this thrilling experience begins with knowing how to rack 9 ball pool correctly. So make sure your 9 ball pool rack is being set up properly before starting the game.

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