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RadMission Electric Bike Review (May 2024)

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RadMission E-bike

Over the last decade, there has been a massive rise in the demand for e-bikes. People enjoy the ease of riding and the ability to take up less room on the lane. The environmental impact of e-bikes has also led many people to abandon their cars in favor of these bikes.

According to Forbes, the e-bike industry is expected to reach 17 million units by 2030. People are becoming more interested in e-bikes as they bring more comfort to their lives. The implementation of automated machinery that operates on electricity has progressed quite a lot.

People in 2022 want functionality above everything else, particularly when they’re out and traveling. Nobody wants to be trapped in traffic while driving. During peak hours, Subway journeys can also be extremely tiring.

Rad Power Bikes began operations in 2007, which means it a relatively young business. Their innovative electric bikes, on the other hand, are dominating the North American market. Rad Power Bikes has grown to become the leading e-bike retailer in the United States.  

Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 Electric Metro Bike

The RadMission is Rad Power Bikes’ lightest and most inexpensive electric bike. There are two frame sizes and style options available- high step and mid-step. It also comes in six color schemes. You have the option to choose from gray, black, red, and steel blue. You will definitely stand out from the crowd which is unconventional for affordable electric bicycles. 

The RadMission comes with the narrowest tires of all the Rad Powe Bikes. If you are someone looking for something that gives you the feeling of a traditional commuter bike, this is the one for you!

There are several mounting points for additional fenders, cabinets, racks, containers, and frame locks. The RadMission is an e-bike with pedals and throttle assistance that can reach speeds of up to 20 mph. Although the RadMission 1 is the company’s lightest electric bike, it’s a very sturdy one. The alloy frame is durable, made with a steel fork for added power and a multitude of accessory mounts.

Elements of the RadMission Electric Metro Bike

The RadMission is a practical and versatile electric metro bike for urban users looking for more fun and usability. The RadMission is the cheapest e-bike from rad Power Bikes, coming at  $1,099. Here are a few of the specs of this e-bike.

  • The RadMission Electric Bike is outfitted with a 48V, 14 Ah battery that is charged by a 48V, 2 Amp Rad Power Bikes smart adapter.
  • You can ride up to 45 miles with each charge cycle.
  • Taillight, brake light, and flash mode are all integrated. The one in front is an LED headlight. These have auto-on functions.
  • A very powerful 500W geared hub motor with a 5:1 Planetary Reduction.
  • Comes with a custom LED display made by Rad Power Bikes.
  • The payload capacity of this e-bike is 275 lbs.

The handlebar height of the mid-step version is 39’ and the high step being 38’. The total length ranges from 70.7’ to 71’ depending on the version you are getting. The mid-step version weighs around 47.5 lbs and the high step is 48 lbs. 

Features of RadMission Electric Bike

As the winner of the best affordable electric bike of 2021, the RadMission comes with some of the most impressive features. 


This e-bike is the lightest Rad Power bikes have to offer. Under 50 lbs, this bike is great if you are living in apartments. 

Single Speed Drivetrain

This feature makes riding around the city extremely easy. You don’t have to think of shifting gears. Just start your bike and get going!

Puncture Resistant Tires

The 27.5’ x 1.95’ Kendra Kontact tires are made with special lining. These tires come with reflective sidewalls too, making you visible from far.

500-Watt Motor

The strong 500w geared hub motor gives you 50 Nm torque. This ensures you have a smooth riding experience, even while riding uphill. 

New Battery-Pack

The new 48V battery weighs 7 lbs less than the other battery pack models. This contributes to the lighter weight of the e-bike. 

The Pros and Cons of the RadMission Electric Metro Bike

Other than being significantly lighter than the other Rad Power Bikes, there are many other pros of it.

This bike has an adjustable 40lux headlight and an adjustable tail light. There is also a brake light indicator and strobe setting. The integrated brake light is powered every time you hit the brake. 

The LED control panel is easy to access and comes with buttons to turn the lights off or on. It also shows the assist and battery levels.

The battery is also removable and comes with a lightweight charger. This means you can easily charge when you are at work or college. This electric bike also comes with the option to add different kinds of accessories depending on your need. 

Just like every other Rad Power Bikes, the reflective feature ensures your visibility in dark. It also comes with a one-year warranty and a 14-day free trial. 

Another great thing is this bike is very silent. The fenders, racks, or even a kickstand don’t wobble or move around to make any noise. Since it has a one-speed drivetrain, it is also very easy to use for beginners. 

But some might find the 500W engine to be a bit of a letdown as the other Rad Power Bikes come with a 750W engine. You also cannot carry passengers with you on this bike. However, this is one of the best electronic bikes at such a low price point.


Finally, we think Rad Power Bikes did an excellent job with the development of this bike. If you are looking for a great bike under the $1,000 (+/-) budget range, the Rad Power Bikes RadMission 1 is one of the best out there. You will have the most comfortable and smooth riding experience.

The versatility of the strong frame structure, singular drivetrain, high-performance engine, and the battery provides the rider with a one-of-a-kind and satisfying riding experience. Whether you want to ride on the city streets or climb uphill, the RadMission has got your back!

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