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RadRunner Plus Review 2024 – Electric Utility Bike

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RadRunner Plus Electric Bike

Rad Power Bikes is one of the most popular brands that make great electric bicycles. They are known for making practical, et extremely convenient e-bikes for everyday people. These bikes come at quite an affordable price range, thus making them quite popular in the e-bike market. 

The secret behind Rad Power Bikes selling great quality electric bicycles at such a competitive price is very innovative. The company eliminated any middlemen or third-party retailers to reach their customers. They follow a unique direct-to-consumer strategy. 

Rad Power Bikes is now the largest e-bike seller in the United States. And the growth doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. The demand for e-bikes has increased many folds in the last decade. People prefer the convenience of easy pedaling and taking up less space on the road. The environmental friendliness of e-bikes also led many people to ditch their cars and start using these bikes. 

No matter what kind of person you are, whether adventurous and rugged or someone who loves spending time with family, Rad Powe Bikes has a bike for you. 

RadRunner Plus Eclectic Bike

The Rad Power Bikes RadRunner Plus is an upgraded version of the RadRunner, coming at a higher price point. While the RadRunner retails for $1,199, The RadRunner Plus costs $1,699. Of course, the higher price means there is more to this version. 

This e-bike was inspired by the vintage bikes in the 60s and 70s. The black and metallic silver with the coffee-colored handlebar and seats gives it the retro look. In our opinion, what makes this bike stand out is the passenger seat. This is an amazing utility bike that will let you bring your favorite person along with you!

Looking for an electric bike with passenger seat? This is the perfect bike for you!

The addition of the passenger package comes with feet support and a safety guard around the rear wheel. This helps the passenger be safe while cruising around with you. The accessories and the functionality of this bike will give you a premium feel.

With this 2 seat electric bike, you have the option to travel to the steep hills or explore fresh places in your city with great company. We also think this electric bike is a great alternative for parents who want to ditch their cars. As a parent, you can easily bring your kids along with you on a ride using the RadRunner plus. 

Elements of Rad Power RadRunner Plus Electric Utility Bike

While the RadRunner Plus has a few similar elements to the original Radrunner, some additional features make this upgraded version different. Let’s get to know its specs!

  • A 48V, 1 Ah powered battery made by Samsung. The bike charges on 100V-240V outlets using a specific Pad Power Bikes small Charger. 
  • Integrated taillight, brake light and flash mode. The Front one is a LED headlight. These have auto-on features. 
  • Comes with a half-twist throttle and 5 level pedal assist. Also has a low-profile cadence sensor. 
  • Very powerful 750W Rad Power Bikes geared brushless hub motor that comes with 80 Nm of torque. 

The RadRunner Plus has an adjustable handlebar height of 45.75” to 47.25”. The total length of this e-bike is 71.5”. With a max tire width of 3.3’, this bike weighs 74.3 lbs. The RadRunner Plus e-bile can carry up to 300 lbs. 

Features of RadRunner Plus Electric Bike

The feature of a product before making a purchase decision is a crucial part of the buying process. Here are the features of the PadRunner+ that can be helpful for you.

Passenger Package

The elevated rear passenger seat is an impressive addition that enables you to ask for anyone to tag along with you. The footpegs and protective wheel skirt make it extremely comfortable for the person riding with you. The seat comes pre-installed with the bike frame in dark espresso color, giving it an old-school vintage look.

Premium Headlight

The bright LED halo headlight comes with a removable rock guard. It also has been optimized for added visibility. You will be seen from quite a distance during your night outs on the RadRunner plus. 

Low Step Frame Design

The stand-over height of the RadRunner Plus is 16.5’, which makes it very comfortable to get on and off. 

High-Quality Display

The back-lit LCD display will show you the distance you covered and how much charge you have left. There is also a USB port using which you can charge your other smaller devices. 

7 Speed Drivetrain

While the RadRunner had a single drivetrain, the RadRunner plus comes with 7-speed drivetrain. This gives you the additional option to go any terrain you want!

The Pros and Cons of RadRunner Plus

Coming to the advantages of the RadRunner Plus, there are quite a few. The expertly designed suspension fork of this e-bike makes it possible for you to go around the city or the countrysides. You will have a smooth ride even while riding on rough surfaces. 

The full fenders are a great addition that protects you against the elements of nature. Also, the waterproof wiring means you can get out even when it rains. The specially designed tires ensure you won’t slip on wet roads. These tires are also puncture-resistant, which means you won’t have to worry before going to new places. 

Along with the headlight, the reflective sidewall stripping makes sure you are visible from a long distance. Rad Power Bike makes the 750W geared powerful hub motor themselves. The RadRunner plus can cover up to 45 miles with each charge. 


The RadRunner Plus brings together all the great things of a utility bike along with a passenger seat. We think this is one of the best 2 person electric bike in the market right now at this price point. You also have the option to attach additional accessories that will enhance the functionality of your RadRunner Plus. 

Made with the best hardware and durable material, the Rad Powe Bikes are of great value for the price. We can ensure you you won’t regret investing in them!

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