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RadWagon Electric Bike Review 2024 – The Electric Cargo Bike

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RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

Electric bikes are all the rage right now. You get to exert minimal effort and still easily navigate around a moderate size city. In addition to the ease of use, you are also helping stop the ever-growing carbon emission by traveling by an e-bike instead of a car. 

The name Rad Power Bikes comes up every time we talk about electric bikes. Currently, the Seattle-based company is the largest eclectic bike manufacturer in the US. Their estimated sales for the year 2020 were around 100,000 e-bikes. Rad Power Bikes is taking the industry by storm.

The company recently got a $150 million investment from a few investors and investment funds. These include companies such as Morgan Stanley, Fidelity Management, The Rise Fund, and more. If those names don’t mean anything to you, they are huge funds that manage billions of dollars in capital. So, the fact they are investing millions into Rad Power Bikes, means they’re confident in this company being an industry leader in e-bikes and that e-bikes have a bright future.

These investment funds obviously see a future in Rad Power Bikes, but more importantly, the users seem to love their e-bikes! This is also a great indication that this company will just continue to grow. Their unique business strategy eliminates the assistance of the middleman to reach the final customer. Hence, they can sell their e-bikes at a comparatively lower price. It’s actually pretty rare to find such outstanding quality electric bikes at this price range.

Rad Power Bikes makes electric bikes for every need. Whether it’s a commuter bike or a utility bike, they pretty much offer it all!

Rad Power Bikes RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

The Rad Power RadWagon is an electric cargo bike that is specially made for carrying a heavy load. This electric bike from Rad Power Bikes serves you well when it comes to helping you move heavy stuff while looking cool at the same time. I mean, who would’ve thought a cargo bike will come in other colors than black? You get an orange and white version as well!

Radwagon 4 claims to be the strongest version of this range. This bike comes with comparatively smaller tires than the other Rad Power Bikes. The experts at the company designed these smaller tires to help you achieve a lower center of gravity. The new frame helps you adjust yourself and the handles help you to maneuver easily around the roads. 

This is the perfect bike to use if you must load up to commute or travel. You can use the RadWagon Cargo Bike to carry all your groceries or take your kids to school. Companies like Domino’s Pizza started using e-bikes for pizza delivery instead of using their delivery trucks. Many other companies are following the lead. 

Just like the other Rad Power Bikes, the RadWagon 4 is the winner of the best Eclectic Cargo Bike award of the year 2021. This bike is easy to assemble and very well made. 

Elements of RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

The RadWagon will cost you $1699, making it a pretty reasonably priced electric cargo bike. Let’s get to know some essential specs of this bike.

  • The battery is 48 volts and 14 Amp Hours. It’s made by the infamous Samsung. The battery is rated for around 800 charge cycles. 
  • RadWagon comes with a backlit LCD panel that has the charge indicator, odometer, speedometer, wattmeter, and pedal assist level.
  • The front and rear lights are already integrated with a brake indicator function. These lights have an auto-on feature and can light up to 20 lux.
  • This electric cargo bike comes with 5 intelligent pedal assistance levels and a half twist-grip throttle.

The RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike has a total length of 78.7 inches and a handlebar height of 43.5-47.2 inches. The e-bike weighs 76.7 lbs and carries around 350 lbs. You can also carry additional 120 lbs in the rear rack and 20 lbs on each side. 

Features of RadWagon Electric Cargo Bike

The RadWagon has quite a few unique features. You will find a few differences in this bike compared to the other models from Rad Power Bikes. Why don’t we get to know some of these features?

Smaller, Yet Wider Tires

The Rad Power Bikes are known for their fat tires. However, in this model the tires are thin, comes at 3 inches in width. These tires are manufactured by VEE tire Co, and adorns a special treat pattern that will give you a smooth ride. 

Powerful Motor and Multiple Gears

The 750 watts geared hub motor is there to help your uphill hauling much easier. You also have the option of changing gears to help you with the steep terrains. This is there to provide more torque while you ride to these places. 

Twist Grip Throttle

The heavy-duty motor also allows you to use the throttle when you don’t feel like pedaling. 

Adjustable Handlebars 

These adjustable handlebars will let you customize the height, reach and handlebar angle up to an 80 degrees angle. 

The Pros and Cons of RadWagon Electric Bike

Now that we have covered the features, you might be thinking what makes this electric cargo bike special? Other than being able to carry quite a heavy load, there a few other advantages of owning the RadWagon. Let’s jump right into it!

This electric Bike comes integrated brake light and an integrated rear rack. Which means you don’t have to buy them separately. It also has a dual-leg kickstand that helps with stability. 

You can go up to 20mph, which is a great speed when you are carrying heavy stuff or passengers along with you. The reflective tire surface is great for you to be seen from a distance in the dark. You also get one year warranty along with a 14 day free trial period.

The LCD panel is great too, you can see all the important information no matter how bad the visibility is. You can easily go up to 45 miles with only a round of charging. All that being said, it might take a while to get used to it as it is a heavy bike.

At A Glance

Whether you want to take your kids to the school or deliver products all around the city, the RadWagon Eclectic Cargo Bike is a great option. You can even use this electric bike instead of a car! For instance, now you can accommodate a riding partner with you any time you want.

This is one of the strongest e-bike productions from Rad Power Cycles, and we believe it lives up to that name. Therefore, RadWagon is indeed a great value for the price it’s coming for. 

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