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ElliptiGO Stationary Bike Trainer Review 2024

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ElliptiGo Stationary Bike Trainer For Elliptical Bikes


  • Easy Storage
  • Compact
  • Designed by ElliptiGO the founder of the Elliptical


  • Few Competitors

Riding an elliptical bike is an amazing exercise that doesn’t put too much strain on your joints and body. I really enjoy working out on an elliptical. The workout is so smooth and relaxing.

If you use an elliptical bike for your main source of exercise, it can be difficult to keep a consistent workout schedule when the weather doesn’t allow you to ride your bike, or maybe you just want to watch a TV show or movie while you ride. It doesn’t matter why you need to ride inside, the ElliptiGO bike trainer will be there for you no matter what.

An elliptical bike trainer allows you to ride your elliptical bike in the comfort of your home or pretty much anywhere you want to set it up. It can be on your patio, in your garage or it could be in a hotel room while you’re traveling. When you have a good elliptical bike trainer you can workout anywhere.

The ElliptiGO bike is the best elliptical bike trainer on the market. It is well built and gives everything you need for an elliptical bike trainer. If you choose this elliptical bike trainer, you won’t be disappointed.


ElliptiGO is a private manufacturer located in San Diego California. It was founded in 2008. In 2006, the founders of ElliptiGO created the first elliptical bike. It was only a prototype but they then applied for a patent on the elliptical bike in 2008. In 2010, they came out with the first commercially available Elliptical Bike.

That whole paragraph was to say ElliptiGO is the founder of the elliptical bike, so, why wouldn’t you trust them to make the best elliptical bike trainer there is.

Ride Feel – 9/10

The ElliptiGO Elliptical Bike Trainer has 2 major components that allow for a stable and realistic ride feel. It’ll almost feel like you’re riding outside on the road. However, not all road feels can be replicated.

The trainer is stable and safe. When you attach it to the components properly there should be no risk of falling over unless you throw a ton of weight at it.

The bases of both pieces are made with a wide design to increase stability. The rear component allows for some sway so that when you’re riding it feels like you’re riding on a real road. When riding an elliptical bike you have a little sway.

Components – 8/10

The Elliptical Bike Trainer comes with 2 major parts. The front stand which holds the front wheel and handlebars in place. The other piece is the actual bike trainer part. The bike trainer part is the piece that handles the spinning of the rear wheel while elevating it from the ground so you don’t go zoom zoom into your TV while riding.

The trainer part that attaches to your rear wheel is also responsible for the resistance that you feel while riding. Just like when you’re riding out on the road, you can still change gears to adjust your resistance, but the back resistance mechanism also controls some of the resistance.

Compatibility – 8/10

The ElliptiGO Elliptical Bike Trainer is compatible with all ElliptiGO bikes and many other standing bicycles. So, just because you don’t have an ElliptiGO bike doesn’t mean this won’t work for you. You just need to double-check that the measurements are similar to the ElliptiGO bikes or you need to make sure the measurements fit within the Elliptical Bike Trainers Measurements.

The only ElliptoGO bike that you will have to make adjustments for is the MSUB. With the MSUB, you will need to switch out the rear tire in order for it to fit.

Storage – 8/10

The ElliptiGO Stationary Trainer has a very small footprint, you can store it almost anywhere. You can store it in a closet, in the garage, or really anywhere and your bike can be stored wherever you were already storing it. The bike attaches and detaches very easily, so there’s no need to keep them together but if you have the room and want to, there’s no reason not to leave it set up.

Conclusion – 8/10

Overall, the ElliptiGO Fluid 365 Stationary Trainer is the best elliptical bike trainer on the market. If you want to exercise on your elliptical bike from home, this is the best option out there. ElliptiGO created the amazing elliptical bikes and they created a top tier accessory right alongside their first masterpiece. If you would like to learn more about the elliptical stationary bike trainer, click the button above.

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