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Best Pool Table Balls of 2024 (Reviews)

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Over the years, people all around the world have created many variations of billiards. These variations have given rise to the creation of a number of pool balls. Some billiard ball sets are game specific, have creative designs, or others are more durable. When using a pool ball set specific for a type of game, they’re usually the same size, weight, and diameter but the colors, material used and the design can vary.

When playing different games, the number, size, and style of the balls can vary greatly as well.

For example, a game of Snooker has a set of 15 red balls, a white cue ball, and a total of 6 extra pool balls of different colors. Conversely, an English Blackball game, also known as the British Style game of billiards consists of a set of 7 red and yellow pool balls that are not numbered. The only numbered ball in this game is the blackball which is marked with an 8.

In the US, the most common games played are 8 ball and 9 ball pool which are both forms of pocket billiards. In 8 ball pool, the ball set consists of 15 balls numbered 1 to 15 and a white cue ball. 9 ball is played with the same set of balls but you only use the balls numbered 1 to 9 and the cue ball.

In a standard set of 8 ball pool balls, the 8 ball is black, balls 1 through 7 are solid but varying colors and the balls numbered 9 through 15 are stripes. It’s also worth noting that the solids and stripes go in the same color order. For example, the 1 ball which is the first solid ball is typically yellow and the 9 ball which is the first striped ball is normally yellow too. This applies throughout the set of balls, the 2 and 10 balls are blue, 3 and 11 are red, and so on…

But it doesn’t end there. Other popular versions of the game include Carom billiards and English billiards which are both very different from each other.

Irrespective of which billiard game you play, owning a good case of pool table balls is a must. While it may be naturally hard for beginners to spot such differences, professional or good players on the other hand are aware of the importance of investing in a good pool table ball set.

The quality of the pool balls can actually be a total game-changer for any player, and this is mostly why people who play this sport on a competitive level usually opt for premium class billiard ball sets instead of the cheaper ones.

So, if you are a beginner looking for custom billiard balls or are in search of good quality pool balls to step up your game, the following list will surely be of great help to you. Here are some of the best billiard balls that you can try out. The list consists of both premium quality as well as budget-friendly ones to make your pool table balls shopping experience much easier for you.

The Best Pool Table Balls of 2021

  1. Aramith Tournament Black Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Set
  2. Aramith Premium Pure Phenolic Pool Balls Set
  3. Brunswick Centennial Billiard Balls – Cue & Case Sales
  4. JAPER BEES Pool Balls Set
  5. Iszy Billiards Pool Table Ball Set
  6. Cuppa Billiards – Professional Pool Ball Set

1. Aramith Black Tournament Pool Balls Review

The best pool balls are the Aramith Black Tournament Pool Balls


  • Longevity
  • Precision
  • Spin
  • Consistency
  • Resilience
  • Grip


  • Pricey

People who play billiard on a regular basis are aware of the fact that low-quality pool balls wear out faster when compared to a premium class billiard ball set. The Aramith Billiard Balls have been very consistent with the quality of their products for over a century now, serving about 85% of billiard players throughout the world.

The major reason behind the success of Aramith Billiard balls is that their customers know that they don’t have to invest in a set of pool balls multiple times over the course of a year due to the durability of the product. Their billiard ball sets are made using high-tech methods and fine Belgian expertise, which ensures the uniformity in the quality of their products. This helped them build quite a reputation in the pool table ball industry worldwide.

Made from first-class phenolic resin, the Aramith Billiard Balls are great for making clear-cut shots and smooth spins. Though expensive, their Tournament Black Aramith Billiard Ball set is one of their greatest products made to date and is absolutely perfect for professional matches.

With a glossy outlook, the pool table balls are friction resilient, which means that your pool table‘s felt won’t get burned as easily when you hit the ball. With a normal pool ball set, the friction created between the pool ball and the pool table creates white burn marks on the table’s felt. These pool balls are made to reduce heat and friction so burns don’t happen.

The surface of an Aramith pool ball is abrasion-free which helps prevent the buildup of dirt over time.

For the Tournament Black set, the company has created a unique and aesthetic black color, pairing up with Matchroom Multisport that guarantees a lustrous polish even after heavy use. The molecular structure of the balls is formulated in a way that surpasses the longevity of an average pool table ball set by 8 times, making it a reasonable choice for any professional or residential player out there.

However, the only downside of investing in a set of Aramith Billiard balls is the price rate that it entails. However, given the consistency of the products, one can rest assured that an Aramith Billiard Ball set won’t be a bad investment. The Aramith pool balls will outlast other pool balls so although you pay more, you will save more money in the long run.

2. Aramith Premium Pool Ball Set


  • Durability
  • Consistency
  • Proper Balance
  • Friction Resistant


  • Price Range

These industrial grade pool balls are slightly cheaper than a set of Tournament Black Aramith Billiard Balls. The Premium Aramith Billiard Balls set is made from pure phenolic resin which certifies the durability of the product and each ball measures 2-1/4’’ (in diameter). The uniform shape promises precise spins and balances while playing, making it perfect for both beginners as well as professionals.

Comprised of 16 balls, with 7 stripes, 7 solids, 1 black 8 ball, and 1 cue ball, the Premium pool ball set undergoes Vitrotech technology that helps with the impact resistance giving way to better playability. These pool balls are said to be five times better than any regular pool table balls made from polyester and polymers.

Like all the other Aramith Billiard Ball products, this set too can seem somewhat expensive but a considerable amount cheaper than the black edition. Hence, if you are looking for a set of good Aramith Billiard Balls that won’t break the bank, this can be a great option for you.

Aramith also makes other cheaper pool balls that you can check out by clicking the button below.

3. Brunswick Centennial Billiard Balls – Cue & Case Sales

Brunswick Centennial Billiard Balls


  • Resistant to Scratches
  • Crafted with Premium Aramith Phenolic Resin
  • Vitrified
  • Perfect for Intensive Game Play
  • Uniform Structure


Relatively Expensive

Perfect for professional and rigorous game plays, the Brunswick Centennial Billiard Balls are one of the best billiard balls in the industry. They are crafted with pure premium Aramith Phenolic resin which prevents the pool balls from wearing off faster than the regular ones. Brunswick Centennial Billiard Balls, very much like Aramith Billiard Balls, can be great for lowering investment costs annually due to its durability. The Aramith phenolic resin structure provides sturdiness to the Brunswick billiard ball sets which makes them resistant to scratches and also enables excellent impacts. The peripheral smoothness of the pool table balls prolongs the lifetime of the product, as well as the table cloth on which it rolls.

The Brunswick Centennial pool table ball sets contain a total of 16 pool balls comprising of 1 black ball, 7 solids, 1 cue ball, and 7 strips. Since the balls are vitrified, they are not worn out easily, even after intensive game plays, which makes it perfect for professionals and regular billiard players. Furthermore, the billiard ball colors, including both white as well as the darker ones still remain intact after prolonged use.

Each pool ball is finely polished in order to maintain a uniform weight and size with a 0.001-inch centrifugal tolerance. This ensures perfect spins and rolls on the cloth, giving you the opportunity for clear shots without having to worry about the billiard balls deviating in the wrong direction.

With a diameter of 2.25’’, the Brunswick Centennial pool balls come in classy packaging boxes, that mark them as the perfect gift box for your billiard player friend. Even though this set of pool balls is quite expensive, they will still last a lot longer than the regular ones made of polyesters. Hence, you will actually be saving money in terms of annual investments even though you will pay more upfront.

4. JAPER BEES Pool Balls Review



  • Top Class Resin Structure
  • Aesthetic
  • Impact Resilient
  • Great Packaging
  • Smooth Rolls
  • Steady Weight & Size


  • Susceptible to Abrasions
  • Not Built for Rigorous Game Play

Are you looking for good quality pool balls for under $100? JAPER BEES Pool Balls are a great option.

These pool table balls are great for smooth shots and are very colorful, compared to the usual billiard ball colors. Apart from being extremely elegant to look at, the JAPER BEES Marble Dark pool balls offer real bounces which are pretty rare for billiard ball sets within the same price range. It consists of 16 billiard balls with a regulation weight of about 5.9OZ.

The vitrified surface, consistent size, optimum balance, and glossy billiard ball colors make it a perfect ball set for players of all proficiency levels. The colorful balls are definitely a cherry on top. This also makes it a perfect billiard ball set for gifts since they are so visually appealing.

The JAPER BEES billiard ball set is made from a resin material which guarantees excellent bounce and even shots. It also has great durability due to its sturdy structure and is resistant to burn spots. The homogeneity of the core permits precise rolling without causing any friction on the surface.

Nevertheless, these pool balls may not be the best suited for intensive gameplay and are also vulnerable to scratches. Even so, player reviews suggest that they can last for about 6 months before completely wearing out. Not to mention, the quality JASPER BEES has to offer within a $100 price range seems like a pretty good deal for most billiard players.

5. Iszy Billiards Pool Balls Review

Iszy Billiards Pool Balls


  • Good Quality
  • Crafted from polyester resin
  • Boxed Packaging
  • Reasonable Price
  • Consistency


  • Reviews of cracks
  • Not that Glossy

The Iszy Billiards Swirl Marble Pool Ball Set can be a great addition to your pool table ball collection, especially if you are looking for something with a relatively reasonable price tag, ensuring great quality. This deluxe set of pool balls is made with a polyester resin that makes it resistant to scratches and impact. Although these won’t be as durable as the phenolic resin used in the Aramith balls.

The white color used in the balls is a shade that’s somewhere between off-white and ivory white. The rest of the billiard ball colors are equally bright and will surely pop up the appearance of your pool table, making it appear classy yet colorful.

All the pool balls by Iszy Billiards are properly calibrated, and it all comes in nicely boxed packaging. The billiard ball set has a uniform shape, size and weighs about 5.92 oz. The high tech crafting gives it proper resistance against friction, and it has a sum of 16 balls altogether.

There are 15 balls with one white cue ball, and the box that it is delivered in is white in color, which makes the packaging look really nice. Why do we mention this? It could be easily passed on as a great gift box for people who love billiards!

However, there have been reviews about sudden cracks after a couple of days, even though the number of good reviews almost overshadows the rare one or two complaints. Some have also spoken of how the balls do not look as glossy as they would have expected them to be. Overall, the number of good reviews highly exceeds the bad ones, and given the price, it is a pretty good deal.

6. Cuppa Billiards Professional Pool Balls Review

Cuppa Billiards Prossional Pool Balls


  • Made from Non-Toxic Resin
  • Durability
  • Impact Resistant
  • Quality
  • Flexible Usage
  • Consistency
  • Great color


  • Slightly Pricey
  • Reviews of wrong number prints

The Cuppa Billiard balls are manufactured with grade A non-toxic polyresin using high-tech equipment. The fine polishing makes the pool balls resistant to any scratches, which means that your Cuppa Billiard Ball set will be very long-lasting in terms of color and shine.

The set consists of 16 pool balls in total, comprising of a cue ball and 15 solid balls of multiple colors. The billiard ball colors are pretty vibrant and look very appealing and sleek due to being well-polished. The unique marble and swirly patterns also make the billiard ball set worthy of being great gifts for your billiard player friends.

The polyresin material, along with the good polishing, makes the pool balls perfect for intensive gameplay; therefore ensuring the durability of the product. Hence, you can easily use it for tournaments and prolonged gaming periods as the billiard ball set guarantees resistance to impacts and scratches.

The readings marked on the Cuppa pool balls set are accurate as they are done following the regular industry standards and every ball has a diameter of 2.25’’. There is a consistency in the size as well as the shape of the pool balls, making it perfect for clean and straight shots.

The detailed manufacturing and calibration make Cuppa Billiard Balls one of the best in the industry. Even though the price is slightly high, the performance of the pool balls makes it worth every penny.

The balls weigh 0.37 lbs or 168 in grams, and the sound and uniform roundness of the balls are fit for both beginners as well as professionals. It can also be a great addition to your own collection because the marble patterns are very aesthetic and commendable.

Buyers’ Guide: How To Choose The Right Pool Balls For You

Although our list of best billiard balls contains all the pros and cons of buying the aforementioned branded pool balls, there are still a couple of things you should consider before making an investment.

Things to consider before buying a pool ball set:

  • Size
  • Weight
  • Pliability
  • Material
  • Roundness
  • Ball Type
  • Intended Game

Size & Weight of the Billiard Balls

Being one of the most crucial features, this is one thing that you must double-check before purchasing a billiard ball set. The homogeneity in the weight and size of the ball will not only make the set look more organized, but it will also help both players to start off on the same foot, which is essential during tournaments.

Unevenness in the size and weight will not allow you to make those clear shots that you had predicted would go well. So why risk it, right? Hence, always make sure to see if there is uniformity in both the size and weight of the pool balls you’re buying. The usual diameter for regular pool balls is 2.25’’ and they should weigh somewhere near 5-6oz.


This particular feature is essential for the course the cue ball takes once you hit it towards another ball. If your pool balls are inelastic, then it will merely be able to transfer a bit of the speed of the cue ball to the one you were targeting. This means that the energy will remain in the cue ball and it will take an unknown trajectory after a collision.

Crafting Material

No one wants to own a billiard ball set that is susceptible to scratches and burns. The material that is used to craft the pool balls plays a major role in this part and acts as the determining factor for resistance towards scratches.

Manufacturers suggest that synthetic resin is way better than acrylic or polyester ones because it helps to elongate the game life of the pool balls. Synthetic resin makes the balls sturdy yet lightweight, which makes them perfect to play with.


A lot of cheaper quality pool table balls are not uniformly shaped. What most people, especially beginners, don’t understand is that a slight flaw in the roundness of the pool balls can make a major difference in a game. Hence, professional players usually don’t risk it with cheaper brands and usually opt for premium quality ones that are well known in the industry.

Ball Type

While commercial pool balls made out of a plastic outer layer are okay for beginners, it is however not the same for professional billiard players. Professional or proficient players are aware of the performance that these plastic balls provide. Hence, they try to avoid them at all costs.

What’s more, these cheaper quality balls wear down the table cloth faster due to the increased friction. The friction creates burn marks on the felt thus leaving you with a damaged play surface. Although you may have saved money on the balls, you will likely spend more money on pool table maintenance and replacing chipped balls. If you buy high quality balls, such as the Aramith pool balls, you won’t have to worry about this.

Game Type

One thing many people forget about is that there are multiple different pool games. So, many people buy the first set of balls that pops up in a search engine such as Google. They end up buying a set of Snooker balls or English billiards balls when they wanted a set of 8 ball pool balls. This results in an unhappy customer followed by poor reviews. To avoid this, make sure you’re buying pool balls for your desired game.

There are multiple pool games:

  • 9 ball pool
  • 8 ball pool
  • English Billiards
  • Snooker
  • Straight Line or Straight Billiards
  • Balkline

How to Make Your Pool Balls Last Longer?

Investing a lot for branded billiard ball sets will be of no use unless you are maintaining the equipment properly. Although pool balls from major brands like Aramith will no doubt last longer than any other regular balls due to the use of quality materials while manufacturing, they can still wear out over time if not taken care of from time to time.

Also, given the expensive price tags that come along with the premium pool table ball sets, it is definitely wiser to spend time on maintenance in order to lower the risks of unnecessary investments.

The things that you can use to clean your pool balls at home include a magic eraser, bleach, gloves, and a napkin that you can use to polish with. All you have to do is fill up the sink with water and a little bleach, soak the balls in it and wear your gloves to cleanse all the accumulated dirt.

To finish it off, rinse the balls in fresh water and use the magic eraser to give it a glossy polish.

Wrapping Up

To conclude, spending on a premium pool ball set is never a bad investment. Hence, to save your table cloth from wearing out and to avoid additional annual expenses, go ahead and purchase a set of classy billiard balls. The ones listed above should be a good place to start if you don’t know which brands to consider.

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