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Best Pool Table Lights of 2024 (Reviews)

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Most people end up spending a fortune on their pool table and accessories such as the balls and pool cues but often forget to do the same when it comes to their pool table lighting. What they don’t understand is that a decent set of billiard lights is a must for any billiard room setting and is equally as important as the objects on the pool table.

Pool table light fixtures don’t only involve the aesthetic and feel of the as most people believe. It also plays a huge role in your performance. Even if it’s just for your family and friends, having a good billiard light improves performance and visibility.

If you have a billiard table set up in a dark room without a good pool table light, it would hinder your opponent and your own performance due to poor visibility. This can make long shots and consistency very difficult. Not to mention, it will have a significant impact on your mood due to the uneven light setting. Playing pool is supposed to be fun, you don’t want poor lighting to create a negative mood while playing.

Besides, what good is a branded pool table and a nice set of pool balls if you can’t put it to good use?

Best Pool Table Lights of 2021

  1. Wellmet – 3 Light Pool Table Pendant Light for Game Room
  2. Bourbon Street Light Works – 44’’ Personalized Acrylic Pool Table Light
  3. WINSOON – Industrial Vintage Chandeliers Pulley for Pool Table
  4. Iszy Billiards – 72’’ Black Metal Ball Design Pool Table Light
  5. GSE Games & Sports Expert – 3 Metal Lamp Shades for Pool Table
  6. LAKIQ – 3 Light Hanging Pool Table Light Fixture with Clear Glass Shade
  7. Melunar – Hanging Pool Table Lamp for Game Room

1. Wellmet 3 Light Pool Table Light Review

Wellmet 3 Light Pool Table Light


  • Resistant to Rusting
  • Classy Appearance
  • Great Quality
  • Adjustable Chain
  • Inclusive of Materials for Installation
  • Dimmable
  • Worth the Price
  • Easy Maintenance


  • No Switch On Fixture
  • Cannot be Hung on Single Canopy
  • Has to be Hard Wired
  • Does Not Come With Bulbs

Looking for classy billiard lights that won’t shade 7ft – 9ft pool tables? Then look no further because we’ve got you covered! The Wellmet Pendant Pool Table Lights are perfect for covering billiard tables reaching 9ft and can give you sufficient lighting to see the color as well as the numbers on the billiard balls. This is inclusive of the holes from one end of the pool table to another.

The size of the blue Wellmet billiard light fixture is L59.05inchx W14.17 inch x H13.62 inch and the chain length is 35.4 inches long. The adjustable chain length helps you to regulate it according to your needs bearing in mind, the height of the pool table from your ceiling. The shades of the pool table lighting are blue in color and are exactly D14.01 inch x H7.3 inch in size, making it fit for covering a pool table measuring 9ft. The canopy measures D4.92 x 1.38 inches (D 12.5 x 3.5 cm).

The billiard light shades are made out of metal and has a matte texture to it that helps to prevent corrosion on the surfaces. This makes the Wellmet billiards lighting extremely durable as you do not have to worry about changing or investing in a new set of pool table light fixture because the matte finish to the metal surface will most definitely avert rusting. On another note, this also means that your billiard lights will be in great shape and appearance for a very long time.

Coming to the looks of this billiard light, it is definitely a classic one with elaborate design on each end of the shade holder. It is hang-able on flat, vaulted, sloped, curved, and even slanted surfaces and is perfect for rooms built for billiard and snooker themed club, or any gaming room for that matter.

Besides, if you want to bring in a change to the tone of the bulb, instead of buying a pool table light fixture with different light settings, you can just change the light bulb from the shades. The Wellmet 3 light pool table lights are suitable for all kinds of E26 light bulbs that are available in the market. This list comprises of LED, CFL, max 60W, and incandescent light bulbs.

The lampshade also works well with color changing, Wi-Fi supported, and halogen light bulbs. The E26 60 Watt max bulbs are energy efficient but have to be procured separately. The billiard lighting is also compatible with dimmable light bulbs, which in my opinion is one of the best ones to opt for because you can regulate the tone from an outward switch (has to be bought individually) on the wall according to your mood.

This billiards light set has guidelines that are very easy to follow and if done right, you will not have to ask a professional for help. The packaging is also pretty great, bearing the size of the pool table light fixture. The entire piece weighs 13.75 pounds precisely.

One downside of this billiard light is that it has to be hardwired. There is no pulling chain or a switch on the light itself, which makes it difficult for installation without getting an expert to help you out. Then again if you are well accustomed to hard wiring, it shouldn’t be problematic for you at all.

Another issue that you may face while installing the lamp is that you cannot hang the billiard lighting on a single canopy as the structure can lose balance and fall off completely. Therefore, we would advise you to avoid doing so at all costs.

Though the ratings of the Wellmet pool table light fixture is flooded with hundreds of good reviews, there has been, however, a single complaint about the unlevelled metal hooks in one of the products, making the installation look slightly slanted.

All in all, the Wellmet 3 lights pool table lights is undeniably worth the price and can complement well with any gaming room. If you are looking billiard lights that looks classy and is durable at the same time, this is the one you should be going for.

2. 44’’ Personalized Acrylic Pool Table Light Review – Bourbon Street Light Works

Personalized Acrylic Pool Table Light


  • Budget-Friendly
  • Shatter Resistant Acrylic
  • Customizable
  • Unique Graphics
  • Great Quality
  • Crack Resistant
  • Well-lit
  • Comes with Chain
  • Would make A Great Gift


  • Requires Hard Wiring

Bourbon Street Light Works are well-known for their customizable Acrylic billiard lights and this specific billiard light fixture happens to be among one of the more affordable alternatives from their frames made of hardwood. This in no way means that the product is not superior in terms of quality.

This brand has been in the game lighting trade since 2009 and is recognized as one of the leading businesses in the industry right now. Most of their customizable billiard lights come with innovative and advanced graphic prints that are new in the market.

The Bourbon Street Light Works – 44’’ Personalized Acrylic Pool Table Light is guaranteed to be 100% shatterproof due to its acrylic structure. The chain that comes along with it is also changeable and is attached to the canopy fixed to the ceiling. The packaging comes with 4 bulb fixtures that can hold about 400 Watts and has an all over dimension of 44’’ x 12’’ x 10’’. There are 4 cords for Hardwire and can be used to light up pool tables measuring from 7ft to 9ft.

What’s more is that you get to customize the billiard light using whichever color scheme that blends in well with your room or pops out well among other objects. You can also choose the main text and subtext that you think would look trendy and personal.

If you have friends who love playing billiard and could use a new set of pool table light fixture, this customized billiard light could be the perfect one for them. You could literally go all out with the color themes and the texts.

The only disadvantage of using this acrylic billiard lighting is that you need to hardwire it for installation. Otherwise, the Bourbon Acrylic Pool Table Lighting could easily be passed on as one of the best pool lights in the market due to its great quality and unique graphic designs.

3. WINSOON Industrial Vintage Chandeliers Pulley for Pool Table Review

WINSOON Industrial Vintage Chandeliers for Pool Table


  • Classy Vintage Design
  • 2 Years Warranty with 100% Cash Back
  • Adjustable Chain
  • Excellent Quality
  • Compatible with All Light Bulbs
  • Detailed Instruction Manual
  • Great Packaging
  • Comes with Pre-Installed Bits & Pieces
  • Pre-connected Wires


  • Heavy-Lifting & Installation Requires Two People
  • Counterweight Ball Unable to Hold Light Bar
  • Very Heavy

Constructed with metals, the billiard light fixture gives off vintage vibes due to its antique and intricate designing that are classy enough to be used anywhere around the house, including on top of your billiard tables.

You get 3 lamp base nuts, 1 pair of gloves, 3 Metal Lampshade of 11.8’’ diameter, screws, 1 Ceiling Chassis of 17.8’’L x 5.12’’ W, 1 Bar with a length of 35.4’’, an adjustable wire of 78.7’’ and 1 metal ball along with little iron beads with the rest of the packaging of this lamp. You can also choose whichever bulb you prefer for the pool table light fixture. This includes the ones which change colors, as well as the billiard lights that work when enabled with the Wi-Fi.

The CFL fluorescent light bulbs can also pair up well the WINSOON – Industrial Vintage Chandeliers Pulley 3 Light Pendant Lighting, and you will find twin tubes type as well as the spiral ones in the market. However, if you want to use energy-efficient light bulbs, the LED ones would be the one to opt for. Not only will this be friendly for the environment, but it will also help you to lower your bills.

A lot of the separated parts in the packaging comes pre-installed, making the installation process of the pool table lighting much easier for you. Even so, installing it is still a two-person job because the entire lampshade is pretty heavy to be carried by one person.

Another issue that some people have complained about is the Counterweight Ball, which is not heavy and sturdy enough to lift up the weight of the Light Bar.

To sum it up, the retro looks of the billiard light and the pre-installed wires and nuts make this pool table light fixture worth the heavy price tag. Also, the 2-year warranty is one jaw-dropping offer that you cannot resist bearing in mind that they will also provide you with a full refund in case something breaks off.

4. Iszy Billiards 72’’ Metal Ball Design Pool Table Light Review

Iszy Billiards Metal Ball Pool Light


  • Comes with Manual
  • Fit for 9ft Pool Tables
  • Adjustable Chain
  • Easy Installation
  • Can be Returned
  • Can be Replaced


  • Doesn’t come with Bulbs
  • Small Cap
  • Reviews of Mismatched Cord
  • Reviews of Chipped painting

The Iszy Billiards 72’’ Pool Table Light boasts of vintage styling with a hint of modern design that are displayed with mock up pool table balls aligned on top, giving the pool table lighting all the color it needs.

The 4 shades billiard light fixture is commended for 9-foot billiard tables with light bulbs of 4 60 watts. However, the purchase does not include the bulbs, so you have to buy it separately. The package has a detailed manual instruction inside it which is very easy to get done if followed step by step.

The billiard lighting can be installed with hardwire or with the help of an adaptor which you will also have to purchase individually.

One of the greater advantages of purchasing products from trusted brands like Iszy Billiards is that they are consistent with their quality almost most of the time. However, if you aren’t satisfied or are disappointed with the product you have received, they will get back to you right away by either offering you a replacement or a full return of the purchase.

This has happened in one of the purchases where the customer was neither happy with the finishing of the painting nor the white color of the cord. He then spoke with the manufacturers, who then helped him out right away.

5. GSE Games & Sports Expert Billiard Table Light Review

GSE Expert Billiard Table Light


  • Adjustable Chains Made of Metal
  • UL Certification Standards
  • Fit for 7ft and 8ft Pool Tables
  • Glossy White Finishing Inside
  • Versatile Usage
  • Comes in 3 Different Colors


  • Light Bulbs Not Included
  • Has to be Hard Wired
  • Reviews of Missing/No Manual

Certified by UL, the GSE 56’’ Billiard Table Lights have a smooth yet traditional design that complements almost any room inside a house. The classic colors of this product is what makes it versatile to be used in any room, even with the ones containing a color theme. It comes in shades of black, brushed Nickel and Oil-Rubbed Bronze.

The GSE Billiard Table Light with 3 Metal Black Shades are made for heavy-duty and thus is suitable for gaming rooms, as well as bars and restaurants. The insides of the 3 black shades are painted in glossy white which makes it look very sleek due to the stylish mix of colors.

The adjustable chains of metal of the pool table light fixture can be adapted keeping the height between the ceiling and the pool table top in mind. This pool table lighting is suited for pool tables measuring 7ft – 8ft providing full coverage on the required areas. Nonetheless, it does need to be set up with hardwire or an adapter, and this can be a challenging task considering the weight of the lampshade.

Separate light bulbs need to be purchased to fix in the shades. Some consumers have complained about not receiving a manual which made it hard for them to install the billiard lights. However, the provider is very responsive and will help you out in case of any issues or queries.

6. LAKIQ Hanging Pool Table Light Fixture Review

LAKIQ Hanging Pool Table Light Fixture Review


  • Suitable for Different Rooms
  • Variety of Styles Packed Into One Lamp
  • Down-Light
  • Replacement is Possible
  • They Allow Refunds
  • Cord/Chain is Adjustable


  • No Bulbs Included In Purchase
  • Hardwire Installation

If you are aiming for a billiard light that is both fetching and gives excellent service, then LAKIQ has just the thing in store for you. Their hanging pool table light built with a combination of glass and metal is elegant yet useful with its 3 dome-shaped glass shades and metal rod.

The height and width of the fixture is 11.81” and 39.37” respectively. The chain used to hang the lamp is about 23.37” in length, the size of which can be changed to your liking. There is also a ceiling plate accompanying the product.

The shades and the metal rod have been designed in a way that creates a fusion of industrial, vintage, loft and contemporary styles. Besides the clear glass and shiny metal, a line of pool balls have been fixed atop the metal rod to adorn it. The final look is such that it cannot only be placed in your billiard or game room but also the living space, dining room, kitchen, bars and other places. This is why we call it multifunctional. Though we must point out that it does look its best when fixed above the billiard table, illuminating the entire table and the surroundings.

However, in this case too, as a downside, no bulbs come with the product. So, you will have to purchase them yourself. For this lamp, go for either the E27 or E26 bulbs. Also, it involves a hardwire installation, so fixing the lamp will be quite tricky.

Nonetheless, the lamp is magnificent, considering the fact that it is of fine quality, andthe retailer allows replacements and refunds, this billiard light fixture will be ideal for you.

7. Melunar Hanging Pool Table Lamp Review

Melunar Hanging Pool Table Lamp Review


  • Trendy Design
  • Durable Metal Chain
  • Adjustable Chain Length
  • Multifunctional And Versatile
  • Comes with Precise Instructions
  • Down-Light


  • Hardwire Installation
  • Does Not Come With Bulbs
  • Heavy
  • Not Dimmable

Coming from a brand that knows how to combine style with functionality, this pool table light fixture from Melunar, is truly one of a kind. With bright lights to bring your pool table into focus and a sleek look to embellish your room, you can’t go wrong with this purchase.

Starting with the features, this product includes three metal shades – all glossy and black. They are approximately 13.8” in diameter and the bulbs that will fit the best are the E26 ones. Along with that, you’ve got a 59” black lamp rod to which the shades are affixed to. Two black metal chains of 45.8” length, are attached to the top part of the rod.

Look wise, you’ll fall in love with this particular billiard lighting. The classy black, the vibrant pool balls enclosed in between the rod and even the size of the shade and rod – all contribute to its beauty. Apart from that, the metal chains that have a vintage look about them can be adjusted to your preferred length. In addition to that, they also happen to be very heavy-duty.

One of the greatest things that this lamp offers is its versatility. It’ll fit not only your regular American pool table but also other billiards tables and snooker tables. Coming to its multi-functionality, you can even fix the light in other places and it’ll fit right in, be it your dining room, bar, restaurant, other parts of your game room, etc.

Since we are talking of pool table, you’ll be happy to know that the light only faces downward. When used over a pool table, this quality will ensure that every corner is well lit. Also, though the lamp requires hardwire installation, the instruction manual is to-the-point which makes the process much easier.

Among downsides, besides the hardwire installation, there’s the issue of weight because it’s a 22.2-pound product. Moreover, once you buy the bulbs separately and have them installed, they can’t be dimmed.

On the whole, considering the look and craftsmanship of the billiard light, it’ll be a great addition to your billiards room or any other room of your choosing!

Buyers’ Guide: Choosing The Best Light For Your Billiard Room

Features You Should Look Out For

Once you have made up your mind about investing in a good set of pool table lighting, the next step would be to know what features to look for while rummaging through the numerous brands of billiard lights for sale on different online platforms. Here are some of the features to take into consideration so that you have the best setting while playing:

Materials Used for Manufacturing

This is one of the most important features to look out for while purchasing a pool table light fixture. While most billiard lights are made from metal or plastic, you will also find other kinds that are made from wood. The ones made from woods are slightly difficult to manage because they need to be varnished and polished from time to time in order to keep the shine intact.

However, billiard lighting made from metals is usually coated with layers of it to be resistant to rusting and corrosion. This prolongs the lifespan of the billiard light, keeping it in a good condition even after regular usage.

Style of The lamp

No one wants their recreational space to look like a mix of unmatched expensive objects put together. When doing the interiors of a billiard room or a game room, there must be a theme you should follow while buying stuff for it to fill it with. The lamp style happens to be one of the main objects to pay attention to because a room is not appealing to the eye as long as it doesn’t have a good lighting.

If you have looked up online, you must have seen two different types of pool table light fixture that are available on the market. One of them is pendant spotlights that look more modern and are specifically built for the sole purpose of being a pool able light. These billiard lights also help to ensure uniform spread of lighting upon the pool table, no matter how large or small it is.

Others include farmhouse-style billiard lights which are correspondingly artistic and well-matched for a number of spaces including bars, game rooms and kitchen tables.

Hence, it all comes down to what you want your billiard space to look like. We would suggest to take a good deal of time to think about it since it involves a moderately huge investment and also because you won’t be changing the lighting any time soon, unless you are going for a complete interior makeover once a year.


While all electrical products don’t come with a warranty, it is preferred that you opt for the ones which do. This is because one downside of purchasing electrical equipment is that the odds of receiving faulty products are great. So why risk all the money onto something which wouldn’t last you at least a minimum of two years?

Generally, most electrical merchandises have a warranty of two years. And it would be great if you could find a brand which ensures a warranty of about two years if not more. This will also put your mind at ease because by any chance, if anything breaks or you realize that the bits and pieces are faulty, you can easily head up to the store or give them a call for replacement or full reparation of the product.

Type & Quantity of Billiard Light Bulbs

It is close to impossible to find a pool table light that can cover the entire area of the table. With that being said, the common ones found in the market usually come in a set of 3, 4 or even 5, depending on the size of your billiard table.

One key thing to remember is that the more number of billiard lights you have, the better will be the lighting ambience and coverage of your billiard space. In general, multiple light shades are attached to a central rod, which makes it easy for installation as you don’t have to do it separately.

Although the energy intake and bills increase with the number of light bulbs on your pool table lighting, purchasing an energy efficient light bulb which is good for the environment, like E 26 LED bulbs can cut down costs to a greater extent. These bulbs are readily available in your nearby stores, and storing up on them in case one stops working wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

Moreover, there are a lot more ecofriendly options in the market nowadays, which means that you will have a lot to choose from and won’t have to stick to the same kind of bulbs.

However, a greater number of light bulbs also means that you will have to spend more time on maintenance in case one blows up or requires replacing. Even so, that’s still better than using lightshades which take up a lot of electrical energy.

Setting up & Adjustability

A lot of people often rush the whole process of purchasing a billiard lighting without realizing if the product actually comes with easy installation procedures. If you have never encountered issues with hard wiring, don’t even bother to take up the task on your own and hire a professional to set it up for you instead. However, if you have had some experience in the past, it should be a fairly easy task for you, only if the manuals are easy to follow.

Note, that maximum number of the pool table light fixtures usually need to be hardwired and cannot be simply plugged into a power supply.

Another thing to look into while buying a billiard light is that the set up should be modifiable. For example, some billiard lights are only compatible with flat surfaces and cannot be adjusted into sloped ones. So, if you have an adjustable billiard light fixture, you will be able to fit it in, no matter the angle or shape of the ceiling.

Nonetheless, you will have to invest in an adapter to make a flat surface on which you can attach the pool table lighting if you don’t have an adjustable one. Yes! It can definitely be a lot of hard work to install the lampshade in such cases, but it certainly is doable! Therefore, if you haven’t bought a pool table light already, make sure to emphasize on this feature more than the others because the entire setup depends on it.

Precise Measurements

Let’s face it. It isn’t easy to purchase stuff online without having to worry about the dimensions and if or not they will in fact fit in the space you have left. The all over dimensions of the pool table light fixture that you have chosen has to be well-matched with the amount of space you want to cover. You have to look at the measurements precisely and then create mockups of them before purchasing so that you have an idea about the magnitude of the billiard lighting.

Do not be fooled into thinking that bigger light shades offer larger coverage on pool tables. You need to take the quality of the product into account and therefore opt for one which will be able to provide the best coverage on all parts of the pool table. It goes without saying that an oddly large billiard light for a smaller room would look equally dissenting as a smaller billiard lighting would in a spacious room.

Distance between Lamp & Ceiling

Proper modifications of the billiard light are of immense importance and can only be accurately achieved if the light in question is an adjustable one. The adjustable billiard lights usually have a chain that can be hung onto a canopy. The chain is fairly large in length which ensures customized adjustments even while playing. The ones that are not adjustable entail a lot of risking factors which may include improper lighting and coverage on the billiard table.

More reasons as to why an adjustable billiard light fixture is necessary is that it should not hit your head while playing. Health hazards must be avoided at all costs. Not to mention proper lighting will cover more space on the pool table, enhancing the vision while playing.

Do note that the further the lamp is from the table, the more area it will be able to cover, and the more light it will be able to diffuse into the surrounding.

Now that you have a better understanding of the features, you should look into the list of the best billiard lights for sale that we felt YOU shouldn’t miss out on!


Try not to put yourself at risk while installing the billiard lights. If you are not confident enough, do not hesitate to hire a professional. This will also save you the endless hours you would have put into it trying to figure everything out.

Do keep in mind that all the installing needs to be done following the standards that have been published by the World Billiard Association. Though, this does mean that you will have to purchase a light meter, which honestly, isn’t necessary if you buy a dimmable bulb instead. This way if the lighting isn’t working for you on a particular day, you can easily regulate it using a wall switch. Do not forget to make sure that the light diffuses well onto the pool table.

Hopefully, the little insight that we could provide you with the features and the list of the best pool table lights of 2021 will enable you to pick the best billiard lighting for your game room. Try investing a reasonable amount for this purpose because the branded pool balls and the table will be of no use without it.

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