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Aventon Pace 500 Next Gen Review 2024

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Aventon Pace 500 Next Gen E-Bike


  • Impressive lines and design
  • Carries itself like a cruiser electric bike
  • Available in two sizes
  • Inset tail lights have aesthetic appeal and are now a signature mark of Aventon bikes
  • Brake lights serve a practical purpose
  • Ergonomic grips on the handlebars
  • Comfy, well-cushioned saddle


  • No suspension support system
  • The cockpit area might feel a bit cramped for some users
  • The cadence sensors and electric assist can be tricky to maneuver at low speeds

The Aventon Pace 500 Next Gen e-bike is a zippy, fun ride for getting around town hassle-free. It’s comfortable while being speedy and efficient.

This bike comes loaded with many must-have features, like a powerful motor and sleek, stylish lines. Yet, as with all good things, it also comes with a few drawbacks as well.

To help you find out as much as you can about this bike and all its features, we put together this Aventon Pace 500 review.

So, let’s get started.

Aventon Pace 500 Review: A Brief Overview

The New Aventon Pace 500 Next Gen came out in March 2022. The original Pace 500 came out years prior. The new Pace 500 is a class III electric bike with throttle-activated monster assistance that can reach speeds of up to 20 miles per hour (mph). Its pedal activated motor assistance, however, can go up to 28 mph thanks to its 720 watts (W) motor and a 50 torque output.

One of its best qualities is its responsive handling and smooth fork suspension. In addition, the battery integration is faultless, matched with the high-volume tires to provide a smooth and easy ride.


Check out some of the highlights of the Aventon Pace 500 E-Bike:

  • 48V, 12.8Ah, 614.4 watt-hours (Wh) removable lithium-ion battery
  • 3 Amp Quick Charger
  • Weighs nearly 53 pounds
  • 500W rear hub motor
  • Hydraulic disk brakes with 180mm front and rear rotors
  • Full-color digital display with a phone app sync option and a USB port
  • Integrated 40 lux headlights and taillights
  • Has a range of over 40 miles
  • 5 PAS levels and a cadence sensor
  • Adjustable stem and handlebars
  • Puncture-resistant tires with reflective walls

Aventon Pace 500 Pros and Cons

Here’s a breakdown of the Aventon Pace 500 pros and cons.


The main advantage this e-bike has over its competitors has to be the frame-integrated battery. It’s powerful, hard-wearing, and built to extend the bike’s range. As a result, you can go for longer distances without having to worry about your battery dying out mid-ride.

Check out some more benefits of the Aventon Pace 500:

  • Impressive lines and design
  • Carries itself like a cruiser electric bike, but with the no-fuss handling of a commuter bike
  • Available in two sizes: regular for riders between 5’1” to 5’11” with a maximum saddle height of 940 mm, and a large size for riders 5’11” to 6’4” tall with a maximum saddle height of 1000 mm
  • Inset tail lights have aesthetic appeal and are now a signature mark of Aventon bikes
  • Brake lights serve a practical purpose of allowing you to ride safely at night
  • Ergonomic grips on the handlebars
  • Comfy, well-cushioned saddle


Being a step-through bike means the Aventon Pace 500 tends to feature thicker and sturdier construction than the standard step-over bikes. While this ensures a long-lasting bike, it makes it on the heavier side.

Here are a few other drawbacks you can find on the Aventon Pace 500:

  • No suspension support system
  • The cockpit area might feel a bit cramped for some users
  • The cadence sensors and electric assist can be tricky to maneuver at low speeds

Special Features

The best thing about the Aventon Pace 500 e-bike is its smooth handling, sleek lines, and heavy-duty 6061-T6 aluminum build. This cruiser bike is like a trailblazer when it comes to environmentally friendly motor vehicles.

Still, it doesn’t disappoint when it comes to speed and power.

Take a look at some of the most notable features of this functional and stylish electric bike.

Fully Integrated Battery

Pace 500 battery

Integrating the battery into the frame down-tubing is probably one of the most innovative things that Aventon did with this bike. It gives the bike a smooth, clean appearance while reducing the bulkiness and awkward placing of the battery.

Still, the 48V bike is almost 10% larger than previous models. Consequently, this gives the Pace 500 a more considerable range and longer running time.

Another honorable mention regarding the battery is that it’s easy to remove for charging or when you’re transporting the bike. Plus, the battery comes with a lock for added insurance to prevent it from getting stolen.

The Pace 500 comes with a 3 Amp premium charger. It can get the battery fully charged in about four hours maximum.

Pedal Assist and Throttle

pace 500 throttle

The Aventon Pace 500 features a pedal-assist system (PAS), as well as a throttle for maximum convenience. If you need a workout or prefer doing your own pedaling, then use the lower pedal assist levels.

Alternatively, you’ll need to gear up to those higher PAS levels to roll over rough or hilly terrains with easy maneuverability. This is also where the bike’s cadence sensor comes in.

This sensor is basically a magnet attached to the crank arm. It takes note of how many times the pedals revolve. Then, it sends a message to the bike’s motor via the computer, which then gives your pedaling power a nice boost when you need it.

Finally, there’s the third option: the throttle. The throttle comes in handy when you don’t want to do any pedaling at all.

It runs at a maximum speed of 20 mph, which is pretty moderate. To kick into motion, all you have to do is give the bike a couple of minutes of pedaling. After that, turn on the throttle, and you’re all set!

8-Speed Drive-Train System

The Aventon Pace 500 features a top-of-the-line drive-train system with an 8-speed Shimano chain, rear derailleur, and cogset. Together, they provide the necessary push and pull motion of the bike to get you where you want to go safely and efficiently.

For example, say you’re riding over a smooth road with little traffic. Then, that would be the perfect time to kick the highest assist levels into action by using the 7th or 8th gears.

On the other hand, if you usually like riding uphill or you’re on a bumpy country road, then your best bet is the lowest gears: 1st or 2nd.

Then, there are the other gears in-between that guarantee you won’t find yourself stuck in a situation without the drive-train coming to your rescue.

5 Riding Modes

Since this is a class III e-bike, it has to have several riding modes; five pedal assist levels to be exact. They’re part of the pedaling assist system (PAS) we mentioned earlier, and each works to provide you with the suitable speed and power depending on the type of terrain.

As you’ll see below, the top speed, level 5, is 28 mph. Yet, keep in mind that if you engage the throttle, it’ll take you down to 20 mph, as mentioned above. This is due to eBike laws around the bike class.

Here are the five riding modes:

  • Level 1: 13 mph
  • Level 2: 18 mph
  • Level 3: 20 mph
  • Level 4: 23 mph
  • Level 5: 28 mph

Backlit LCD Color Screen

One of this e-bike’s high-tech perks is the sleek digital display found in the cockpit. It’s compatible with Aventon’s mobile app, available on Google Play and the App Store.

The display is easy to navigate and access with user-friendly settings. You can check your ride data and change any user preferences, all with a touch of the conveniently located controller on the side of the left bar handle. This smart design means you can access your digital display at any time during your ride without having to take your hand off the handle to touch the screen.

Best of all, Aventon designers gave the screen an update from its previous model. With the newer version of the Pace 500, the screen is now easier to read, both at night and in direct sunlight, for maximum functionality and ease of use.

Hydraulic Disc Brakes

Featuring front and rear double piston system Tektro HD-T285 hydraulic disc brakes, you can ride the Aventon Pace 500 knowing you’re in safe hands. These brakes are highly responsive with a quick stopping power that was quite impressive.

Plus, they’re easy to maintain, thanks to the fact that they’re sealed, which helps keep them protected from the elements.

The brakes come with 180mm rotors that provide a smooth stop. We tried the brakes riding downhill, and we’re happy to say they didn’t disappoint in the least.

Besides their quick responsiveness and smooth stopping, we noticed that they require less pressure to go into effect.

Class III E-Bike

A class III bike is an electrically assisted pedelec that can reach up to 28 mph. This means class III e-bikes are the fastest bike category of them all.

In fact, it’s actually considered to be so speedy that there are certain rules and regulations that riders need to abide by.

For example, in some states, owners of the Pace 500 may need to register their e-bikes with the state’s Department of Transportation. Even though other states don’t require a license, they stipulate that the rider should be 16 years old or more. Anyone younger than 16 years old can only ride an e-bike like the Aventon Pace 500 if they’re a passenger.

Carrying Capacity

This would be a good time to mention that the recommended carrying capacity of the Pace 500 is a minimum of 70 pounds and a maximum of 275 pounds.

These carry weights aren’t just for the rider’s safety, but it also gives you an idea of how long the battery will last. For example, when riding this bike over rough terrain for several miles, we found that the battery drained down to about half its full charge.

However, when ridden at maximum assistance over a 2-mile stretch of a flat, smooth bike path. It only loses about 5% of its full charge.

As you can see, the type of terrain also comes into question. However, primarily the weight of the rider and the bike’s carrying capacity should be the vital factors to consider when it comes to battery life.

Bottom line: a lighter load will consume less of the battery’s energy than a heavier one. Simple physics.

Price and Warranty

A new Aventon Pace 500 electric bike costs anywhere between $200 to $400 dollars more than its previous version. That said, it’s considered one of the best values we’ve seen in a long time. Its features match those of much more expensive brands of e-bikes on the market.

Likewise, the Pace 500 fared much better than other e-bikes in the same price range. Considering the quality of the build, the durability, and all the other fun features, the Averton Pace 500 seems to be a pretty good investment to make.

Aventon manufacturers offer a limited warranty on bikes purchased from them directly or any Authorized Aventon Retailers.

Final Verdict

Our Aventon Pace 500 review looked at the step-through e-bike specs and some of its features. This is definitely a value-priced brand that focuses on creating sleek, comfortable, and functional rides for its users.

The Aventon 500 Pace is no exception. With its powerful battery, adjustable stem and handlebars, and five riding modes, you’ll get to where you want to go in the city.

There are, however, a couple of drawbacks. For one, there’s no suspension system. So, try to avoid riding over loose gravel or cobblestone, or you will feel it.

Other than that, this is truly a revolutionary e-bike that will make you feel good about the way you’re saving the environment. Plus, you’ll look pretty darn good in it too.

So, what’s not to love!

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