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Juiced Bikes Ripcurrent And Ripcurrent S Review 2024

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Juiced Bikes RipCurrent S

When it comes to e-bikes, Juiced Bikes has made sure that its products are fast, efficient, and user-friendly. To facilitate the riders who want to go on cross-country rides, the company first launched the Juiced RipCurrent model. While Juiced RipCurrent S came out later, and this e-bike is referred to as an update to the old model. Juiced RipCurrent and Juiced RipCurrent S both come in handy in daily routine chores, but the company made these bikes for a much broader purpose.

Overview and Difference

It does not matter if you require additional support when you are working or if you need to go for a ride on the weekend; the Juiced RipCurrent will not let you down. Both of these models are ideal for someone who wants to commute, have fun, or go to work. Furthermore, the price of these bikes is quite budget-friendly, and that is why more and more people are trying to get their hands on these magnificent electric bicycles.


Both e-bikes have a somewhat athletic and sporty appearance, which many riders have acclaimed. If you want to show off your biking skills, these models serve the purpose. Juiced RipCurrent S comes with a back rack, a perfect choice for people who work every day. The back rack might come in handy as you can place your briefcase on it. Juiced RipCurrent S also has a super-adjustable coil suspension and a lockout fork, making your rider safer and comfortable.

The Juiced RipCurrent just has a coil suspension fork and is safe for everyday use. The frame of both bikes has a good design, adjustable handlebars for a premium grip, and will not let your back suffer if you are planning to ride the bike for a longer time.

Gear Shifter

Juiced Bikes is popular for its gear shifter, and that is why all of their bikes have state-of-art gear shifter installed. The gear shifter installed on both Juiced RipCurrent models includes a Shimano 9 Speed cassette drivetrain. In addition, both models come with an exclusive nine-gear facility and thus faster than most of the bikes out there.


It is easy for someone to miss a thing or two while purchasing an e-bike. That is why you need to make sure that what you are buying is worth it. Tires of e-bikes are one of those things that are not considered as a deciding factor when purchasing an electric bicycle. Nevertheless, these should be a deciding factor because there are a variety of tires that are fit for a variety of purposes.

However, you are in luck today, as both Juiced RipCurrent and Juiced RipCurrent S have premium tires that are suitable for every kind of terrain. In addition, these models come with extra-large 26″ x 4″ wide Kenda tires and are vibration absorbers. That is why riding on Juiced RipCurrent models is always full of comfort and enjoyment.


The Juiced RipCurrent models are all about the engine, and that is why the company has revised the tradition and installed a supercharged 750-Watt Bafang Hub motor with a maximum output of 28 MPH.


Brakes are one of the top factors, which add to the worth of the bike. While riding an e-bike, if the brakes fail to perform, as they should, you might be in trouble. Nevertheless, Juiced RipCurrent and Juiced RipCurrent S have a 180 mm Hydraulic disc brake installed so that you can stop the bike right on the spot. If you are riding at a top speed, and something comes up in the middle of the road or on the terrain, you can count on these hydraulic bad boys.


The main difference between Juiced RipCurrent and Juiced RipCurrent S is its battery. Though both bikes serve their purpose of going for miles, Juiced RipCurrent S takes the top spot. Juiced RipCurrent comes with a 13 Ah battery and is suitable for going for an average of 40+ miles, while Juiced RipCurrent S, with a 19.2 Ah battery, can go as far as 70+ miles when fully charged.

If you are stuck in deciding between these two bikes, consider calculating how many miles you ride each day and then decide. Although having a more extensive range is always beneficial, as one becomes tension-free while going somewhere.

Juiced RipCurrent and Juiced RipCurrent – An Honest Review

Riders only want one thing in their bikes, and that is customization. Therefore, it is always better if you can choose the color of your bike. Juiced Bikes are the epitome of perfection when it comes to color, and that is why their Juiced RipCurrent S comes in three colors, i.e., red, white, and black. Although the Juiced RipCurrent is only limited to black, color colors don’t define the worth of the bike.

Additionally, another cool thing about both of these models is that they come with extra fat tires, which means extra safety, more grip, and a comfortable ride. These premium tires will let you ride on every surface without worrying about being slipped and can withstand mountain biking.

The LCD installed on both e-bikes is rather small compared to its competitors, but it serves the purpose. A biker can clearly see the numbers and is acquainted with them easily. Furthermore, you can see every little thing easily on the LCD, such as battery level, voltage, and outside temperature, etc.

The Juiced RipCurrent and Juiced RipCurrent S flex about its different pedal assist modes. These pedal assist modes make the ride more fun and efficient while traveling long distances. Another cool feature of the bike is its LCD cruise control, which means that you can go at larger distances without even pedaling. Apart from this, these bicycles come with a speed limiter that gives you the power to ride the bike at a certain speed limit. It is a very useful tool in limiting the speed of the e-bike to a specific legal speed limit.


Both e-bike RipCurrent models are unique vehicles with a strong frame and are absolute perfection for speed, comfort, and efficiency. In addition, these bikes are absolutely cheaper than their competitors are. Juiced RipCurrent and Juiced RipCurrent S are similar in many ways but, Juiced RipCurrent S comes with premium upgrades and allows an additional 30 miles range. Although Juiced RipCurrent is a pretty decent bike, it has its limitations.

We personally recommend you to buy Juiced RipCurrent if you are buying for smaller distances. Still, if you want to travel from medium to large distances, Juiced RipCurrent S should be your priority. These are powerful pieces of machines and are have premium components.

Both of the models may look and feel the same but are made for an entirely different purpose. There is no doubt that these are the top electric bicycles of the century and are suitable for running errands or mountain biking. Still, if you want to invest your money in something that goes over the top with your expectations, we advise you to consider purchasing Juiced RipCurrent S because of its premium features, powerful motor, fat tires, great battery rage, and best top speed.

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