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Best Adult Electric Tricycles for Seniors 2021 (Reviews)

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Riding a bike can be a great workout or just a relaxing pass time. Having an electric bike or electric trike that allows you to switch between a good workout and a relaxing ride is amazing. As long as you don’t let the battery die, you never have to worry about getting too tired to make it home.

As you get older, it’s important to stay in shape to keep up your health but as you get older the harder workouts that you used to do when you were younger may not be an option anymore. In this scenario, having an e-trike may be a great option for you. You still get a good workout, but with the comfort of having a motor to assist you. This works either through a pedal-assist system or by allowing you to use the e-trike like a moped.

When looking at the best e-trikes for seniors & adults, I focused primarily on comfort and ease of use. Since I wanted this list to be very accommodating to all seniors, I put extra emphasis on this. I feel that Adult Electric Trikes are better for seniors than e-bikes because they will give you the most relaxed ride. You don’t have to worry about balancing all you have to do is pedal and if the model you choose has full-throttle mode you can even choose whether or not you want to do that.

Some electric trikes are only pedal assist, which means you have to pedal but it reduces the effort required when pedaling. Other e-trikes have full throttle mode, where you don’t have to pedal and you can choose your speed using the throttle. Pedal-assist mode will give you longer battery life while full-throttle mode will cut it short.

As I feel e-trikes are a more widely accessible option for seniors I focused on e-trikes instead of e-bikes overall in this article. I still feel E-bikes are a great exercise option for seniors and I will do a review on many good e-bikes in a future article. When that article is finished it will be linked to from here.

3 Best Adult Electric Bikes for Seniors

  1. Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle
  2. Burch Electric Fat Tire Tricycle
  3. Viribus Electric Tricycle Bike

1. Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle Review

Addmotor Motan Electric Tricycle

Addmotan Tricycle Features

  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • Premium Headlight with Horn
  • Rear Taillight and Brake Light
  • Comfortable Bike Seat with BackRest
  • Large Basket For Carrying Personal Items
  • 55 Mile Range (Pedal Assist)
  • 750 Watts of Power with Max Speed of 20 MPH

Addmotor is an amazing e-bike company that was founded in 2011. Their primary goal is to provide the best quality electric bicycles for adults. Since 2011, they have become an industry leader in the electric bicycle industry. They have around 20 different e-bike models including a handful of tricycle bikes. Each of their bikes is excellently designed and well made.

The Addmotor Motan Electric Bike is an amazing electric tricycle bike for seniors. It comes with all the features you could hope for. This electric tricycle features an extremely sturdy alloy frame that can carry riders up to 330lbs and it has a Rear Rack for storage that can handle up to 100 lbs. So, you’ll never have to worry about carrying stuff with you while you ride. The Addmotor Motan can handle whatever you throw at it.

When it comes to power, there’s definitely no lack of it with this Addmotor Electric Trike. It features a 750 Watt motor and reaches speeds up to 20 MPH. Even though you can go 20 MPH, they did a great job of giving you complete control of your electric tricycle. You can regulate the power output with the handlebar 1/2 twist throttle and cut the power with the cut off switch at any time.

The battery on this electric tricycle takes 6-7 hours to charge and has a 55-65 Mile Range with Pedal Assist Mode. The Range will vary depending on the terrain, the weight of the rider, and the weight of any cargo carried. The harder the battery has to work, the shorter the range of the trike. If the battery ever does die, you can still pedal the tricycle, it just won’t be as easy.

The Addmotor Motan Tricycle comes featured with lights all around and a horn. It has a functioning brake & tail light and a bright headlight so that you can safely ride at night.

It also comes with a comfortable seat with a padded backrest. Riding this trike will be very easy on your body and one of the most comfortable e-trikes you can find. You’ll love riding this trike.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this electric tricycle. You’ll love it! If you want to learn more about this electric trike, click the button below.

2. Burch Fat Tire Electric Tricycle Review

Burch Fat Tire E-Trike Features

  • Front and Rear Cargo Baskets
  • Fat Tire Design
  • 500 Watt Engine
  • Headlight
  • 35 Mile Range (Pedal Assist Mode)
  • 20 MPH Max Speed

The Burch Electric Fat Tire Tricycle is a great electric trike option on the market. It features a sleek design with fat tires for you to maneuver almost any terrain. With the fat tires, you don’t have to worry about riding through grass, over bumps, or even through the sand. There are not many places your Burch Trike can’t take you.

The Burch Fat Tire Tricycle features a heavy-duty but sleek design. It has 2 cargo baskets to meet all your storage needs and a headlight so you can see when riding at night. It also has a rear tail light to allow you to be seen from the front and rear. They don’t want anyone to have an excuse for not seeing you!

The motor on the Burch electric tricycle is powered by a 48V battery and puts out 500 Watts of power. This allows you to carry whatever you need in your cargo area without losing too much power. The trike is rated to be able to hold a total load of 320 lbs in total.

The e-trike itself weighs approximately 70 lbs. including the battery and can push speeds of up to 20 mph. The range of this e-trike is 35 miles and it takes 4-6 hours to recharge the battery.

The Burch Adult Electric Tricycle is a great option for seniors as long as you don’t plan on riding over 35 miles. If you plan on riding over 35 miles I’d recommend the Addmotor Motan Electric Trike listed above. That one has a range of 55-65 miles depending on the terrain and weight of the rider.

Overall, the Burch E-Trike is more than most people need in an electric tricycle and will meet most riders’ needs. If you would like to learn more about this trike, click the button below.

3. Viribus Tricycle Bike for Adults Review

Viribus Electric Trike Features

  • Offered in 2 Sizes 24″ and 26″
  • Available in Black or White
  • Carbon Steel Frame
  • 250 Watt Engine
  • Good Storage Capacity

The Viribus 3 Wheel Electric Bike is the last one on our list of e-trikes for seniors. There are not many good e-trikes on the market yet although e-bikes, in general, have been gaining traction recently, so, we can expect to have a wider variety of options over the next few years! The Electric Trike by Viribus wouldn’t be my first recommendation but it’s one of the slower and cheaper e-trikes currently on the market so I wanted to mention it.

The Viribus Electric Trike is only a fraction of the cost of other e-trikes on this list, but with the lower price, it does lose many features and is of lower quality. The biggest factor why this trike isn’t highly recommended is the speed control on this trike. When you begin using the pedal assist, there is no middle ground, it goes at full throttle, which can be a problem depending on where you’re riding. Most other adult e-bikes and trikes allow variable speed control for the pedal-assist or they have a few different speeds that you can set it to.

While yes, when pedal assist is on only, 1 speed works, there are 3 different riding options. You can pedal for yourself just like on a traditional bike or trike. You can go into full motor mode and ride it like a little moped or you can use the pedal-assist mode and do a combination of both.

The Electric Trike by Viribus featurs a 250W engine powered by a 36V battery. This motor allows it to handle a load of up to 300 lbs up a 10% grade but it wouldn’t be hitting top speed in this situation. It can reach speeds of up to 25 mph and has a riding range of up to 20 miles but this is dependent on rider and cargo weight, terrain, and incline. This range is considerably lower than the other options on this list but again this electric trike is only a fraction of the cost.

Overall, The Viribus Electric Trike isn’t a bad option for seniors but it just wouldn’t be my first choice. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, I’d highly recommend checking out the other 2 options on this list.


Since this list is catering mainly to seniors, the major factors I used in my consideration of the top electric tricycles is comfort, stability and, safety. These I feel are the most important aspects to consider with the target audience. All of these e-trikes, come with a backrest, a wide stable stance, and front and rear lights. These are just a few options on the market, but you won’t go wrong choosing one of these options. If you don’t like these e-trikes, these are a great place to start and it gives you a good comparison point when shopping on your own. I hope that this list was helpful for you!

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