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Rungu Dualie Review | Best 3 Wheel Electric Hunting Bike

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Rungu Dualie Rugged Package Features

  • Top Offroad Speed of 24 mph
  • Bafang 1120W Mid Drive Motor
  • Max Climbing Gradient 53%
  • ~20 Mile Offroad Range at 10 mph
  • 100+ Mile Range on Flat Paved Road
  • Dual Hydraulic Front Brake
  • Dual Piston Hydraulic Rear Brake

The Rungu Dualie is the best series of 3 wheel electric hunting bikes on the market. The Dualie comes in 5 different models. All of these models come with the same 2 wheels in front and 1 wheels in the back. Each one has different performance stats and some come with added gear such as mounts, lights, waterproof bags, first aid kits, cargo racks, and more. This electric hunting trike is packed with features and I’m sure it won’t disappoint you. For this review, we’re using the mid-tier Rungu Dualie: The Rugged Package.

Best Rungu Dualie Models (highest to lowest)

  • Rungu Dualie XR – Rubicon Trail Edition Package
  • Rungu Dualie XR – Steep Package
  • Rungu Dualie Rugged Package
  • Rungu Dualie Steep Package
  • Rungu Dualie Standard Package

Rungu Dualie Motor

The Rungu Dualie features a Bafang 1120W Mid Drive Motor. Bafang is a well-known electric bike motor brand. They make some of the best motors that you can get on an eBike.

Bafang is one of the most used motor brands in the electric bike industry. Bafang was founded in 2003 and with over 20 years of experience in the industry, they make top-quality e-bike motors that you can trust. They aren’t in the business of low-quality manufacturing. All of their products go through an extensive testing process and quality control process.

“Bafang’s goal is to produce innovative and high-quality products for our customers that make a tangible contribution to their riding comfort.”

Chairman and managing director Qinghua Wang

Bafang is headquartered in China but over the years has expanded all around the globe. They have service centers in places such as the Netherlands, USA, Japan, and Taiwan and they dominate a large portion of the US and European Electric Bike Motor Market.

Rungu Dualie Battery

The Rungu Dualie Rugged Package features a 52V 18Ah battery. All models of the Dualie come with a 52V battery but the Ah’s change depending on the model that you choose. The Batteries range from a 52V 15Ah battery to a dual 52V 18Ah battery which comes out to 36Ah.

If you go for the top-of-the-line bike/battery, you’ll be able to ride your Dualie E-Bike for hundreds of miles on flat ground. Most e-bikes don’t even have a 100-mile riding range and the Dualie has a range in the 100s!

This bike comes with a 7.5A charger so it can fully charge this battery in as little as 2.5 hours. So you won’t have to wait a long time for it to charge.

In perfect conditions on flat ground at 10 mph, this bike has an approximate riding range of 161 miles. Yes, 10 mph isn’t fast but it’s reassuring to know if necessary you could ride 161 miles. On rough terrain in the mountains, you get way less than that tho. Which makes sense. This bike was made for mountain terrains so they had to go a little overkill on the battery so it can survive the difficult terrains.

On a rough off ride, using just the throttle averaging 10 mph, this bike can ride 20 miles with ease. If you use pedal assist on the rough road you should be able to ride 22 miles if not more.

Overall the battery of this electric bike is amazing and if you want a better battery you can go for the top-of-the-line version.


The maximum offroad speed on this electric trike is 24 mph. They do not list the maximum speed on flat ground but I’d dare to say it’s well over 24 miles per hour.

Dualie Rugged Package Climbing Ability

All the Rungu Dualie models are made for climbing. The Rugged Package can climb gradients of up to 53% and the lowest gradient climbing ability of all the Dualies is 47%. No matter which Rungu Dualie you choose you won’t have trouble climbing even the steepest hills. I’d say it more is a matter of how good of a rider you are, rather than can the bike handle it.

Riding those kinds of gradients can be insane and only experienced riders should attempt that. However, in terms of the bikes ability, it can handle almost any hill you throw at it. If you’re going to be riding ridiculous hills, you may want to upgrade to one of the models with a dual battery because climbing hills like that is sure to put a strain on the motor and inevitably drain the battery quicker.


The Dualie Rugged Package comes with The Maxxis Minion 4.8″ x 26″ Tires with Presta Valve inner tubes. These tires have great puncture protection and are tubeless ready, but I wouldn’t recommend going tubeless especially riding through the mountains.

You really shouldn’t ever get a flat with these beefy tires, but if you do, you want to be able to fix them so you aren’t pushing your bike 10s of miles back home. Tubeless tires can be fixed on the go, but I’ve heard they are way more prone to errors when patching and fixing them on the go. Sometimes the sealant doesn’t seal properly and you’re stuck on a flat.

Limited Warranty & Extended Warranty Options

The Dualie Bikes come with a 2 Year Warranty but eBIke Generation, which is one of the most popular distributors of electric hunting bikes also offers the option to add a 1 or 2 year extended warranty. The extended warranty is a little pricey but with what you’re investing into the electric bike, it’s important to protect your investment.

Model Comparison What’s the best for you?

Rungu Dualie Models Feature Table

Above is a list of the different modes along with all the differences. In addition to the performance features, there are a number of additions that you can see by looking at the bikes. If you would like to get more information, click the button below.


Overall, the Rungu Dualie is an insanely powerful electric hunting bike that outperforms many other eBikes on the market. It has a range of over 100 miles on a single charge due to its Bafang motor and powerful battery, it can ride up the steepest of hills and has a stable 2 wheel in front one wheel in back design.

To match its powerful performance, it also has a strong hydraulic braking system so that you are always in complete control of the bike. Overall, I couldn’t think of a better electric hunting trike. This is one of the best 3 wheel electric hunting bikes on the market.

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