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Is the Quietkat Apex Hunting Electric Bike Worth It?

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With so many features out there to choose from, finding a stealthy and high-performing e-bike to take hunting can prove to be quite the challenge.

Yet, the Apex remains one of the top QuietKat fat e-bikes to consider. Is it worth the hype, and who is it made for?

That’s what we set to find out in this post with a conclusive rundown of the Apex hunting electric bike. Let’s jump right in!

Apex Hunting Electric Bike: Overview

While the Apex is definitely not the bike to choose for urban settings, it’s been wrapping up quite the reputation for its power.

All in all, we can say that the Apex is made for off-road hunters who care about customization and luxury more than price tags.

After all, it’s not exactly a cheap option, but you do get some nifty features in return.


  • Hefty but stealthy Bafang motor with nine gears and five modes
  • Heat dissipating 203mm rotors that make the braking system reliable
  • Long battery life with spares and solar charging
  • Highly customizable with practical accessories to fit a hunter’s equipment


  • Mid-drive motor requires more maintenance than hub-mounted alternatives
  • Hardtail design instead of full-suspension

What’s There to Love (Or Hate) About the QuietKat Apex?

Before committing to a serious hunting bike at this price tag, you’ll probably want to consider how well it fits your needs.

Let’s take a closer look at the main specs on the bike and how you can make the most out of them:

High-Torque Motor

Power performance is not really a problem with the QuietKat Apex. The most common wattage options to choose from are 750 and 1000. There was a limited edition on a 1500-watt e-bike, but you might not get lucky finding it.

Either way, you’ll get a mid-drive ultra Bafang. That’s one of the heftiest motors you can get in a turn-key e-bike.

For a lot of bikers, it’s a step up from the BBSHD fat-bike kits with more clearance and higher efficiency.

While it’s true that maintaining a mid-drive can be more complicated (and costly) than a hub motor, it’s not without its merits.

For one, the Apex’s motor can handle steeper rides on lower gears without overheating as much as a hub. Plus, it provides a higher torque since it drives the chain instead of the wheel itself.

You can say that the extra cost and effort that goes into keeping the mid-drive motor is well worth it for bikers who prefer going off-road.

9-Speed Gears

quietkat apex camo bike

On the Apex e-bikes, you get nine SRAM drivetrain gears and five modes.

It might not sound particularly impressive when you compare it to other high-end hunting e-bikes out there. However, you’ll find that the engine power makes up for it, and you won’t need to shift gears as much as you thought you would.

Keep in mind that the 750-watt model complies with classes one and two for electric bikes. This means that the motor will only take you up to a maximum unassisted speed of 20 miles per hour.

Meanwhile, the 1000-watt Apex is considered an unclassified option that provides maximum power. It doesn’t have the same speed limitations as the 750-watt bike, but it’s not as compliant with some state laws.

You might have to use it as a strictly Off-Highway Motor Vehicle, depending on your local regulations.

Of course, the actual speed you get from any bike will vary based on the gravitational pull, netload, and selected mode.

Braking Power

Regardless of how fast you decide to go on your hunting bike, you always want to have reliable brake systems on hand.

The Apex’s Tektro four-piston disc-hydraulic system on the front and rear is more or less what you’d expect with a motor that’s as intense as the Bafang.

The brakes are just strong enough to give the bike much-needed safety without locking it to the ground. That’s because it loops in feedback to warn you before you lock your wheels up. It might need a bit of getting used to at first, though.

As a part of the upgrade, QuietKat added 203mm rotors and automatic motor inhibitors that work better at displacing heat.

One downside that you might come across is squeaking rotors. However, it’s usually nothing that a thorough clean and lubrication won’t fix.

Battery Life and Ease-of-Charging

At first glance, the Apex doesn’t scream hunting electric bikes. From a distance, it’ll look just like a typical mountain bike. That’s mainly because the mid-drive Ultra Bafang motor is very inconspicuous.

However, the integrated down bar rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery plays an important role here, too. The Apex comes with a 10lbs premium battery that runs on 16AH/48V of standard or solar charging.

You can expect 6-8 hours of charging time before you get the battery back to a 100%. You can look into the pathfinder rapid charger to cut that time down.

Generally, you won’t have to worry about battery life if your biking session is under 30 miles.

Remember that putting in the effort with peddling will keep the battery running longer. Unassisted, you’ll wrap up only two miles for every amp-hour, but assisted, that range doubles.

If you care about just-in-case preparations, you can get a Q7 spare battery to take with you on the go. This will save you in a pinch if you can’t wait to charge up, but it fits older Apex models up to 2018 only.

For newer bikes, you’ll have to shift to the QuietKat Dorado 10.5 amp-hour model.

You’ll know when you’re running low with the small digital display on the bars that tells you the battery life among other parameters, like speed and selected mode.

Moderate Suspension

When we’re talking about hunting off-roads, the bike’s suspension is no longer a luxury but a necessity. QuietKat’s Apex is a hardtail with only front forks, not a full-suspension model like the Jeep e-bikes.

However, it does use QK’s signature 150mm air suspension in a moto-style design. Since it’s also inverted, you can expect better compression and faster reaction to shocks along with the Kenda Juggernaut 26” x 4.5” fat tires.

Plus, the rear tires themselves are held in place with a 12mm thru-axle. This can come in handy on really rugged grounds, so you don’t have to worry about the tires coming detached.

While the Apex isn’t the burliest QuietKat bike in terms of suspension, it’s still good enough to cover most terrains.

The seat cushion itself is comfortable, but if you’re looking for extra support, you can upgrade to the Kinekt Premium Suspension Seatpost.

Customization Potential

quietkat apex with trailer

The inconspicuous battery and motor give you much more room for customizing. The most common accessory that people go for with the Apex e-bike is the heavy-duty pannier rack system with or without the cargo bag.

You can also opt to get a detachable gore cooler. It can be wildly convenient to be able to keep your stuff from spoiling under the harsh sun, but you’ll need a trailer for that.

While the single-wheel trailer is the one you need for the cooler, you might also be interested in getting something for heavier loads.

If you’re going after a serious game up to 100lbs, like deer, the 47” x 18” double-wheeled trailer is generally a better fit.

Both are compatible with the Apex, so the choice comes down to what you need to put in your carry-on. However, you’ll need a rear axle to install the double-wheeled trailer, but not for the single-wheeled one.

Just make sure that you only buy the accessories that are compatible with your Apex. For instance, the racks come in 19” and 17” frames.

Additionally, you might need to go for the old or new Pannier rack models, depending on when you purchased your bike.

It’s also important to note that the wide range for customization here is still limited by the bike’s maximum loads.

Sizing and Maximum Carrying Load

quietkat apex fishing

While the Apex is quite sturdy, it can only carry up to 325lbs, including accessories and the rider’s own body weight.

Unlike what you might expect, this limit is actually the same across the three sizing options.

Certain parts of the bike are constant regardless of the size, though. The head tube length and the rake measurement are good examples of this. On the other hand, the BB drop and wheelbase will be crucial when you’re picking the size.

As a general rule of thumb, you can go for the small bike if you’re under 5’6” and for the large, if you’re 6’ or taller. The medium size is a good fit for people in between those ranges.

Just expect to see the variation in the hunting electric bike’s frame from 17” to 19” with the different sizes.


Let’s move on to some of the frequently asked questions about the Apex hunting e-bike:

Q: Can you take the Apex to the road?

A: It’s possible to use the 750-watt Apex on roads in compliance with class two regulations since its speed is throttled at an unassisted 20mph.

However, it wouldn’t really be the best use of the bike’s features. It’s made to take on tougher terrains and handle longer distances from cities.

Q: What is the 30-day trial from QuietKat?

A: You can return the Apex (or any of QuietKat’s bikes) with a zero-hassle trial for the first 30 days.

It’s not unlimited, though. You’re held back by a 10-mile limit on the odometer for your return request to be eligible.

Q: How can you mount the Apex on a pick-up truck?

A: Using the QK 1UP bike rack, you can load up the e-bike on the backside of your pickup truck. This way, you’ll safely transport the bike without cutting from the bed’s space.

You can even opt to have more than one bike on the same rack. However, the installment of the rake itself needs a bit of skill.

The Takeaway

When you’re in the market for a new hunting electric bike, the line between features can get a little blurry.

However, the QuietKat Apex fat bikes balance speed, terrain performance, and luxury.

The bike parts, accessories, and kits are all made with an off-road hunter in mind. It’s rugged and takes you the distance with an efficient miles-per-charge rate.

So, if portability, customization, and battery life are high on your priority list, the Apex might be a good fit for your needs.

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