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The Best Beginner Pool Cues of 2024 (Reviews)

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Billiards or pool is an amazing sport and an interesting hobby. It is loved by many and for some, it’s almost an addiction! It may look like an ordinary game of poking a ball with a long stick, but, playing this game does not come easy. Playing pool requires a lot of concentration, patience, and skill. 

Being a billiards aficionado, you may be inspired by seeing your favorite players and role models. You may wonder how they achieved such precision and adeptness. Well, the short answer is a lot of practice. With enough practice, you can reach that level too. We all begin somewhere and learn as we go, honing our abilities over time and playing pool is no different. 

It’s easy to think that all pool cues are the same but the pool cue is one of the most important tools of the game. It is the major billiard accessory that makes it possible to get you through the entire game. Therefore, it is mandatory that you get your hands on a pool cue that is of the highest quality and which suits your playing style. However, a top of the line pool cue can cost thousands! Top of the line pool cues have special properties that make it easy to shoot accurately and consistently. You can check out our list of the best carbon fiber pool cues or our list of the best low deflection pool cues.

Should I Start With Expensive Pool Cue

Although having the right pool cue can help improve your game, when first starting out, I don’t necessarily recommend getting a top of the line pool cue because you may not stick with it. So, I’ve made a list of the best inexpensive pool cues you can buy for under $100. These cues are great starter pool cues and will help you play well while you learn the game.

The right pool cue will help you achieve finesse and perfection over time. While most pool tables come with a pool cue as an added accessory, you can purchase a better one for a better game. A pool cue also defines your playing style and personality. 

The following list is an extensive review of the top ten beginner pool cues that will cost you less than a hundred dollars. These are some of the best priced pool cues on the market. If you need help choosing, there is a buyer’s guide at the end of the list to help you make a decision. I’m sure you will find the perfect beginner pool cue on this list! 

10 Best Beginner Pool Cues for under $100

  1. Players Natural Maple Pool Cue
  2. McDermott Lucky L63 Billiard Pool Cue
  3. Viking Valhalla Pool Cue
  4. AB Earth Hand-Painted Pool Stick
  5. Viking Valhalla 200 Series Pool Cue
  6. Viper Signature 2-Piece Pool Cue
  7. Iszy Billiards Canadian Maple Pool Cue
  8. GSE Games & Sports Graphite Pool Cue (4-set)
  9. Billiard House Bar Pool Cues (5-set)
  10. Billiard House Bar Pool Cues (4-set)

1. Players Pool Cue Review – Classically Styled Natural Maple

Players Pool Cue

This shaft and cue is made of grade A hard rock maple from North America. For increased longevity and protection, the cue doesn’t go for your regular Irish linen. It uses strong double pressed linens with a joint that is, of course, made of stainless steel. This gives you a comfortable hold and a durable design.

To further increase its longevity and prevent the pool cue from chipping and cracking, these pool cues come with high impact ferule. The lifetime guarantee against damage will warrant that your pool cue looks as good as new for a very long time.  

As for the structure of the wooden pool cue, it comprises of a forearm made of maple that is naturally stained, the bottom is designed with four reverse overlay black veneer points, the cue is covered in simulated black wrap, and a white phenolic joint collar complete with a high gloss finish. The tip is also ergonomically made, featuring a high-quality French “Le Pro” tip, which will ensure you have the utmost control over your cue ball.  

2. McDermott Lucky L63 Billiard Pool Cue Review

McDermott Lucky L63 Pool Cue

This outstanding pool cue from Mcdermott is built for high performance. Mcdermott is a well-known pool cue brand that makes high-end pool cues too. The McDermott Lucky L63 features a solid maple 13mm shaft with a leather tip. which makes for a good performance pool cue. This fairly affordable wooden pool cue is made with fine grade hard rock maple that makes it durable, strong, and keeps the pool cue straight and aligned while playing to give you the best gaming experience.    

The grip on this cue is made of an Irish Linen Wrap. This is common on many sticks and gives a decent grip for a beginner pool cue. The length of this cue is 58 inches but is a 2 piece cue so you can take it apart for easy transportation and storage.

McDermott makes good quality pool cues and their low end pool cues are no different. While this may not be made of carbon fiber or have the bells and whistles of other cues. This cue is a solid starter cue and it will give you a great shooting experience.

The McDermott Lucky series consists of many pool cues. So if you don’t like the design of the L63, you can check out the other lucky cues such as the L13, L4, L16, and many more.

If you would like to check out the McDermott Lucky Cues, click the button below. The other Lucky cues will show up under the related items.

3. Viking Pool Cue Review – Valhalla

Viking Pool Cue

This pool cue will let you play billiards like a pro, with style. It is beautiful to look at and its look defines the high quality. This long wooden pool cue measures a whopping 58 inches in length, making it apt for large billiard tables. 

However, if you want to carry your wooden pool cue to a game outside, you would be happy to know that this 2- piece pool cue is portable. It has a threaded joint made of stainless steel making it a two-piece billiard stick. 

The entire stick is covered in fine quality Irish linen wrap. Like a cherry on top, the tip is made of leather that will treat your cue ball with perfection. You can purchase this pool cue in nine unique shades being autumn orange, black, blue, green, mahogany, pink, purple, red, and white. Plus, you will also get a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer against warping upon your purchase. 

If you would like to check out the reviews and price on amazon, click the button below. 

4. AB Earth Hand-Painted Pool Stick Review

AB Earth Hand-Painted Pool Cue

This stylish 2-piece pool cue has a modish look and is hand-painted with a unique design that will surely steal the show of your game. This pool cue looks glossy and smooth but that does not make it slippery as it is coated with a double-pressed Irish linen wrap to give you a slip-free grip. The butts and shafts of the wooden pool cue are made with fine grade Canadian hard rock maple.  

It comes in six gorgeous colors being blue, brown, green, purple, red, and silver. It is also available in a kit that includes a cue case, one cue tip tool that has joint protectors, scuffer, aerator, and tapper, two chalks, and a pair of gloves. The threaded joint made of stainless steel and the leather tip finish the complete look. 

Given all these amazing qualities, this pool cue is highly affordable and comes with a lifetime guarantee against warpage.   

If you would like to check out the reviews and price on amazon, click the button below. 

5. Viking Valhalla 200 Series Pool Cue 58″ Billiards Stick 

Viking Valhalla 200 Pool Cue

This is another modish and modern pool cue that will make you a proud owner. The stylish pool cue measures 58 inches in length and is available in multiple designs so that you can pick a style suiting your personality. 

The unique designs feature the colors white and black with reversed designs, blue, red, and green in brushstroke design, blue, maroon, green, and white in simple designs, ombre shades of bottle green and orange, and finally a classic wooden design.

This one is also a 2-piece pool cue that is attached with a stainless steel threaded joint with a secure lock. Defining its construction, the shaft and forearm are made of hard rock maple, the ferrule is made of high impact resin ensuring crisp contact, the bumper is made of rubber while the 13mm tip is made of leather that is scuffed and shaped. Finally, it is finished with ultra-violet urethane.  

If you would like to check out the reviews and price on amazon, click the button below. 

6. Viper Signature 57″ 2-Piece Billiard/Pool Cue

Viper Signature 57

This is another marvelous wooden pool cue from Viper. It features a striking hot pink color that will make heads turn and let you win a game of billiard fashionably. The shaft is constructed with the finest quality Canadian maple wood that ensures durability and longevity. 

The 13mm tip is made with Viper’s signature French Le Pro leather tip to give you the smoothest bouncing experience, which ensures a steady grip on the ball and helps to avoid miscues. This 2-piece pool cue will make it easy for you to carry and store when not in use. 

The joints in this wooden pool cue are made with lightweight ABS material while the bumper is made of rubber. Finally, it is finished off with a nylon wrap so that you can enjoy a slip-free billiard gaming experience. The warp further reduces vibration and tension within the pool cue and the nine coats of varnish help prevent any form of warpage.     

If you would like to check out the reviews and price on amazon, click the button below. 

7. Canadian Maple Pool Cue Review – Iszy Billiards

Canadian Maple Pool Cue

This set of four wooden pool cues will give you the utmost value for money. Constructed with fine quality hardwood Canadian maple wood, it is sturdy and robust that is built for durability. It comes in a set of four with unique and catchy designs near the bottom featuring great color combinations. The contrasting design on a matte black surface makes them stand out and unique. 

The ferrule measures 13mm and is made of superior quality fiber that will protect the wooden pool cue from chipping or cracking and the tip is made of leather to give you the perfect bounce. The 2-piece pool cue is attached with a steel joint that can be easily detached. Finally, it is finished with an Irish linen wrap to give you a slip-free grip. 

As it comes in a set of four, you can jointly buy it with friends and save up on money.    

If you would like to check out the reviews and price on amazon, click the button below. 

8. Graphite Pool Cue Review – GSE Games & Sports

Graphite Pool Cue

This fiberglass pool cue will give you the utmost comfort while playing a game of pool. It is built robustly with high strength durable fiberglass, combined with titanium. To ensure convenience and portability, it is a 2-piece pool cue that is easy to transport and store. The two pieces can be attached and separated easily via its joint system (stainless steel). The black ABS joint collar is extremely lightweight and comes with trim rings.

The multilayer tip is made of leather whereas the ferrule is comprised of high-quality fiber and the black bumper is made of rubber. The body is comprised of non slippery microfiber, providing you with superior grip and it is ergonomically designed so that you can play with utmost comfort. 

This fiberglass pool cue has a matte-finish surface and come in colors of red, black, green, and blue. These pool cues would go great with an outdoor pool table.   

If you would like to check out the reviews and price on amazon, click the button below. 

9. Set of 5 Pool Cues Billiard House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

Billiard House Pool Cue Set

This is another budget friendly wooden pool cue set that will offer you great value for money. All the wooden pool cues included in this set are stylish, sophisticated, and functional. Each of the pool cues measures a standard 58 inches making them suitable for play on all standard size pool tables. 

The colors available for the five pool cues included in the set come in combinations of blue, white, maroon, black, and orange. 

The 13mm leather cue tips provide the perfect grip while hitting the cue ball. The shafts are made of hardwood which creates a durable build. The fine quality build will allow you to have a smooth and seamless shooting experience and let you show off your best skills. 

However, you must keep in mind that these are not suitable for professional billiard games. But these are perfectly suitable for beginners and casual players. We assure you that these will not disappoint!

If you would like to check out the reviews and price on amazon, click the button below. 

10. Set of 4 Pool Cues New 58″ Billiard House Bar Pool Cue Sticks

Set of 4 Billiard House Pool Cues

Last but not the least in our list of the top ten beginner pool cues under a hundred dollars is this budget-friendly pool cue set. The pool cues come in a set of four where each of them measures 58 inches in length. 58 inches is a great length because, on large tables, it allows you to aim from a distance. The designs and prints near the bottom of the pool cues are catchy and fancy featuring combinations of maroon, green, blue, white, black, and yellow. 

The cue tips are made of standard 13mm leather while the shaft is entirely formed of hardwood. The leather will allow you to get a good grip on the ball for accurate play. These pool cues are suitable for residential use only and you should note that these are not very robust. Users have complained of these being very light and fragile that can break apart easily. 

However, playing a game of pool is as easy as pie with these pool cue sticks, especially for beginners.   

If you would like to check out the reviews and price on amazon, click the button below. 

Buyer’s Guide: How To Choose The Right Pool Cue

Beginners and professionals usually end up in the same confusing state when it comes to buying a pool cue. While it’s easy to think that you can just grab one from the store, you need to consider a lot of different factors if you want to buy a pool cue that will help you level up your game.

Since not all pool cues are created equal, it’s very important to know some essential tips to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth.

What is a pool cue?

If you’re a beginner, it would be nice to know a few basic facts about what exactly a pool cue is. Also known as a cue stick or simply a cue, a pool cue is a stick that you use to strike a cue ball.

The standard size for a pool cue is around 59-75 inches long and between 16 and 21 ounces in weight depending on the material used. Most professionals tend to go for a 19-ounce pool cue because it’s easier to handle.

Carom cues are also typically shorter, but pool cue lengths are decided primarily on the arm length and height of a player.


The term “cue” came from the French word “queue” that meant tail, which referred to how the earliest players of cue sports aka billiards used the tail or butt end of a mace, which is a lightweight golf club, to strike the ball in the early days.

Today, there are three types of pool cues available in the market.

First, the most common one-piece cue is typically found in pool halls for use by the general playing public. The two-piece cue is more preferred for personal use because it is divided in the middle to make it easier to bring around in a pouch or cue case.

The third type is another two-piece cue but with a joint located 12-16 inches away from the butt of the cue, which is typically used by snooker players. Because of its design, it is called a “three-quarter two-piece” cue.

What are the parts of a pool cue?

While a pool cue looks very straightforward with just a tip and butt, it has several parts that you need to learn about if you’re going to choose the right pool cue to invest in.


Typically made of leather and measures 13mm on average, this is the part of the pool cue that you use to strike the ball. Cue tips can range from 11mm to 14mm and they also vary in hardness, which affects how you strike the ball. For instance, if you want a powerful hit, you need to use a harder tip, but if you want to be in control of your hit, a softer tip would be better.


Underneath the pool cue tip is the ferrule, which can be black or white. This part limits the vibrations that you feel when hitting the ball as well as reinforcing the tip. Professional pool players are very specific about this part of their cue because they don’t want their shot to be affected by an inconsistent ferrule.


This is the top half and the longest half of a two-piece cue, which is typically made from maple wood, graphite or fiberglass. High-end shafts can be made of carbon fiber as well. The taper of the shaft gets smaller as you get closer to the tip and the smoothness of the wood will play a huge role in helping you maintain a consistent shot.

Joint collar

Connecting the shaft to the butt of the pool cue, the joint collar plays an important role in offering you the strength and stability when taking a shot.

Joint pin

Located at the top of the bottom half of your pool cue, the joint pin comes in different types including a Speed-Loc that’s easier to disassemble with just a few turns and the Radial, which may take more turns to disassemble but offers better strength for a consistent shot.

Butt collar

Located directly below the joint pin, the butt collar is commonly made of stainless steel, although it can be made from different materials. The color of the butt collar gives the illusion of a one-piece cue to a two-piece cue.


The longest part of the bottom half of your pool cue, the forearm is typically made of wood with a few inlays or outlays to make it look better. It is also covered by a protective glossy coating to seal it against wear and tear.


Located in the middle of the forearm, the wrap helps you get a good grip on your pool cue to get a consistent and strong shot.


The bottom of the pool cue is called a bumper. It is typically made of rubber and it helps absorb the impact of your shot.

What are the things to consider when buying a pool cue?

Now that you’re familiar with what a pool cue is and its parts, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind when buying the best one for your game:


As discussed earlier, the pool cue length should fit well with the length of your arm so you can have full control of the shot. If you are between 5 feet 8 inches and 6 feet 5 inches, a standard 58 inches pool cue would fit well with you.

If you’re taller than that, however, it’s best to order a pool cue that’s up to 61 inches long. For children or shorter people, you should choose between a 40-52 inches pool cue.

Remember that you have to choose a straight cue, especially if you’re going for a two-piece variety since some separate pieces turn out to be bent and it could affect your game.


A pool cue would typically weigh between 17 and 21 ounces, so it will depend on how comfortable you want your cue to be. Most professional players, however, would go for a cue that’s either 19 or 21 ounces.

Make sure to test out several pool cues so you know which one you feel most comfortable using. For instance, if you’re not comfortable with using a cue with a heavy backhand, you can go for a lighter one. A lighter pool cue is also good for shorter people since they don’t have to raise the cue tip too much in making the shot.

Professional players, on the other hand, use different cue weights during a game. Some love heavier cues for breaking shots while skill shots are for lighter cues.

Cue tip

Choosing the right pool cue tip will depend on your gaming style. A soft tip is great if you like a lot of spin on the ball but it can also wear out faster. A hard tip, on the other hand, is not the best option for spin shots but it lasts longer. Professionals often keep soft, medium, and hard cues for different kinds of shots.


Some pool cues will come with no wrap while others will have a leather or linen wrap in them. Since you’ll be holding this part with your backhand, you have to think about the best material that suits your hands.

For instance, if you have sweaty hands, you should go for a leather or linen wrap that will absorb sweat. Rubber wraps are also good but they tend to wear out fast. Most professionals stay away from fiberglass or bare wood cues because they tend to become slippery over time.

Cue case

Of course, you have to protect your pool cue with the right cue case, especially if you’re traveling a lot to play pool.

A hard case box has separate tubes for the shaft and butt of the pool cue and it is the best option for protecting your cue from impact, which will save them from dents.

Soft cases, on the other hand, keep the shaft and butt separate but don’t have tubes that will protect them from impact.

If you’re just starting, a soft case would be more fit for your budget and you can then invest in harder and more expensive cases as you play more.

How much does a good pool cue cost?

Finally, there is always the question about the price. A good pool cue typically ranges between $150 and $300 and that could already last a lifetime with proper use and maintenance. But if you want something with a more sophisticated design, low deflection, and some intricate inlays, these types of cues will typically range between $300 and $1,000. Many professional-grade pool cues range up to $2,000. My current pool cue is a Predator Revo Shaft with a Predator Sport II butt and it costs around $1,200.


If you’re investing in your first pool cue, consider quality first before style. You’d want a pool cue that meets all your needs and you’ll find a lot of good options that are within your budget.

As you continue to improve your game, you can then upgrade your cue to better ones with more style. When you go shopping for pool cues, try out different types of materials and styles first to get a comparison that will help you make the right decision.

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