Best Billiards Bar Stool Reviews In 2024

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wooden vintage bar stools

Having bar stools in your home’s billiard room is essential so that people don’t have to stand the entire time they play. No one wants to have to stand the entire time they play pool especially if you’re like me and play pool for hours at a time.

Bar stools come in a variety of types. Choosing the best billiard stools can be difficult because of all the options. So, we have cultivated a list of the best billiard bar stools on the market to make your life easy. The list below takes into consideration many aspects of billiards such as having to get up and down frequently, chairs that are easily moved,

The Top 11 Billiard Bar Stools

  1. DYH Metal Bar Stools
  2. UrbanMod 24 Inch Bar Stools
  3. Furmax 30 Inches Metal Bar Stools
  4. Bar Stools Farmhouse Counter Height Stools
  5. Christopher Knight Home Dax Bar Stools
  6. Flash Furniture 2 Pk. Contemporary Gray Fabric
  7. COSTWAY Backless Round Bar Stool
  8. AmazonBasics Classic Solid Wood Saddle-Seat Counter Stool
  9. Diwhy Industrial Vintage Bar Stool
  10. LifeOfPro Height Adjustable Swivel
  11. Angel Line Cambridge Padded Saddle Stool

1. DYH Metal Bar Stool Review

DYH Metal Bar Stool

DYH Bar Stool Features

  • Brown-Hued fabric Upholstery
  • 24″ and 29″ counter Compatible
  • Metal Frame
  • 30 day return policy and 12 month customer service
  • Holds up to 220 lbs

The DYH Metal Bar Stool is one of the best bar stools on the market. It comes with a stylish design and a durable and sturdy build. It’s made of metal and can hold up to 250 lbs comfortably.

This bar stool is adjustable, so you can use it at a small counter or a taller bar stool. The adjustable height range is between 24 inches and 29 inches. These stools come with swiveling seats so that you don’t need to move your chair to converse with different people. You can just spin around and face them. This is great for adults but many kids will utilize this feature as a toy. So, be careful ordering this swivel bar stool if you have kids around these stools.

The stool is ideal for a casual break in between shots. I’d recommend having multiple of these stools and keeping some at the lower height for prolonged sitting and shorter people and having taller stools for the players. That way you don’t have to get up from a low seat every time it’s your shot.

The DYH Stool has a comfortable fabric seat that’s padded giving you a very nice seat.

In addition to the great quality of this stool, the company also has great customer service. They offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. They give you 30 days to return the product and offer up to 1 year of service.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing bar stool, click the button below.

2. UrbanMod Bar Stools Review

UrbanMod Bar Stool

UrbanMod Bar Stool Features

  • Set Of 4
  • Durable Metal Frame Design
  • Available in Multiple Colors
  • 24″ Seat Height
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Lightweight and Stackable

The UrbanMod Bar Stool is a pretty standard stool but it’s a great bar stool for the price. The bar stool is made of metal so it’s very durable and sturdy. You won’t have any problems!

This amazing bar stool comes in a variety of colors shown in the picture above. The blue pictured above is the distressed blue. They also have a white distressed stool. The distressed look gives a retro aesthetic and can look good depending on the other décor in the room. I personally love the distressed look. The other colors above are not distressed. Only the two colors on the right are distressed. So, you can also get a standard red, blue, gray, orange, white black, or dark grey bar stool.

One thing I don’t like about this stool is that it only comes in a 24″ set. This can be a little short for a bar stool but it’s a really solid stool so I still wanted this amazing bar stool to be near the top of this list. If you need a taller stool, check out number 3 on this list, the Furmax Bar Stools. It’s a similar stool but it’s a 30″ stool. However, it doesn’t come in the distressed style, all theirs are solid color stools.

This stool should be able to hold up to 330 lbs and comes with an amazing lifetime warranty.

UrbanMod also thought ahead when designing this stool, they added rubber stoppers to the bottom of the legs to keep your floors damage free. They made them stackable for easier storage and they have protective tabs to protect them from scratches when stacking. Overall, this is an amazing bar stool, you won’t be disappointed!

If you want to learn more about this bar stool, click the button below!

3. Furmax Backless Bar Stools Review

Furmax Backless Bar Stool

Furmax Bar Stool Features

  • 30 Inch Bar Stool Seat Height
  • Durable Metal Design
  • Available In Variety of Colors
  • Scratch Resistant Polish Finish
  • Waterproof

The Furmax Backless Bar Stool is one of the best 30 in bar stools on the market! The Furmax Bar Stool is very similar to number 2 on this list, the UrbanMod Bar Stool but it’s 30 inches tall and doesn’t come with as many of the cool color choices. This stool still comes in 5 different color choices including green, grey, gunmetal, orange, and red.

The Furmax stool is also made of metal so, it’s a very sturdy build that can handle up to 330 lbs even though it only weighs 11 pounds. The stool has an x-brace under the seat to give added stability. This is part of why it can handle up to 330 lbs.

With it being a taller stool it’s great that it has footrests on all sides so you can sit on the stool casually without just letting your feet hang off the side.

These stools can be used indoors or outdoors. For indoor use, there are rubber stoppers on the bottom of each leg so that it doesn’t scratch your floor. However, they also added a drain hole on the seat for outdoor use. If it rains, the stool won’t puddle up, it’s waterproof and all the water will drain through the drain hole in the middle of the stool seat.

Overall, if you’re looking for a 30-inch bar stool, this is one of the best options out there! If you want to learn more about this bar stool, click the button below.

4. Farmhouse Bar Stools Review

Farmhouse Bar Stool

Farmhouse Bar Stool Features

  • Available In Variety of Seat Heights from 18-30 Inches
  • Offered in 7 different colors
  • Seat Made of Wood
  • Strong Metal Frame
  • Holds Up To 330 lbs.

These modern farmhouse bar stools are the perfect stools for a modern billiards room. They come in varying sizes and colors and will be perfect for almost any situation.

The stools come in different heights to accommodate different counter heights. The stools come in 18″, 24″, 26″ and 30″. They also come in a variety of colors including black, distressed grey, distressed white, blue-green, silver, and regular white. If you read my review of the Urban Mod bar stools (#2 on this list) you’ll know I really like the distressed look on the bar stools. So, it’s no surprise that this one made it pretty high on my list.

The stools come with a small removable backrest, if you want to stack your stools, you can remove the backrest and they become stackable. Stacking them provides you with easy storage for your bar stools. These stools come with a rubber stopper on the legs so it won’t damage your floors and it won’t slide from under you when you’re trying to sit on them.

5. Christopher Knight Home Dax Barstools Review

Christopher Knight Home Dax Barstool

Home Dax Bar Stool Features

  • Sleek Modern Design
  • Strong Steel Frame
  • Faux Leather Upholstery
  • Comes in Set of 2 Stools

The Christopher Knight Home Dax Bar Stools are a great bar stool for any billiards room. They have a modern design with amazing brown leather material. The leather is a snakeskin brown for added texture and appeal. The brown leather combined with a sleek look makes this bar stool ideal for any setting. It has a professional and classy look.

The frame is made of steel which makes this a very sturdy and durable chair. This billiards bar stool will last a long time and hold up through very regular use.

The height of this stool is 37 inches with a seat height of 30 inches. The foot rail is 12 inches off the ground. This makes for a very comfortable and accommodating seated position as the foot rail is only 18 inches from the seat.

The Christopher Knight Dax Bar Stools come in a set of 2 bar stools at an incredible price! If you would like to learn more about these stylish bar stools, click the button below.

6. Flash Furniture Contemporary Bar Stools Review

Flash Furniture Contemporary Bar Stool

Contemporary Bar Stool Features

  • Offered Individually or In Sets of 2
  • Metal Single Leg Frame Design
  • Offered In A Variety of Colors
  • Plastic Floor Protector Attached
  • Adjustable Seat Height

The Flash Furniture Contemporary Bar Stools are one of the most comfortable bar stools on this list. These barstools come with a nicely padded seat which is great for long-term seating. They can be used as bar stools around your billiards table or pulled up to your breakfast bar for dining.

The Flash Furniture Bar Stools come in a variety of colors and materials! They come in fabric that has many color options and leather variants that have more limited color options. If you’d like to see the color and material options click the button below.

Unlike some of the others on this list, these billiards bar stools can be bought individually or in pairs. At the time of writing this article, it is cheaper to buy individually, which doesn’t really make sense but I’m not the 1 that chooses the prices. So, currently, I’d recommend buying them individually.

Overall, these Flash Furniture Contemporary Bar Stools are very comfortable bar stools that you can use all-around your home. If you would like to learn more, click the button below to see more information!

7. COSTWAY Backless Round Bar Stool Review

COSTWAY Backless Round Bar Stool

Costway Stool Features

  • Affordably Priced
  • Offered in 1, 2 or 4 Piece Sets
  • Available In 3 Different Colors
  • Standard Bar Stool Design
  • Rubber Floor Protector Attached

The Costway Round Backless Barstool is one of the more standard barstools on this list but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great option for many people. Some people want a nice sleek design, others just want a good standard barstool. If you fall into the latter then this bar stool is a great option for you!

The Costway Bar Stool comes in sets of 1, 2, or 4. Unlike some of the others on this list, with this one, you do save some money the more stools you buy in a set. So, I recommend buying them in larger sets rather than individually. At least at the time of writing this, it is cheaper to buy them in sets. However, you can check the prices by clicking the button below.

These bar stools are your industry standard with circular leather seating with a handle that allows adjustment of the seating height between 26 inches and 34 inches. The stool also has the ability to spin 360°. While this is an amazing feature it’s worth considering that your stool can become a very fun but dangerous toy if you have children. So, this may not be the best bar stool for every family.

If you would like to learn more about the Costway Round Barstool, please click the button below.

8. AmazonBasics Saddle Seat Bar Stool

AmazonBasics Saddle Seat Bar Stool

AmazonBasics Saddle Seat Features

  • Offered In A Set of 2 Bar Stools
  • Available in 24″ and 29″ Seat Heights
  • Produced in 3 Different Colors
  • Wooden Design

The AmazonBasics Saddle Seat Bar Stool is a great option if you like the saddle seat style. The stool is made by Amazon so the quality is top-notch at a great price.

AmazonBasics is Amazon’s private label brand of products offered on their website. Since Amazon has access to the best manufacturers and data, they’re able to find the products that people like most, make them for a fraction of the cost and because of this, they’re able to offer a superior product at a fraction of the cost.

Their Saddle Seat Bar Stool is no different. The barstool comes in 3 different colors and 2 different sizes. The colors include Black, Walnut, and White. The sizes are a 24-inch stool and a 29-inch stool. The stool comes with a footrest and can hold up to 220 pounds.

The stool is made of solid wood and has a contoured seat. Personally, I would recommend getting seat cushions along with the stool, but some people like the wooden seat.

Overall, this AmazonBasics Saddle Seat Bar Stool is a great option, if you would like to learn more, click the button below.

9. Diwhy Industrial Vintage Bar Stool

Diwhy Industrial Vintage Bar Stool

Diwhy Vintage Stool Features

  • Vintage Design
  • Available with Wooden or Leather Seat
  • Steel Frame Design
  • Comes in Set of 2 Stools
  • 30 Day Return Policy for Damaged Products
  • Can hold up to 440 lbs.

The Diwhy Vintage Bar Stools are a great stylish billiards bar stool. Personally, I really like the unique but simple vintage style they applied to this bar stool.

This barstool features a wide and sturdy base that cones inward toward the top of the stool. The seat features a 360° swiveling seat with comfortable padding. The padding is covered with leather to make it more durable and indoor/outdoor safe.

One feature that stands out to me on this stool is the way the height of the stool is adjusted. Instead of a standard hydraulic height adjustment, you have a rod and screw that adjusts the height of the stool. The stool can be adjusted between 19 and 27 inches. and has a double ring footrest to accommodate both seating heights.

This bar stool by Diwhy is a great option for people looking for a more vintage bar stool. If you would like to learn more about the Diwhy Bar Stool, click the button below.

10. LifeOfPro Height Adjustable Vintage Bar Stool – Sold Out

LifeOfPro Vintage Bar Stool Features

  • Comfortable Padded Design
  • Easy Assembly with Clear Instructions
  • Smooth Swivel Design
  • US Based Business

The LifeOfPro Height Adjustable Vintage Bar Stool is another pretty standard bar stool. It has a 360° swiveling seat and a standard black leather seat.

This stool has a wider base than the other one by COSTWAY and this one features a 4 leg design, unlike the COSTWAY’s 1 leg design. I personally feel the 1 leg design by COSTWAY is cleaner and better overall but this stool by LifeOfPro is a pretty good option too if you like the 4 leg design.

One of the major changes between the COSTWAY product and this product is the backrest on this stool. Although the backrest is small, having a backrest is a great addition to the standard swivel stool.

Overall this stool is one of the more standard stools on this list but it’s still a great option! If you would like more info on this stool, click the button below.

11. Agnel Line Padded Saddle Stool Review

Agnel Line Padded Saddle Stool

Padded Saddle Stool Features

  • Wooden Frame Design
  • 24 Inch Seat Height
  • Padded Fabric Seat With Nail Head Trim
  • Comes in Set of 2 Stools

The Agnel Line Padded Saddle Stool comes in a set of 2 stools. The stools are white with a gray upholstered seat.

The Agnel Padded Stool has a padded seat and with nail head stitching around the base. Unlike the previous saddle stools on this list, this stool comes with padding already on it, so there’s no need to buy a seat cushion afterward.

The stool stands at 24 inches high and has a footrest at a comfortable height close to the ground.

This stool doesn’t arrive pre-assembled, so some assembly will be required before using the stool.

If you would like to learn more about this billiard bar stool, click the button below.

How to choose the Best Billiards Bar Stool?

There are a bunch of parameters to consider when looking at billiards bar stools. Bar stools come in many different variations. Do you want a stool or a seat that has a back? Do you want it to be padded or hard? Do you want it to be adjustable? Do you want it to spin or be stable? The list goes on. In this buyers’ guide, we’re going to go over the benefits of different types of bar stools and the things you should consider when choosing one.


When deciding on the height of the stool, 1 of the most important things to consider is the height of the people in your household. When I was growing up we had matching stools, one tall one for the adults and a smaller one for the children. I have multiple siblings so it made sense to accommodate both the adults and the children. If only adults are in your house, then it may be best to get taller stools.

Tall stools like the ones in bars where you step on like a footstep when sitting on them can be annoying for the pool because of how often you get on and off the stools. When playing pool your turn could come back up in 10 seconds or a couple of minutes depending on how many shots your opponent makes. So, you should consider you may have to get up and down very often.

Overly small stools have a similar dilemma. If the stool is too small, getting up and down repeatedly can be bad for your knees and back. This can be troublesome for many older players.

A medium-height stool is probably most ideal for pool so that you aren’t climbing up to the stool or sitting so low that it requires a lot of effort to get back up. This height is typically right at or just lower the butt height. At this height, you’ll be able to casually sit and stand with minimal effort thus allowing you to comfortably play pool for longer periods.

Swivel vs Stationary Stools

For a billiards room both a stationary and a spinning stool will work but what are the pros and cons of each?

One of the main benefits of a swivel stool is the ability to sit on a stool without sliding it and scraping the floor when it’s sitting at a table or bar. You can just spin the chair out to get in and out if there’s a back on the seat.

In my house, we have a bar where you can sit to watch the pool games. For us, a swivel stool works perfectly here. In our actual billiards room, we have stationary stools because the people sitting in the billiards room are just sitting down for short periods at a time.

Stationary stools are typically cheaper and more durable than swivel stools. Swivel stools just have more moving parts, which can cause problems in the future.

Seat vs Stool

Another option you’ll come across when choosing a bar stool is whether or not the bar stool will have a seat back or be a genuine stool with no back.

This has a lot to do with preference but personally, I feel a bar seat is more comfortable. You can relax when you sit down and lean back rather than having to hold your posture up. More people will find a seat more comfortable but a stool is more compact and will fit better in smaller areas.

A stool is perfect for smaller rooms because it looks more compact and will make a room look less cluttered. Also, stools can be slid completely under tables to create more room. Chairs can be pushed in but the backs could get in the way of your pool stick if you aren’t

Padded vs Hard

Padded vs hard stool is a pretty simple choice. Padded chairs are typically going to be more comfortable than a hard stool, but a padded stool is more likely to have wear and tear over time. One common option I’ve seen is to get a hard stool and put a padded cover on it. That way, when the padded cover starts wearing down, you just have to buy a new cover instead of brand new stools. This can result in a less expensive solution in the long run.

Adjustable Height

Adjustable height stools are ideal when you have many different people utilizing the stools. Having a single-size stool can be nice but when your friend comes over that’s 6’6″ comes over, he’ll have a hard time sitting on the stools made for someone 5’5″. In this scenario, it is best to have an adjustable stool so when a smaller person is utilizing it, it can be lowered and when a taller person is using it, it can be raised.

One thing to consider about an adjustable height stool is the moving parts. The more moving parts on a product, the higher chance something is to break. With a fixed height stool, it’s just the legs holding it up, it doesn’t have a hydraulic mechanism for raising the stool. Having an adjustable stool definitely isn’t a bad thing and I actually like adjustable stools but this is just one aspect you should consider before purchasing an adjustable stool.

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