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Saris MP1 Review 2024 | Nfinity Bike Trainer Platform

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Saris MP1 Nfinity Motion Bike Trainer Platform Review

Saris Infiniti Motion Bike Trainer Platform


  • Reduces Strain on Body
  • Simulates Realistic Bike Ride
  • Compatible with Most Bike Trainers


  • Price
  • Weak Bindings

Do you not like riding on your bike trainer because it doesn’t feel like you’re truly riding your bike? When riding on a bike trainer it doesn’t feel like you’re on a real bike. This makes riding on a bike trainer unappealing to many people.

When climbing an aggressive hill on Zwift with a smart trainer the resistance will increase. On a real bike, you might come out of the saddle to hit the hill harder and incorporate more muscles. However, on a trainer, it can be stiff when you come out of the saddle. This is mainly due to the fact you can’t sway back and forth.

One solution to this problem is the Saris MP1 Nfinity Motion Bike Trainer Platform. The Saris MP1 may be more commonly known as a rocker plate. A bike trainer rocker plate is a balance platform that goes under your trainer. It gives you side-to-side movement. Some more expensive rocker plates give front-to-back movement too. Having all-axis movement while on your trainer gives you a more realistic cycling feel.

Performance – 9/10

In terms of performance, this cycling trainer platform is amazing, it does exactly as it describes, it gives the outdoor cycling feel while riding indoors. It removes the rigidness of riding a normal bike trainer, this also reduces stress on your body and allows you to use more muscle groups to spread out the effort for a more comfortable and longer ride. This bike trainer platform doesn’t only include the side to side movement, it also has forward and back movement, for an optimal riding experience.

Since you’re able to flow more when using the Saris Motion Platform, it reduces muscle fatigue and takes some pressure off key pressure points in your body that could lead to injury or added stress. Having a good motion trainer platform is important for long-term indoor training and your body will thank you for making the investment.

Compatibility – 10/10

The Saris MP1 is compatible with many different training configurations and bikes. The Motion Platform should be compatible with almost every bike trainer and bike combination, but you’ll want to check measurements to be sure. The platform features adjustable touchpoints which allow for a wide range of setups. This makes it possible for almost any bike and bike trainer combination to fit the platform.

Saris makes a variety of other bike trainer accessories such as bike desks and climbing stands. The Saris MP1 will work with these setups too. Although with the desk, since your bike isn’t as stationary, you may have to be wary of the handlebars hitting the desk but with proper positioning, the desk should work fine.

Durability – 7/10

This is one area where this product lacks, the product isn’t poorly built but for the price, it could definitely be better. Some of the screws, straps, and other components aren’t as high quality as they should be. The straps aren’t as secure as they could be. Looking at just the straps, this can be a big issue. It is also a safety hazard since that’s what holds the bike to your motion stand. If the straps give out, you could easily end up on the floor, which no one wants while they’re riding their bike trainer.

This isn’t to say, you will fall on the floor with this bike trainer platform, but for the price, you would expect a better quality product. If this was half or a third of the price, it would probably be satisfactory, but at the price point, it should be better.

Other Reviews – 8/10

The Saris MP1 doesn’t have too many reviews yet which is understandable. Due to the price and how long it’s been available, not too many people have bought it. However, out of the reviews it does have, it has a 4/5 star rating.

Pretty much everyone loves the trainer platform and says it’s vital to indoor cycling but even some of the people that love it say that for the price the quality isn’t good enough.

Some people even say they should’ve waited for a competitor to release a similar product.

Price – 5/10

The Saris MP1 is priced very high for what it is. It may be because not many competitors are in this market yet, so they are able to choose what it’s worth. I’ve only been able to find a handful of competitors, maybe 2 or 3 so far. I will be doing reviews of those products soon too. When I finish those reviews, I’ll add a link to them in this article. The next rocker plate I’ll be doing a review on is the KOM Cycling Rocker Plate for Indoor Training.

The KOM Rocker Plate is almost 1/3rd of the price but it’s not compatible with as many bike trainers as the Saris MP1. Specifically, I don’t believe the KOM Rocker Plate will fit a Saris Bike Trainer. So, if you ended up at this review looking for a Saris compatible bike trainer platform, then the Saris MP1 is still your best option.

Conclusion – 8/10

The Saris MP1 Nfinity Motion Bike Trainer Platform is a decent product it’s just overpriced for the quality of the product you’re receiving. This is most likely because this market hasn’t really been tapped into by any other big companies. As other companies come into the market, it should push the prices down. There’s really no reason the balance board should be more expensive than the bike trainer itself.

If you’re a competitive cyclist or just want to have the best cycling experience, I’d recommend this bike trainer platform, but for the average cyclist, it’s too overpriced to justify the performance and comfort gain. However, that’s just my opinion, if you have the extra money to spend it’ll definitely improve your indoor riding experience.

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