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What Happens if E-Bike Dies While Riding?

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Your E-bike can get you to the finish line first, but not every day.

It’s all fun and games until your E-bike battery goes flat. That’s when you wish you hadn’t looked down on those lagging old-school bikers. They’d beat you if you were to race with that bulky e-bike frame.

Although you’ll probably arrive last, the good news is your bike will still pedal perfectly. Just recall the golden pedal-assist hours till you reach a recharging station.

What Happens if E-Bike Dies While Riding?

If your E-Bike battery runs out while riding, the motor will gradually slow down, and the bike will come to a safe stop. You can ride the E-bike manually like traditional bikes, but it will be much heavier. You can always remove the battery to reduce weight, but it will affect the bike’s balance.

What to Do When Your E-Bike Battery Dies?

It’s not the end of the world if your E-bike battery dies. Keep the spirit high, start pedaling, and try the following tips we recommend.

Ride Your E-Bike Manually Before It Dies

If you hadn’t planned your trip well and the battery ran out, you’ll have to make it back home depending entirely on your muscles. This is the nightmare of every E-biker because you’ll have to struggle with a heavier bicycle frame and additional motor resistance in some cases.

If you’re just starting your trip, expecting your E-bike’s battery not to last, try to alternate between manual and assisted riding modes. The simplest way is to set the pedal-assist to zero. This will allow you to quickly switch it on when needed.

Otherwise, you can switch off the battery altogether. However, you’ll have to stop and switch it on if you need the motor.

Remove Your E-Bike’s Battery

trek domane+ hp 7 removable battery

E-bike batteries weigh between 10 to 20 pounds, depending on their capacity and voltage. If the battery is dead, you can remove it from the bike to make the frame lighter and easier to ride.

It’s worth noting, though, that even when you’re relieved from some pounds, you’ll have to struggle with a skittish bike. Since E-bikes are balanced around the hefty battery and motor, if one goes missing, the stability is impacted. This will be particularly challenging on downhill mountainous trails.

Head to the Nearest Charging Station

Most E-bikes in the United States can charge through a 110V outlet. These are readily available at recharging stations around the country. However, the station’s charger may not be compatible, so remember to always keep yours at hand to avoid these issues.

Carry a Spare E-bike Battery

An extra battery equals an additional load, so you shouldn’t take that extra burden unless necessary. Try to make an educated guess of your power needs before trips. Power consumption factors include traveling speed, terrain, weight, and E-bike model.

Next, you’ll have to decide where to carry that heavy power bulk. You can take it in a rear seat pack, a frame-mounted bag, or a special E-bike rear-mounted rack.

Alternatively, you can carry the extra battery in an E-bike backpack, specially designed to evenly distribute the battery load. You’ll be having that battery weight on your back for hours, so we recommend taking that bag for a test ride first.

Repairing a Dead E-Bike Battery

Your E-bike battery can reach a dead end because of irresponsible handling or after years of wear and tear. In case you need to repair it, read on.

Why Repair an E-bike Battery?

In most cases, a repaired E-bike battery will be more lenient on your wallet than a new one. More importantly, E-bike battery repair reduces electronic waste, proving your unconditional love for the environment.

However, this love will cost you your appreciated battery warranty in most cases. Additionally, battery repair isn’t always safe, so you’ll need to consult an expert and weigh your options.

How to Repair a Dead E-Bike Battery?

An E-bike battery contains several smaller cells within its casing. The repair process involves removing damaged or worn cells. If the cells are working correctly, the technician will probably try changing the switch.

Please don’t try this by yourself at home; you need a repair expert.

How to Dispose of a Dead E-Bike Battery?

When your E-bike battery is finally out of service, consider an environmentally heartfelt farewell. In November 2021, Call2Recycle partnered with PeopleForBikes to introduce a recycling program to bike retailers, turning them into collection sites.

As a consumer, you can drop off your dead battery at the nearest shop within the program. They’ll ensure the batteries are correctly disposed of to avoid Lithium-ion hazards.

Wrap Up

Now that you know what happens if E-bike dies while riding, you’ll have to stay prepared for this common event. Although E-bikes are versatile enough to work without power, their weight makes their manual ride a tough chore. If you take the battery out, you’ll lose pounds, but that will cost some balance too. Stay fit, plan ahead, and enjoy the next pedal-assisted ride.

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