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Why Does Ordering a Delfast E-Bike Take So Long?

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Delfast makes amazing electric bikes. One of their Delfast e-bikes holds the world record for the longest e-bike ride on a single charge which is incredible. It can ride over 200 miles on a single charge. After doing some research online you might be looking to buy your own Delfast e-bike, but when you’re about to purchase, you see that it’s going to take a number of months to get your e-bike.

Since we have retailers like Amazon, we aren’t used to waiting months for a product to arrive, but the Delfast e-bike is worth the wait. The short answer is they’re a rapidly growing new company and they make their bikes to order but we wanted to explain in more detail why this is the case so you can rest assured you’re buying from a reputable bike company.

Delfast Company Background

Delfast is a newer company, it was founded in 2014 and started out as a delivery service. They turned into an e-bike manufacturer out of the need for better electric bikes to do deliveries in Ukraine. As they kept improving their e-bikes, they managed to make an amazing e-bike. Their primary goal was never to make a world renowned e-bike. They just wanted to make deliveries as fast as possible.

Company Growth

Now fast forward to 2021, they’re an industry leader and world record holder in the Electric Bicycle Industry.

Since Delfast broke the world record for the longest e-bike ride on a single charge in 2017 their sales have grown exponentially. In 2018, they had $124,000 in sales. In 2019 they reached $552,000 in sales and in 2020, they reached $2 Million dollars in sales. For any company, that level of exponential growth can be difficult to keep up with.

With their business booming it’s taking them a little longer to get their bikes out to customers but rest assured they’re making progress toward faster delivery every day. They are currently in the process of raising money, $3 Million dollars to be exact, to build an amazing headquarters. When this is built, I’m sure the manufacturing process will be expedited. With how passionate the owners are about revolutionizing the electric bike industry, I’m sure the quality of their bikes will remain steady. Until then, it may take a few months for you to obtain your new e-bike because they custom make every order.

The Building Process

All bikes currently ordered by Delfast customers are built to order. They don’t send you an old bike that’s been test ridden a bunch of times in their stores. Within a couple of days of your order, they start building your bike from scratch.

The Battery Production

As you probably know, Delfast outperforms every e-bike on the market in terms of the distance able to travel on a single charge. Knowing this, it’s no surprise that the battery used is custom made for each order.

In terms of build time, the battery is actually the part that takes the longest. After your order has been confirmed, they send your order over to Panasonic and the battery production process starts. The battery production process takes around 30 days.

After they receive the battery, they do a 5-day testing process to make sure the battery meets their standards, then they start assembling your bike if everything else is ready.

After the Battery

As stated above the battery production is the longest part of the production process. After they receive the battery from Panasonic, it’s just a few days before you’ll receive pictures of your new e-bike and then they will pack it up and send it off to the transit companies.

International Delivery

Since Delfast makes their bikes to order and is located in Ukraine, the delivery process isn’t as expedited as most people are used to. The delivery goes by ship anywhere around the world and has to clear customs upon arrival. So, the actual delivery process can take about a month. The shipping by boat is included in the price of the bike, but if the extra month is too long for you to wait, you can pay an extra fee (approx. $500) to have your Delfast e-bike shipped by plane.

Once it’s in your country a local carrier will be responsible for delivering to your residence or business. Then you’ll get to enjoy your new e-bike by Delfast.


Delfast is a fast growing company that is working tirelessly to keep up with all the orders of their customers. There are some parts of their development process that I don’t think should be expedited but there are other parts that I believe will be improved when they build their new e-bike R&D center.

Overall, when you order your Delfast E-bike, you’ll be getting a top of the line electric bike, but it may take you a couple of months to receive it. Personally, I feel that their e-bikes are worth the wait, but if you don’t feel the same, there are other e-bikes on the market that cost a similar amount but can only go 1/4 of the distance on a charge.

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