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4 Ways to Pay For A Delfast E-Bike | Bike Financing

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When you look at a Delfast Top 3.0 E-bike, the price can be rather alarming. If you’re like me, the price isn’t steering you away from getting one, it just made you re-think how soon you should get one. For me, I plan on working my way up to a delfast e-bike, but if you really want the Delfast E-bike, I completely understand. Having an e-bike that can take me anywhere I could imagine on a single charge is ideal. If this is you, there are a few ways for you to get one now.

In general, there are multiple credit options that you can use. I discussed these options in a previous article about how to finance your next electric bike. In that article, I cover credit cards, payment plans, and a few other programs that are offered when purchasing an e-bike. Not all of them will apply with Delfast because some of those methods only work with small mom & pop style bike shops, but Delfast has many options that are convenient and helpful.

Delfast Payment Options

Delfast is very proactive when it comes to working with customers to get their Delfast E-bike. Delfast has partnered with a handful of credit providers to make purchasing your e-bike as easy as possible. These providers include Paypal, Paybright, Klarna, and Affirm.

Paypal Credit

Paypal Credit is a great option for buying a delfast e-bike because it allows you to extend payment over a 6 month period without being charged interest. If you need longer than 6 months, that’s ok too, but if you go over 6 months, you’ll have to pay the interest all the way back to the initial purchase date. So, if possible, you want to finish paying your delfast bike off in under 6 months.


Paybright was founded in 2009 and has been making e-commerce easier for Canadians ever since. It is only available for Canadian residents, but if you’re Canadian, this is a great way to buy your Delfast E-bike. Paybright is Canada’s leading buy now pay later platform. They have multiple ways for you to pay, including no interest or no fee options. Paybright has the highest approval rate in Canada and works with quick and easy automatic payments.

Paybright allows you to pay in 4 interest free biweekly payments for small purchases or on larger purchases, you can do a pay monthly plan where you can pay over a 6 to 60 month period. Even on their 6 to 60-month payment plans, they have some options that allow 0% interest. So, this method is definitely worth checking out if it’s offered in your area. If not,


Klarna is similar to Paybright but not just for Canadians. Klarna was founded in 2005 in Sweden. Klarna has served over 90 Million customers including 15 Million US customers.

Klarna offers a few different payment options.

Their options include interest free payments, just like Paybright, you can split the cost of the product into 4 payments paid every 2 weeks. With this option there can be no interest and there’s no catches.

Due to the price of Delfast E-bikes and the fact they’re made to order, I’m not sure the next option is offered for Delfast bikes. However, it may help you with some other purchases, so I figured I’d list it here. One of the other options is the Pay in 30 days option. I really like this option because it allows you to test out products and only pay for them once you’re satisfied with the product, if you end up returning the product then you didn’t have to pay for the item out of your own pocket, even though it will be refunded.

The last option offered by Klarna is the 6-36 month financing. This allows you to spread the payments of your Delfast e-bike into easy monthly payments over a longer period of time. This can reduce the cost of your e-bike to just a couple hundred dollars per month.

Klarna is a great option for financing your Delfast e-bike.


Last but not least, we have Affirm. Affirm doesn’t have as many options as Paybright or Klarna but it can be a great option for some people. Affirm gives you the ability to pay at your own pace. What I mean by this is you can split up your payments over 3 to 12 months.

This doesn’t give you as much flexibility as the other options, but some people may have a better chance of getting approved through Affirm, so, if the other options, don’t work for you then check out Affirm and see if that option fits you better.

One cool feature that Affirm does offer is a savings account that gives you 13x more interest than the national average. This can help you save up money faster for the things that you want to buy. So, if you want to wait and save up your money, using the affirm savings account, could be a great option for you.

delfast payment options


Delfast has gone out of its way to give you as many options as possible when paying for your e-bike. You can even utilize these payment options directly through the checkout process on Delfast. If the options provided directly by Delfast aren’t enough, then check out my other article about how to pay for your e-bike. If you truly want one of the best e-bikes on the market, there are a ton of different ways you can fund your new Delfast Electric Bike.

If you’re ready to head over and start customizing your new Delfast e-bike, click on the picture above to head over to the Delfast website.

If you want to learn more about the Delfast E-bikes you can check out my review of the Delfast Top 3.0 by clicking the button below.

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